jose sosa is a clean straight dominican male who doesn’t want dirty gay persons in his dms

i’ve never heard about ^this person before.
most of you have heard of him before.
when he takes pictures like this:


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Cuales de las bebesitas kieren bailar con el 👉🦁

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i can see why ya’ll heard of him.
personally he looks like any other basic dominican you can catch over in dykman.
well his name is jose sosa aka @el_leon8923 and he is upset.
a vix-by sent me a dm that he had a message for all the gays on ig…

can we talk about this grammar situation for a second?

some of these dominicans seriously need to get their english in order.
what was that word vomit?
he needs to put more love in a merriam-webster than in some pussy.
this sentence tho: 

“Don’t confuse a clean man with a gay person?”

i’m sorry,
but i take a shower every day,
lather up my body with cocoa butter,
wear the smell good goods,
and make sure my foxhole is fresh and juicy.
unless you were raised in a pig sty or by gypsies in the forest,
i’ve known other gay males to be clean as well.
i bet he’ll say that bullshit and be the first to have an std.

these ig press releases about sexuality tend to be rather bizarre,
but i guess when more gays are in the dms than vixens,
it can be a culture shock.
he loves pussy too much so he shouldn’t be bothered.
jose will be okay.
he needs to continue to take his clothes off and stop trying to vent in english.

and he has ( x an onlyfans ) too?
is a stripper because ( x this dancing ) is…

lowkey: at the end of the day,
a majority of dominicans are always secretly dippin’ and divin’ in foxholes.
folks be all up in their wolf and fox-holes.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

38 thoughts on “jose sosa is a clean straight dominican male who doesn’t want dirty gay persons in his dms”

  1. You guys big their heads up and I don’t understand. I show love to the black gays who are out and proud.

      1. I mean, you did post several of his pictures, and videos, and wrote an article about him, and his instagram page.

    1. This man is a penny-a dozen. There are scores exactly like him and honestly from the video not a single things stands out.

      He has muscles….congrats. he looks and articulates like he’s slower than a parked car.

      Let men like this be. Not a damn thing is stimulating about em.

  2. He’s an IG attention whore who does he think is his biggest viewing demographic? Gay Men lol

      1. LMAO…He is part of that in denial crowd. He shakes that ass and dick in the faces of gay guys. He doesn’t have anything against gay guys…because they are the ones stupid enough to enable his lifestyle.
        Meanwhile, him and a whole crew of Dominican dancers were rented out for a gay cruise around Manhattan a while back, and their dumb asses posted pics on their pages (the ones that didn’t incriminate what they were doing)
        Bitch bye. LOL

  3. He has that Dominican Booty problem: flat.
    No matter the build, even if blacker, they have flat butts. They need to mix more with Haitians

      1. Isn’t that annoying and weird. All that thickness and gym work just to have no ass? Make it make sense.

    1. Oh, some of them have asses of life. Just check out the LeeStudiosNYC crowd. Culos, culazos y nalgazos de vida!

  4. Yo!! That’s straight bananas this joker has been stripping in the gay clubs for YEARS, been at mad pride events and the whole nine yard. He’s given dudes lap dances and everything, his whole crew strips in gay clubs, just check “Friends Tavern” on IG. His girlfriend must have checked him on that ISH that’s why he sent that whack message. He’s mad disrespectful for that shit!! And, I guarantee that fool has escorted for those white gay boys he’s danced for.

    1. stands up and claps @DrDoom
      I’m sure his son’s mom has probably said something to him, or someone put it out there…hence the message.
      That mofo knows gay dudes are his bread and butter. He runs with that dude Daddy_fit, another one that dances in the gay clubs with weekly regularity.

  5. This one goes to my gym. Typical Dominican arrogant and feels everybody wants him…not really!
    Body is banging but like the previous post said…ass flat like McDonald’s pancakes lol.
    This is becoming a trend now to drop a press release your not gay.
    Cool, you’re not gay ok. It’s just the delivery of his message I don’t like. I agree the dm’s can be disrespectful, but be more polite about it.

