so dallas wade visit to rhyheim shabazz smash pad has been released and well…

*the following entry contains explicit themes.
viewer discretion is strongly advised.

folks was hard pressed about this scene with dallas wade and rhyheim shabazz.
it made some of ya’ll fantasies run wild,
but many knew whats the deal.
i was proud to see most foxholers weren’t falling for the okey doke.
i have an intelligent bunch of constituents.
so the scene with dallas wade’s debut at “the smash pad” has been released on onlyfans,
but as we all figured

as fast as someone had it on pornhub,
it was down in the matter of minutes.
from a brand perspective,
dallas would have been stupid to do a GAY PORN SCENE.
he hasn’t even come out as a gay male.
after everyone busted 120 nuts to it,
he would be thrown to the side since the fantasy would be gone.
dallas is a question mark and once that’s confirmed,
especially the way how rhyeim would disrespect him and those cheeks in bed

his allure would be over.
dallas hasn’t reached desperate yet so i knew he’d be picking 4 leaf clovers bent over.
i really hope your fantasy wasn’t ruined.

lowkey: that’s like me going to rhyheim’s smash pad,
getting fucked 20 times until sunday,
he has penetrated every hole,
and nut is literally on every part of my bawdy…

ya’ll would be gone faster than you came.
you gotta make wise decisions with your brand’s direction.

check out rhyheim’s onlyfans: here

33 thoughts on “so dallas wade visit to rhyheim shabazz smash pad has been released and well…

  1. Lame. SOOOO lame. When are people going to wise up on this money hungry boring repetitive hustler? He’s bi, everyone in his circle knows, he makes a shitload of money off of teasing gay man with his gay sterotype ass forward small dick energy and y’all dumbos literally gave him enough to buy a house, a range and become a crypto, millionaire. No wonder the ‘now im into gay porn but wont be penetrated’ phase has started. watch and see…. what age, little to no melanin and boredom does. So over Dallas lame ass Wade.

  2. While he’s an attractive enough dude, IDK why everyone’s going gaga over Wade. He’s got a “brutha butt”, & he’s nothing that you can’t find in any major city/state (NY, Cali, MIA, Vegas, etc) or “exotic local” (Brazil, Puerto Rico, Costa Rica, etc). Yea, he’s got a “brutha butt”, but most of us have those–and we don’t work to make them bigger or flash them around. I could see if he had a killer personality or something, but he seems to lack that too.

    Nonetheless, these comments are hilarious to me.

    Everyone’s arguing if he’s “gay or straight”, but no one even considered the possibility that he’s more than likely bi.
    Yea, we bi guys do exist, despite that fact that everyone wants to simply group us as gay. And given who I’ve seen him surround himself w/ I’m sure he’s as bi as I. 😂

    While it’s obvious Wade’s doing this for clout, he could also be advertising for actual “DL” men of means, You known, the type who’ll “fly you out” & “pay for your silence” (because they’re “closeted” themselves & have too much to lose by being “outed”).

    And let’s not forget that some of these “porn guys” act as an intermediary to get these “wealthy” men what they want–by pimping out guys they bring around them (aka “putting them on game” on how to “make real money in the game”). People act as if only women get pimped out. Look up the story of Teofil Brank aka Sean Cody’s “Jarec Wentworth” & you’ll get the gist of what I mean.

    1. No one forgot about the Bi’s lmao. Only the str8 community lump y’all as “gays” because you sleep with the same sex. Dallas could be pulling wealthy DL donors but that’s speculation. He says he’s str8 not Bi and who am I to question that. I still think some men are so desperate that it doesn’t matter to them as long as they feel they are being used and lining his pockets.

  3. On another note, I co-sign what Mansur wrote. I love Black gay men. I find gay men far sexier than straight men, especially if I know they’re gay. Same with bi men. I get that many people equate straightness with masculinity, etc. but knowing that a brotha is gay always makes him hotter to me. Like when Keith Hamilton Cobb of Andromeda came out, even though he was older and had cut off those dreads, I was like, Even better!

