Just Quit and Left

29320-Do-It-Dont-Quittoday was one of the busiest days for me.
i’m surprised i’m even home at a decent hour.
hell i’m surprised i was even able to look at meat on ig.
that’s another story.
so earlier in the afternoon,
i got a text



to the point.
left quit his job today.
he was a supervisor.
i stopped what i was doing to call him from the bathroom.
now left is usually about his money,
so i thought he meant he “quit” his engagement.
hell i even thought he meant quit smoking weed.
he quit his job and was absolutely thrilled about it.

“they were taking advantage.
i said fuck it and was out.”

now i’m not one for quitting without giving two weeks,
but the way they were treating left,
i can see why he did what he did.

“what are yo gonna do for money?
you have a mortgage and bills…”

he literally just bought a house.

ima be good.
i’ll get another job.
i’m not even worried about it.
i already got offers.”

tumblr_ny2e2htzIz1rrlcp5o10_r1_250i was impressed at his optimism.
it made me low-key jealous.
he was free from his fuck shit situation.
i’m still in mine.
the thought crossed my mind last week to quit,
but it won’t be so easy for me.
left has crutches.
he has many places to go if things go “left”.
his fiancé also has good job so she can hold them up for a while.
i’m out here alone.
now that mi left,
i have to cover the full rent again.

“not everything will work for everyone”

some of us have a completely different path in life.
so they can quit their job and be good.
you can’t.
i pray left will find something better.
like me,
and you,
he deserves it.


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

8 thoughts on “Just Quit and Left”

  1. I applaud him for knowing when enough is enough and taking a risk like that but like you said he did it because he could. I have been wanting to quit my job for the past three days but I know good and well right now I really need it and don’t have other options soooooo I’m stuck.

    1. ^omg the worst feeling is that “stuck” shit.
      I felt like that today.
      like is this my life????
      i been sending our resumes and no one is biting.
      smh x 2.

      1. I’m also stuck in retail and I just said to myself, “just start your business” I’ve been doing side gigs as a graphic designer and have been paid little money just for food and that’s it. I really don’t care how much I get, it’s the freedom that I get from doing graphic design for people because I’m getting my name out there. I also want to be a photographer but I’m only 31 though.

  2. I like that quote. Everything is not for everyone. That was a bold move on his end. I would not leave without a start date somewhere else. I do not care who had me or if my savings could carry me. You never know who you will meet again. I would not want to be remembered like that. That could block a blessing. But God bless him in his future endeavors.

    1. ^i agree.
      that can set you back.
      you are also right on blocking a blessing,
      but left has been fed up for a while.
      that job damn near aged him a good 10 years.
      he was torn.

  3. Damn J, how come a friend of mine did the same thing today, even after I tried to talk them out of it, and they told me they didnt care about quitting without notice. Shit is real out here in work land and some people just get fed up with all the fukk shit that they have to put up with on a daily basis. I understood however because no job and money is worth your piece of mind. I just dont believe in burning bridges no matter how shitty the bridge might be. Im wishing both of our friends future success in whatever new thing they do.

  4. “Fuck you money” is a beautiful thing. The ultimate is when you have enough to live like you want to without an income. But, an intermediate is having enough savings to support yourself for twice as long as it usually takes to find another job. LIFE IS SO MUCH BETTER ONCE YOU REACH THAT POINT. This is so true that, until I reached it, I didnt spend a single extra penny on anything else. I took no vacations, bought no clothes that i didn’t NEED for work. Cooked every single meal at home as cheaply as possible. Only played around with people I could hook up with without spending any money who understood that “dating and shit” would have to happen later if ever. Added up the rent, car payment, food costs, student loans, transportation etc. that I spent every month. In my car, I multiplied that number by 6 when I was entry level and 18 once I became an executive. Then, having a bank account equal to the product of that multiplication became my primary mission in life until it was achieved. When it was achieved, I put that aside and didn’t touch it, ever. It was like buying my freedom. Once I was free, I had to start all over again at zero. But now free to tell any muthaf*cker who needed to hear it to kiss my Black a$$.

    Some people inherit “fuck you money” by having folks who can and will support them financially if they need it. Others marry “fuck you money” by connecting with someone whose income can cover ALL the bills. The rest of us need to earn and save it. Then, we, like left, can KNOW we got be alright.

  5. I would never leave a job unless I had another one lined up, but to each his own. Hopefully, he will land back on his feet. Quitting a job is a tough decision to make.

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