X: Where In The World Is Jeff Loagz This Time?

jeff loagz is the one to smash.
i don’t even think we can call him an attentionisto.
he is a legit business/celebrity wolf…

if you follow jeff on snap,
he is currently at the cannes film festival.
that is not an easy thing to get into.
jeff was just in spain for a whole hour and some change a few months ago.
he legit had his own spot there.
i’m impressed.

out of all the work out warrior wolves,
jeff loagz is living the good life and i’m not mad at all.
he makes me hungry for more.

lowkey: um…

he is dreamy.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

10 thoughts on “X: Where In The World Is Jeff Loagz This Time?”

  1. Wayyyyy to many tattoos. Why work so hard on your body then cover it with a bunch of ratchet tats? smh..

    1. Yeah. I gotta co-sign on this one. Way too many tatts for my taste.
      These guys better stop getting all of that ink! That shyt is seeping into their skin, getting into their blood and what not. It’s not gonna be a good look when they get older!

  2. Yeah I wish he wasn’t so tatted up lol.. But I like him. He seems genuine. And of course very handsome

  3. He’s going to be at the fitness expo in Texas next week so I’ll be giving dissertations and reviews on him and the other instagram fitness celebrities lol

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