  4. When Dallas/Flashman Wade was on Catfish he made it clear he wasn’t into dudes, but he also did seem to be able to deal with a gay man being into him. He just didn’t want want to be subjected to a catfish instead of the gay bruh coming direct and correct. He’s looking for clout now, since he doesn’t have anything new to offer. He’s cute but new folks appear every day. That booty is popping but he doesn’t use it on camera. His nudes were already everywhere because of Tumblr. He isn’t f*cking women on camera (that much?). So why would anyone not obsessed with him pay even a dime for his OF or JFF to see the same thing over and over?

    On another note, I co-sign what Mansur wrote. I love Black gay men. I find gay men far sexier than straight men, especially if I know they’re gay. Same with bi men. I get that many people equate straightness with masculinity, etc. but knowing that a brotha is gay always makes him hotter to me. Like when Keith Hamilton Cobb of Andromeda came out, even though he was older and had cut off those dreads, I was like, Even better!

  5. This was all gay baiting, not only did he get folks to subscribe to his onlyfans, once you subscribed there were only half as clips that were no different than the ones in Twitter they sure to promote but you still had to pay $15 extra for more footage. It’s bullshit they knew what they were doing and waited now to say anything shit at this point niggas money is already wasted. Trash! These onlyfans are so wack y’all.

  6. It’s so sad that many gay people have so much internalized Homophobia that they see gay people as less desirable than their straight counter parts. It’s perplexing and just sad. We need to love ourselves, because clearly we don’t.

  7. His booty is aging. Light skinned ass has short shelf life like its European counterparts.

    He’d better make whatever he can while he can hold on to any gluteal app0

    1. Look, I’m not a Dallas fan but what you just said bruh is foul and some straight up bullshit! Don’t be an ally to colorism within our own community…we have enough of that mess going on!

      1. I never said it wasn’t nice, just that you can see the change.

        And it isn’t colorism. We’re a mixed ethnicity and must acknowledge it. That acknowledgement extends to flat light skinned butts that sag by 30.

        1. That is stereotype man…it is not the case with all light skinned men. Just like all dark skinned men don’t have ugly black eyes. I’m in my thirties, light skinned, and have body measurements of 39-31-39, with a phat ass that has made straight men, women, and lesbians drool…so your statement could not be further from the truth! It’s colorism and it’s perpetuated by individuals who try to rationalize it. It’s wrong and incorrect. You just stated yourself we are a mixed people. That in and of itself shows the dispensation of a variety of anatomical features across the black shade spectrum. So no, you’re incorrect! Own up to it and move on!

          1. Call it out! I’m no fan of Dallas either but I respect the way he hustles these gullible thirsty folk out of a dollar. I will also say that there is nothing wrong with his backside. You gotta come for something stronger than that frfr. Next, there are many light African American men that still have it in the industry. He didn’t even need a plug from Ryhiem out of all people. Dallas has the str8 and gay coin on lock but Ryhiem only has that gay coin rolling in. If I was a Ryhiem subscriber I would be asking for my money back-that sales tactic of bait and switch is late.

            FYI porn is free and I refuse to pay to watch the misfortune that usually unfolds.

  8. First off rhyhiem tired…cuz u have your shit goin on. Why do u need to help this STRAIGHT MAN as u put it. How many straightttt people lend a hand to gay sex workers. Ok so your with the foolery cuz u know u baited your own subscribers not just HIS. But people with brains knew it was a crock of shit when this mofo started kissing dogs…like bruh. #childplease

  9. He’s not a question mark. He’s straight and using the gay community to get rich and I don’t blame him for it. Y’all are obsessed with straight men🤷🏾‍♂️ He don’t want y’all. He wants the money

    1. How stupid do you sound…how many straight guys you know, run around with their ass out in front of two well known gay pornstars smh.
      Just for the “coins” huh
      Gurl go back on Grindr and find a date 🥱

      1. Plenty. Many Straight men today don’t take their sexuality too seriously. And as a previous poster said, he’s biracial and probably didn’t grow up in a stereotypical black household. You can tell by his mannerisms.

