demetrius jenkins has more to share on ig live?

demetrius jenkins has layers to his scandals.
 i enjoy him.
it’s like one thing happens and it reveals a ton of other shit.
he doesn’t realize folks are watching and analyzing when he does his ig lives.
one of my foxholers sent in a foxmail with some alleged information.
i font “alleged” because i can’t confirm or deny,
but i’ll leave it up to you.
this is what they had to send me to piggy back off the other entry

“Demetrius was live again last night and STILL mad about Steven saying he drove all the way to LA for some dick….“he said i didnt drive I flew” LOL He mention that he hasn’t been to LA in over a year…but he is coming back this coming weekend to see some guy name Anthony….ig username SIRANTHONYMAC… i only know because in the live SirAnthonyMAC came in and left a comment saying “we agreed not to tell anyone SMH.. get off here!” and DJ replied “i know Anthony .. it slipped.. see you soon tho (BIG SMILE)” whichhhh lead back to Anthonys’ page…. i say back becuase Anthony’s name was POPPIN in these LA streets earlier this year.….—- can we get TEA on SirAnthonyMac.. he a classy professional/US Marine WOLF (A man a FEW words too)


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Rise&Shine! Thank God! ???? ????

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Get you a Carolina man. We taste better. #704

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EVERYONE in LA has been talking about anthony and flashman wade “talking/kicking it” for A WHILE…recently they have started posting pic together on IG and they are always at each others houses (i can tell from ig stories) — I said all that to say if DJ has anthony on his radar now.. ITS ABOUT TO GO DOWN!!! Im telling you.. mark my words!!


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Me and my boy @flashman.wade trying to give y’all #zaddy vibes on this #mcm ???????? How did we do? ????????

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one more thing lol under one of the pics of DJ shading Steven in the caption SirAnthony hopped in and threw/slashed (in my eyes) — confirms more tea lol — so even this Anthony guy lives in LA and knows SOMETHING!

I slid in Anthony’s DMs to ask about Dallas and DJ and he is radio silent but “read” it — HELP US… he makes my tail stand up HHAHA”

i feel like flashman wade is straight tho.
someone would have spilled the beans on smashin’ him stupid.
that’s just my opinion on that.
i could be wrong.
even though i don’t get why he went the “onlyfans” route,
demetrius really made himself very interesting these last couple of weeks.
you can’t deny he has personality and charm.


that is one wolf i’d like to see wrapped in between my legs.
if demetrius is allegedly getting that,
i say a job well done.
he is a thick piece of meat.
i’d love that alleged hook up on his “onlyfans”.
let’s hope this doesn’t end up being messy tho.
we don’t need demetrius getting baited again to spill all.

lowkey: i read that whoever left that comment about steven baited demetrius.
he fell for the bait and ended up revealing all.

27 thoughts on “demetrius jenkins has more to share on ig live?

  1. None of these guys interest me at all. For a long time, I have thought Flashman was annoying, especially with all the gay baiting he goes. All of these guys are just having sex with one another and the cycle will be everlasting lol

  2. Good tea.. that Anthony guy is thirsty for attention p. I seen many popular gays give him shout outs on heir page recently. He definitely wants to be known.

    I love when this blog posts stuff like this. Sometimes the social media people are more interesting than celebs.

      1. I’m not reaching. Recently I’ve seen multiple guys give him shout outs. It wasn’t a shout out for shout out type of thing, he’s clearly trying to increase his social media stats.

        Why would I make that up?

        1. The first comment just had a negative tone that doesn’t make sense. Your response does. Increasing social media stats, which i agree he is doing doesn’t mean someone is thirsty for attention..(I say that as a business owner). I’ve seen gays and straight men give him shoutouts.. which is working from what I can see on his page.

  3. Every single time I go and chill for a day or few..I come back and…

    something going on with the Instagram folks. Didn’t one of the Foxholers mention that most of them all sleep with each other…

    And Flashman…I’ve seen enough clips of him spreading his booty open to see his heartbeat. He just might be bisexual…but meh. Something about him..He’s not ugly or anything but he kinda has this “rough” look about him. I think it’s the hair and tats everywhere.

    The other guy is not bad looking either. Both of them look boring in my opinion. Well, maybe it’s the just the pictures..idk.

    This Demetrius guy has blown up in a week or two? He’s not ugly either but meh…nothing special..I do like the pic he took of him squatting nekkid.

    It looks like he has one of those butts that is shaped really nice but won’t jiggle even if you hit it with a bat.

  4. Just going to look at Sir Anthony’s page.. he looks like a normal guy … and he actually has a REAL job. Looking at his ig story highlights he’s the publicist behind the show POWER, and seems to be apart of Hollywood legitimately…so i can see attention seekers trying to get with him just off that alone he got my follow..he is also a US MARINE and looks like he’s still involved in some way. this is NEW for the Fox hole lol an attentionisto that actually works and doesn’t talk lol I’m here for him. he posts the occasional thirst trap but not like the others…

    I do notice that Flashman doesn’t mind posting with him (more than anyone else in the last few months) and that could be just because he is a cool ass dude….. i wouldn’t want either of them to get mixed up with Demetrius to “write a book”…. if something going on between flash and sir Anthony I’m sure they are smart enough not to tell anyone …or involve Demetrius

    One more thing (and this may be too much) but looking through Sir Anthony’s followers a lot of those attentionistos follow him and he doesn’t follow any back except DJ and flashman .. i wonder why?

