joel olsteen looked so shook while kanye was on his stage

i’m glad i’m not falling for kanye’s games.
this is coming from a past kanye stan.
folks were all excited he was releasing a gospel album with his “sunday service”,
but my intense side eye would not quit.
some tried to get me to listen to a song or two and i declined.
not interested.
i rolled my eyes hard when he took his act to joel olsteen over the weekend…

joel looked so scared.
he was waiting to push the emergency button for security.

Am I the only one who thinks Kanye is pandering?

something about this doesn’t seem genuine.
when he remixed ginuwine’s “so anxious” for the church folks in atlanta:


…and taking his act to cell block d at the texas jail:

this “era” of his is pretty interesting.
i dunno ya’ll.
 i’ll let him cook until he says/does something dumb.

lowkey: the day he takes “sunday service” to a trump rally…
i’ll scream.

Author: jamari fox

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6 thoughts on “joel olsteen looked so shook while kanye was on his stage”

  1. Kanye put on his good suit and coupled it with his Kardashian accent for the white people. LMAO. A whole coon. We didn’t even get the suit when he came to a black church in ATL. My man is LOST.

  2. I cannot believe I am typing this, but somebody needs to wire his mouth shut again. Maybe then he will be humbled to think before opening his mouth.

  3. Kanye is planning an opera based on the life of Nebuchadnezzar. Needless to say, I can neither for his upcoming opera or his Sunday Service gigs. He is there for the paycheck.

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