did anyone see last week’s show to “keyshia and daniel“????
where this love could end up“?
well if you have,
i want to talk about it.
if you haven’t…


i hope they were acting.
if i was married to her,
i would have set her ass RIGHT at that damn photo shoot with her smart ass.
pull her to the side real quick and let her have it.
she would have been smiling and skipping by the time i was done with her.

sometimes you got to put a vixen in her place.
let her know who the MAN is.
they be trying it.

i’m convinced keyshia cole needs to be with a wolf who treats her like shit.
one who will make her chase him.
she has been treated like shit all her life.
being treated by a good man is foreign.

shit, i’ll take daniel off our hands.
i would love a wolf to be that emotional and connected with me.
that would turn me the fuck on.
many times within watching this show,
she has been so detached from him.
she is like, “whatever“.
at the cemetery.
when they were talking to the doctor.

What is her problem????

what happens when we meet a wolf who truly loves us?
is it scary?
does it make you uncomfortable?
i feel like when we meet someone who really shows us “love“,
we don’t know how to handle it.
she is the perfect example.


  1. Basically, sometimes when you become this famous individual and allowing the media to horn in on your personal space knowing the family background and situation plus Keyshia is trying to be a savior of her family when one must allow those people within the family to come to grip with reality. It is ok to try and help, but once it is given and noone seems to grab it and run you have to let some stuff go get rid of the baggage and let it come to it’s senses.

  2. I feel u Jamari! I would love to be with somebody who cares about me and my happiness and shows emotion. Sign me up!!! I wonder if they edit these clips to make her look a certain way or is this “reality.” Its obvious that they both have trust issues. I think everybody has them to some extent. I heard him tell her she’s acting “natural.” I guess they’ve been having these issues since they have terms for it. I think Keyshia has had complicated relationships all of her life. She reacts the only way she knows how. She isnt used to having somebody try to get understanding instead of arguing. Its alot of things they do that are unintentionally setting off the other person. When your in new love and you’ve been in love and hurt before it can be tough to separate the past from the present. I think Keyshia needs to chill though. Im not saying they both dont have issues but Daniel seems to be the only one trying to resolve the problems. Keyshia suggested counseling but she was defensive the whole time. She has to realize what she has, accept it, and cherish it before she loses it. IMO

    1. ^when he said that his wife has a hard time showing emotions,
      that was when i concluded she needs her own set of help.
      she will never be happy until she solves this.
      she seemed happier chasing jeezy around the club and in parking lots than with daniel.

  3. I agree that Keyshia just has a tough exterior, but if anyone knows Keyshia then they’ll know that her heart is GOLDEN! She loves extremely hard and wants the best for everyone that she loves. She loves Daniel, and he loves her. The show is bringing out some issues that they have with each other…mainly TRUST. It takes time to really trust somebody. You have to experience life with them and go through ups and downs in order for true trust to be established. They’re just getting started in their relationship together. I think that’s the point of the show. They’re learning each other. Let them be! We don’t know how faithful he’s been and we don’t know theri history. Just watch the show (or not) and don’t throw salt on them. I think it’s honorable that they’re married and showing their fans that you can be young, black, have kids, and be MARRIED. Married life is not peaches and cream everyday, but it’s a life-long commitment and journey. It takes work, and they’re working on it.

  4. I must not have seen enough episodes because I don’t see a bad attitude from her(I’ve seen about 6 or 7). I think she just has a has a tough exterior which is common in people who have been hurt a lot. I can understand that because I’m the same way. Our emotions are like muscles, the more you work them out the stronger they become and the more they can tolerate. When adversity continues to strike over and over it makes us stronger so that we are able to get over things easily and get used to bad things happening in our lives. As black people, we go through more than any other race in my opinion. It starts from out child hood and then it continues into adult hood. From growing up in single parent homes to financial struggles, we go through it all. That’s why when you read stories about people committing suicide they are usually not black. We are used to struggles while other races are not. It’s that simple.

    I think her husband Daniel is a nice man, and I’m not going to lie I would cuff his cute ass lol. He has issues trusting women though, and I think that comes from somewhere from his past. Marriage is all about communication, and the only way you can get through your troubles with your spouse is by sitting down and talking about it. I don’t think their troubles are that bad, so I think they will make it for sure. I like them as a couple.

  5. I saw that episode. I understand Keyshia got issues but she better act right if she want to keep Daniel! I like him and I wish he wouldn’t take her shit. Keyshia is probably used to a no good having man that, hell most of her songs are about that. I hope she seeks help though. I would love to have a man like Daniel…

  6. Just had a lively discussion during Thanksgiving with a family member who is a die hard Keyshia Cole fan, I dont expect anything less being that this particular family member has dies blonde hair and is just as ghetto. It would be worth talking about if this off key singing songtress had some real talent. I cant really even waste my breath. I give her she has good production and music, but her vocal abilities are severely lacking. Her fractured childhood probably has a lot to do with her attitude, but at the end of day Who Cares because she want even be relevant 5yrs from now anyway.

  7. She just a bitch and she needs to hear it from some one close to her. Only then may the hash realization will hit her.

  8. I haven’t seen the episode, but I’ve always thought Keyshia had a foul attitude, so I’m not surprised.

    According to Daniel though, it makes her uncomfortable to show emotion, which is something I can relate to.

    I think that, added to the fact that she doesn’t really have people skills, makes it hard for her to be friendly enough to not have an attitude. It’s sad.

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