Keyshia Cole Didn’t Like What I Had To Say… So She Replied.

she mad ya’ll….

i decided to check twitter and whoop,
that was pleasantly waiting for me in my mentions.
along with about 7 or 8 hoodrats who cosigned with her.
one person said i sell ass on camera.
i… was confused.
anyway, i don’t really have anything to add.
i laughed actually.
it was funny.
plus, she gave me a little shine so that’s never a bad thing.
really she should be mad that she went on 106 and park and embarrassed herself saying she was bi racial….
….when no one even asked her.
go to 2:00:


she thought my entry was bad?
well wait until she reads the comments on every message board and blog regarding that statement.

oh, she’ll really be mad then.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

15 thoughts on “Keyshia Cole Didn’t Like What I Had To Say… So She Replied.”

  1. LMAO at Keyshia gettin’ mad at your opinion. I mean damn heffa, people will express what they feel. Her album ain’t doing to well so she might want to keep it cute but we talking about Keyshia…

    Homegirl got issues man. Fame and money ain’t everything.

    The OTHER bloggers went HAM on her for that biracial comment.

    I like her new record though…

  2. lol so where are they getting that u sell your ass on cam from? j i told you this been twitter wars week. im surprised she responded damn you made her mad. watch some of them will be coming past here to do war too im sure-__-

      1. if they do come this way i hope ill be in a mood to play around. thats all they good for at the end of the day. but im glad you didnt go back and forth with them that was being the bigger person for sure. now lets sit and wait to see how her album does so we see who has the last laugh

  3. She threw that “biracial” in for sympathy sales. All of got a lil somethin else in our backgrounds….however, that makes us no less black. A white woman would still clutch her bag and kids if homegirl got too close. If you can’t bear the weight of blackness, just say it. My grandma is half(and she don’t or has to mention it AT ALL) but she is whole black woman in LIFE.

  4. “really she should be mad that she went on 106 and park and embarrassed herself saying she was bi racial….
    ….when no one even asked her.”

    This had me cracking up for a good two mins.

  5. I. Don’t een fuck wit Keyshia nomore because she is really crazy. She be up in the wee. Hours of the. Mornin’ searchin her name on twitter. That’s how she see the people that don’t @ her. The first time I saw her go off on someone, I thought it was kinda funny. Well the girl said keyshia was in the shoe store and said keyshia was actin like a bitch, well keyshia tweeted her and said, “at me or dap me, fuck you thought”. Then I noticed a trend, she always doin it and in the 106 and park clip she said she don’t get no sleep cuz she on twitter respondin to tweets nobody @ her on. The fuck wrong wit that lady. I unfollowed her on twitter because of that. She called this girl triflin just cuz she said she was gone unfollow her husband. I swurr dat was the last straw for me. You can’t just go off on people like that. And she crazy for puttin her marrital problems on national tv. She know. Daniel a ball player and one day he gone get tied’a dat ass and get wid a groupie. But I digress…..

  6. Ok, I didn’t realize Bow Wow was that short, and wtf was that thing on homegirl’s head? Did they kill a beaver & just lay it on top?

    1. Thank you man yngwolf you notice the important things about that clip could imagine him getting it from Ocakes. Allegedly

  7. Why do we lose control over small things such as what was said, just get on with life and be happy! Regardless bi-racial or not 1% African-American blood makes you black in the eyes of your counterpart!

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