I Just Wanted To Do Hoodrat Shit With My Friends (73)

i’ve had some sexy male teacher wolves in high school.
all subs.
actually made me sit in the class without cutting.
subs tend be fine af.
the following video is about two she-jackals.
a female staff member fighting another teacher.

over some male teaching wolf dick in dekalb county.

is dick ever THAT GOOD to be throwing paws tho?
that better be some “get your life right” dick.
every time it hits your g spot,
your eyes show you the winning lottery number.

this video tho…
i sense jail for two and a transfer for another.
you can guess which is which.
that is your homework assignment for tonight.

lowkey: can we see the teaching wolf in question?
he better look like tarzan.

read more about it: kmov

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

16 thoughts on “I Just Wanted To Do Hoodrat Shit With My Friends (73)”

  1. Fighting over dick is so pathetic. Where is your pride and self-respect? Dick is so fucking easy to find. If you want multiple dicks then you can do that too.

  2. LMAO. This reminds me of back in high school, our then English teacher had three best friends at each others throats ’cause he dicked all of them down GOOD! Dude had pipe, was a slut on two legs (he was fucking a staff member AND the girl’s vice principal) in addition to the young girls (seniors). LOL

      1. He had to be in his 40s at the time. The girls all had to be around 16 or 17. He was definitely a good looking brotha. Kinda like a young Tim Reid. Oh yeah, he was something else. He liked them “tender” as he let slip once. LOL
        But he had pipe! You could see the outline of that shyt going down his thigh sometimes when he sat in front of us.
        We had this other teacher, my Biology teacher, he was like a mountain man type. He always wore jeans and a flannel shirt. Looked like the same outfit actually. He was packin too! LOL
        My classmates were something else! I got stories! LOL

  3. Like in front of the students? I’m more concerned about the students seeing this behavior and thinking it’s alright to fight over a man…Also, what if one of the kids accidentally got hurt when they were throwing stuff and fighting. Makes me sick to see stuff like this…Ugh!

  4. You’ll are right, the dude they fighting over had to be a black Tarzan with a big thick ole ding a ling that hung down to his knee caps and he knew how to use it for these two dummies to fight and lose everything over it.

  5. We live in such a World Star Hip Hop World where everybody wants to throw hands not giving a damn about their professionalism, livelihood, career, the effect on the students. This is ridiculous, but not surprising. Just heard tonight that a Republican Congressman candidate just body slammed a reporter, everybody is aggressive these days wanting to fight to solve the problem but hey the chicken are coming home to roost after a constant diet of constant violence shown to most of us on the internet, movies, TV etc we think we have the right to assault others. This dude is probably laughing because he probably has two or three other chicks he is bumping. I have worked with a dude who had two chicks fighting over him, but it was outside the workplace and it did not end well, he went on about his business and the chicks to this day are still being talked about.

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