All I Saw Was Chests and Walking Sex On “Insta-Snap-Gram-Chat”

Co7GocJXEAAmYsnso instagram has become “snapgram” today.
they basically took everything about snapchat but the thot filters.
i hope snapchat did a nice copyright on those filters.
well all the sexy wolves we follow…

…have now updated their stories.
i couldn’t put down my phone at work.

giphywe get to see all kinds of muscles and meat in live 24 hour goodness.
i’m sure nonsense is about to follow.
stay tuned!
oh and keep a fox posted as well!
you know i love nonsense.

lowkey: snapchat is where we can still get wild and uncut.
i hope these attentionistos/nistas know they can and will get their shit yanked on instagram.
that place is still “edited ratchet”.

i don’t see snapchat dying out anytime soon.
some don’t like this new update on “insta-snap”.

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12 thoughts on “All I Saw Was Chests and Walking Sex On “Insta-Snap-Gram-Chat””

  1. It’s annoying. I keep seeing endless stories from folks I don’t want to look at. There’s people on IG who I follow for certain reasons and I have snapchat to follow people who I want to see. I don’t want them mixed. But the good thing is that I now don’t have to add every cute guy that I follow on IG on snap and I can see their videos.

  2. This was BOSS move by IG. Assuming that the change is legal (I think it is), this will lead to the demise of Snapchat. The most important aspect for many folks on IG is their follower count. People have thousands more followers on IG than they do on Snap. So the SMART thing to do will be to move all their content to the platform that has the most viewers. This places all media (pictures/videos) on one centralized app, instead of having to bounce back and forth. It’s perfect…and Snap is as good as dead.

    Why would a user start from scratch (i.e Snapchat) when they have already cultivated a significant following on IG. Why not just build from there? IG is much more popular than snap and is more USER FRIENDLY. This is important. IG killed Snap before it got to big for it’s britches. Brilliant business move.

    All IG has to do now is steal LIVE-streaming from Periscope and it’s OVER. Lol.


    1. ^ig has bigger things to solve than yanking snapchat style.
      folks been complaining about their timelines and not being able to see who follows them.
      ig and facebook been cluttering up timelines now with random shit.
      that whole stories thing is stupid.
      these attentionistos gonna clutter up timelines with the random videos.
      it is a boss move,
      but some folks like to keep their social medias separate.

      1. Remember when Facebook added the Timeline/notifications feature on the website years ago? And everyone collectively FREAKED OUT? Yea…..folks are still on FB, and they have adapted. Can’t imagine fb without it now.

        Viewing the stories is optional, and you won’t see them unless you visit a users personal page. Or that little scroll thing at the top.

        I agree with the clutter. But I’m sure it will get more streamlined via future updates. This will make stalking you favorite attentionisto a much more pleasurable and efficient experience…bc everything u need is in one place. lmaooooo.

        I don’t understand the point of keeping social media separate though, unless someone is maintaining different identities on each one………

        1. ^snapchat is its own community.

          it’s offer more than stories and disappearing pictures and videos.
          folks snap pics and talk about them,
          the filters are still a big thing,
          and it is an overall experience of its own.
          the fact you can follow people and no one can see.
          it’s more private.
          vine was just 15 second clips.
          there was nothing really special about it.
          so you could take that concept when it came time to introduce videos.

          the way I see it,
          not everyone likes ig as some don’t like snap.
          it’s also like some don’t like Facebook.
          everyone has their thing and what they feel comfortable on.
          yeah ig took the concept,
          but if snap has quality business saavy people,
          they can create something else exclusive to them.
          this should spark creativity for them.

        2. ^and not everyone wants to be bought.

          snap chat seems like they want their own lane.
          it’s not like they were a sinking business.
          zuckberbag can’t just go trying to buy up everything.
          so here go ig biting a concept already established.
          we couldn’t buy you so we gonna bite you.
          if i want to go see videos and pictures disappearing after 24 hours,
          on a non cluttered timeline,
          what do i think of?
          this makes ig look petty and opening the door for their own karma.

    2. VINE died once IG stole the 15 sec video idea. No one uses it anymore. Users moved to the platform with which they were already familiar, IG. The same will happen to Snap…unless they really get their innovation juices going.

      I’m not against Snap, but this is business. Snap DOES make it easier to creep, without getting caught. But the attentionistos we love, are there for the attention. They’re not there for privacy (WE are. lol). The more people watching their shenanigans…the better. IG expands their reach. So they will move. If they move….we will too.

      IG has made it clear though that instead of innovation, they would rather STEAL other ppls ideas. Hope other apps like Periscope find a way to protect their brand.

      1. ^and that is sad that they’re like that,
        but im interested in how this all plays out.
        this may set up ig for a fall since everyone is bashing them for this blatant stealing.
        if they suddenly get filters and dog ears,
        then we know where this will go.

  3. It’ll be nice to see how this plays out. After all, Instagram has basically copied snapchats entire platform, but what makes snapchat different is the large ass platform they have already. Lmao hope they sue IG.

    1. ^i had to wonder if ig acquired snap lol
      this was definitely inspired by snapchat.
      they couldn’t even change the word “stories” to something else.

      1. I read somewhere that Instagram wanted to acquire Snapchat and was offering like millions upon millions of dollars but Snapchat declined so a few days later this is what happened

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