        Y’all would honestly be surprised at how open many heterosexual men (and women) are in today’s world.

    2. And the lie detector test determined….YOU’RE TELLING THE TRUTH 🥳🎊🎆🎖

    3. He’s identifying as straight to keep that “trade” appeal. lets be honest, if he was gay openly he would be less desirable to gay men. So that part I agree with. But saying that he’s straight is the ultimate reach. All these years of basically mooning and no sight of a girlfriend? Roommates with chad another known gay fake DL guy when he first moves to LA. And now this. By maintaining the “straight” image he’s safe from disappointing his female supporters while also keeping the gays curious and intrigued by this “trade” act. It may be hard for some, but for me it’s easy to see through the facade.

      1. ^ I agree on your point about gay men seeing straight men as more valuable/attractive. Internalised homophobia perhaps? It must be that because it sure is odd. I think its because as humans we generally want what we can’t have.. Knowing that a guy isn’t attracted to males makes him appear less accessible and when something isn’t as accessible it is valued more. That’s just how we are in general as humans. If everybody can have something then it isn’t held up to such a standard.

        I just hate that is how gays generally view each other compared to heterosexual men. And at this point I doubt he’s even thinking of his female supporters, this dude is known as a gay-baiter who shows his ass because it attracts homosexual men. If he was so concerned of his supposed “female supporters” then he wouldn’t be linking up with gay adult performers to “release content”. Most women who know of him know what he does and I believe many of them think he is gay anyway. I noticed women get put off by a guy when he seems to cater to a huge gay audience, especially one like Flashman who attends pride events and much of his public image is centred around pandering to the gay community. At this point, without gay guys up his ass (no pun) and supporting him, his entire social presence online will dismantle.

        1. Great point, I didn’t even think About him potentially turning off female supporters by collaborating with gay porn stars. Men don’t even have to go that far, for women to think they’re suspect. So I know they probably without a doubt think he’s gay now.

    4. @Theraux I don’t blame him either. Gay men are so easy to play LOL. They throw money at these “straight” insta hoes and then get mad when they get duped so they come online to cry about “being scammed”. If I scream…

      The jokes write itself

      1. Totally agree. Flash is cute but not spend my coin cute. He gets money off of thirsty gay men. It’s all an act for him and these gullible ladies eat it up! If Flash came out today or tomorrow they would still be on him because they CANT have him!

  10. I saw him beat off solo. You’re acting like he’s A-List and would “never do porn”. He seems to befriend people who can make him gay famous to keep getting desperate gay coins.

    He looks like a woman with facial hair to me so I can’t get into it. Reminds me of a girl’s facial features.

    1. I’m not sure why everyone is convinced he has to be gay.

      Dallas is biracial so he probably didn’t grow up in the typical black household where he would need to hide being gay.

      He lives in Cali where plenty of straight men will flirt with gay men and show their ass and dick to secure the bag.

      Besides if he was fucking men there would surely be rumors going around.

      Gay men can’t hold ice water and I haven’t even heard about him escorting🤷🏾‍♂️

  11. Even tho Flash has mad sex appeal…how many more shots of him, busting a nutt or showing his juicy ass can we take without getting bored.
    I know he has a brand to think about but at what point does he say…are people getting bored with me?
    He needs to start fucking period…girl/boy whoever.
    I know I get bored very quick and move on to the next cutie by Sunday 😉
    He needs to change his “Branding” very soon before the gays start saying “Flashmade who ” 👍

  12. His time is ticking, Ive never seen a “straight” man so pressed for attention.

  13. He’s not really a question mark tho, seems like a nice guy but everyone knows flash is a major cornball with a thick booty and a small dick. He’s linking up with gay pornstars now because w/e allure practically is going to gone.

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