  6. A lot of these dudes don’t like the attention from gay men because they feel like something about them reads as gay. I think that he probably gets way more male attention than female, with female attention being what he really wants. If tons of vixens were hitting him up, it would validate his machismo and give him the kind of options he’s really interested in. So the stupid rant is a mix frustration and veiled homophobia.

    Gay dudes do really need to stop giving so much power to dudes that look like this. Most of the time, they’re not even terribly handsome and have horrible character flaws. You got some ugga mugs out here thinking that they’re the Second Coming because they got a gym membership and some creatine.

    1. No flaw in this, it’s a huge lack of security in their sexuality. Clearly you can pick and choose what and who you respond too, so who cares that dudes are hitting you up. No one would have even cared or known if he didn’t make this broken English rant. This just goes to show you how some of y’all fantasy men really feel about y’all. On the other side of the token. These guys wouldn’t be complaining, if gay men would refrain from pursuing these guys. They take compliments from gay men the wrong way. So you think they’ll be receptive to gay men trying to shoot their shot. It’s regressive on our part as a collective. Stop subscribing, and paying attention to men that not only aren’t accessible to you, but disrespectful towards you.

    2. “Gay dudes do really need to stop giving so much power to dudes that look like this. Most of the time, they’re not even terribly handsome and have horrible character flaws. You got some ugga mugs out here thinking that they’re the Second Coming because they got a gym membership and some creatine.”

      This!! The attention goes to their head until they are called out on it, by friends and/or family.
      This is my thing, I think it’s hypocritical to talk down the very people whose face you stick your dick and ass in weekly for coins.

      If gay/bi men stopped giving these dudes money or paying them ANY attention, these delusional mofos would see that it’s not women (which is what they probably tell themselves in their mind) who are making their lifestyles possible.

  7. These nobodies will always get at least one Google alert as long as this site exists. No one pays these dudes dust outside of social media.

  8. This is the third straight dude on your blog this week you’re giving space to complain about gay men lol You act so suspect with this platform sometimes.

    1. ^oh hi,
      you must have just started reading my site this week.
      let me introduce myself:

      my name is jamari fox and if i find the story interesting,
      i’ll font about it.
      on my platform,
      we talk about any and everything.
      just yesterday,
      i spoke about an experience in therapy and last week,
      an issue within black lives that i see.
      through the years,
      i’ve written about many (straight) males who have done this.
      you are welcome to check the archives.

      i hope you enjoy your stay,
      but if you are offended to the point you gotta go,
      i’m sorry i couldn’t live up to your satisfaction.

      thanks again and hope to see ya soon.

      1. That’s right Jamari!
        Your blog do what you want…the fuckin nerves of some people!🤔

        1. ^i don’t see any of this outrage when sex tapes and nudes of straight males hit the net.
          or when gay males are paying for 30 clips from straight males on onlyfans.


          1. @ jamari fox.. I appreciate you and your perspective. You cover a variety of discussions .

            I especially love that you point out “how these guys / Etc. view us as black Gay,Bi males. We don’t have representation which is crucial in “Social Media”! It helps me select who I do and do not support

        2. I agree! Write as you please because at the end of the day, at least you can write properly….best of luck with your blog!

  9. A Dominican man’s sexuality is the hole that pays him the most. If you knew about machismo and what odd rituals they go through to “be manly”, you’d know sodomizing a man is considered the ultimate form of dominance and masculinity.

  10. The dude has two kids, so he may have been trying to prove he is not gay. At the same time, maybe he needs to stick with fitness and not stripping for gay men. There are far too many sexy gay men of color to be offended by this dude.

    1. Yup! Agreed, and leave the money from our “dirty man” pockets that help to feed your kids too.

  11. When he refers to a “clean man” he’s saying gay men aren’t the only ones that keep themselves together; a nice groomed well kept look. Think back to when the term “metrosexual” was a thing and correlate it with clean.

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