  5. FlashMan is whatever you need him to be except that ASS is STANKY so when you PAY him to play in those cakes make sure you have DIAL SOAP — The yellow kind….. Sir Anthony is a good dude does his PR thing in LA for various studios and events in LA . He is part of the NoHo gym set and NoHo 24 where all the action goes down …. Tank used to work out there too….. I cant wait to see the Fans Only action with @Juanbgil and Flashman and tea is about to pour …..

    1. Agree.. sir Anthony looks like he’s just works and isn’t about the drama. Makes me wonder why someone would bring him into Demetrius/Steven drama… then add flashman. Doesn’t make sense.

      Messy queen in LA… they might have ATL beat!

    2. TANK?! Okay. Now this got interesting. If these queens REALLY wanted to be famous, they’d say they topped Tank off twice and he decided he was good on the gay.

    3. LMAO!!! I think Dallas is handsome but I do agree, he look like his booty do be stank. Maybe it’s the fuzzy hairy look or the grainy camera in his adult videos idk..

      He looks like the type that will do the splits and pop it like a seal for the smallest iota of monetary exchange. Oop!

      Let me go..

  6. This is a Whole Hot Ass Mess right here, but I guess Lil D has a type. Very nice looking Brotha, but I wonder will Lil D completely lose it when he gets that Bussy popped again and Sir Anthony Ghost him like S.B did. LA Pretty Boyz who get a taste of this fun sized snack pack proceed with caution with this one he gives me that he is all types of Crazy. I wonder is he coming to film some OnlyFans Content. Seriously all of the DL Hollywood Gang of Pretty Black Boys should really consider a Reality Show.

    1. The thing about reality stars is that all their dirt eventually comes to light lol. Most of these LA attentionistos use modeling, personal training etc as fronts for the fact that they are escorts. The more fame they get the more skeletons come out and I’m sure they dont want their clients outed and the money to dry up lol

  7. I personally think Flash is gay but he’s scared his claim to fame will be destroyed if he came out and if folks ever found out so he suppresses his demons and masturbates

    1. Flash is very annoying. He gives me Butch Queen vibes who will date a hit in the face white girl and friendzone actual black women and finally get caught with a fugly white guy. You heard it here first.

      I wouldn’t be surprised if that annoying “comedian” who makes the faces isn’t giving his cheeks a round of applause.

  8. What exactly am I missing? Is Steve Beck a celebrity? Is Demetrius?

    Who are these people and why should I care? Are they on TV? What do they do for a living besides have sex in gym showers and pose for IG?

    I am SO confused!

    1. Well Steven did vivica black magic and been on steve Harvey so I guess he kinda is the other two know just social media stars

      1. “Social media stars” is a reach. Those who are social media stars actually make real bank off social media & live off it. Demetrius seems like one of the thousands of muscular gays who just has followers because they’re half-naked all the time on instagram. And that’s not even shade – just a quick observation from what I’ve seen about him on this site (correct me if wrong)

  9. You know us out and proud LGBTQ folk get so much shit, especially the femme ones. But these niggas be out here messy asab for no reason. You on live and it “slipped”? Girl gone somewhere saweetie. Aint no way in the world my sex life popping and Im on social media talking shit about none of it.

  10. Mann…all these fit, tattood, “masculine” men go after eachother. They literally go after what they see in the mirror every morning. I find it hilarious tbh.

  11. I guess where my confusion comes in is if it was a secret then why did Anthony even say anything in the live… he drew more attention to it… sounds intentional to me…

  12. I’m curious didn’t this Anthony dude do a couple of shows in LA with the exoticpaintings team? For some reason he looks so familiar to me I could be wrong but does anyone know and have pics

  13. “EVERYONE in LA has been talking about anthony and flashman wade “talking/kicking it” for A WHILE…recently they have started posting pic together on IG and they are always at each others houses (i can tell from ig stories) ”

    I truly, honestly, 100% absolutely wish I gave this much of a good-God-damn about the most random people that I don’t personally know. So much so that I am able to make out key details of their house and extrapolate coordinates of who staying with who.

    Realistically, I’m not even sure what any of these guys do with their lives to even warrant this level of attention – I mean I’m familiar with Flashman Wade, but that’s because he is constantly searching for his 15 minutes however and whenever he can find it. But the other two? All because they’re gay and look good?

    Whew chile, I like tea and all but their lives aren’t even remotely interesting to warrant a follow. Really just average people doing the most average things imaginable and DM’ing the guy to find out info on his friends- when he don’t even know you?

    The fox who is on the case of this one might need a hobby. Hell, we all need a hobby after reading this saga.

    1. HELLO! I thought it ws just me LOL. They are just regular people on Instagram who do regular shit. The only time I hear about them is when I come here..

      And yes you’re spot on – people only keep up with the basic shit that they do because they look good. Most guys like these are vapid attention whores who are an IG deactivation away from being nobody.

      But hey that’s just my 2 pence. I digress.

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