does calvin myers “onlyfans” come with hot sausage on delivery with this price?

ladies and gentleman.
foxholers and foxhol-ettes.
this is for those trying to start an “onlyfans“.
i understand that you think you are worth a ton of money.
it’s because you fine and you get tremendous likes on your social medias.
i get it.
when you start an “onlyfans” for us to indulge in tho,
it’s ways wise to set the price point reasonably.
as you know,
or didn’t,
but calvin myers started an “onlyfans”.
he is the owner of alla this:

tell me why the fuck is the price for his 6 videos and photos on “onlyfans” is…


the fuckin’ streaming services aren’t even that expensive.
from a billion dollar corporation,
is 6.99/month.

if calvin ain’t fuckin,
throwin’ ass,
jackin’ off while doing the “downward dog”,
cookin naked,
or getting manhandled by an elephant at “circus soleil”…


i mean,
i know he looks good


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Seduce my mind 🧠 and you can have my body 👊🏽😝

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🧘🏾‍♂️ “Inhale the future. Exhale the past.”☯️

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6 videos + 6 posts = 40 dollars?
it was 25 at on point and even i said that was too much.

All new “Onlyfans” should start off 5 – 10 dollars.

as your followers rise and your content starts to build,
that’s when the price should start to go up.
it should go nowhere past 25 dollars and that’s well after being established.
30 dollars max.
some gays are dumb af and will pay all kinds of money to get scammed.
some gays just love working hard all week to give it away so freely.
i hate to see it.
until you tell me calvin’s “onlyfans” shit is all the way poppin’,
we good out here.

*all pictures credited to owners involved

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Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

42 thoughts on “does calvin myers “onlyfans” come with hot sausage on delivery with this price?”

  1. Those must be New York prices lmbo. He definitely feeling himself. Great cockiness but hell to the naw naw. I would Not pay even $15 just to see him masturbate. And he claims he’s straight.

    Side note. Jamari not trying to be messy but can you tell what Position Antonio, forevermistah ig , is. He is a very popular gay influencer on ig and I’m just dying to know if he is a top or bottom.

  2. Looking at his twitter, I won’t be surprised if he is mostly just posing in his compression shorts with some occasional nudes.

  3. Lol it’s so funny we all know about the same people! yo people talk about Demetrius being arrogant, but THIS one here.. I had to stop following, cause he tries to be articulate with the arrogance, he wrote one post and said how a door man saw him walking out in his heavy coat & then later saw him in his workout gear or shirtless and was impressed and asking him how much he lifts, ok fine, but then wrote how he thinks it’s “weird” when guys ask that, But he loves when people think he’s “just regular” under his clothes, 🥴 yeah I was like “bye” how you gonna like the attention you get from being in shape but then think people trying to attain the same things are “weird” by asking how much you lift?! that and this dude literally posed a video just standing in his compression pants, dick completely outlined but disabled the comments so nobody could call out how blatantly obvious it’s was he was jus trying to show dick & get views 🙄 so yeah him charging that much does NOT surprise me

  4. Is he smoking crack? $40 is more than what professional porn sites cost. For that much u better have a ton of full sex videos 10+ long, and a ton of x-rated pics. Nobody’s paying to see 6 30second videos and r-rated pics from your Instagram. These niggas really be on their own dick. Just cause your ig popping does not mean folks gonna pay all that money for onlyfans, especially not knowing what your content is.

  5. Obviously rent is due and he does have a job and no obvious stable income living in NYC.

    He’s trying to see if people are really dumb enough to pay that much. Lol

  6. He said on IG that people was reporting his posts for just showing a bulge. I seriously doubt he is doing anything sexual on his Onlyfans besides possibly naked yoga or cooking. AND even still, I seen Shaun T ass for free too many times on IG. Then some of the IG models charge $15 or more to just show them naked but to see them do something sexual, they record a video and charge you again to see it for maybe like 10 secs. He charging Personal Trainer prices for something will take 60 secs to look at and leave.

    1. ^a foxholer was honest enough to share that they subscribed to calvin.
      he has a 7 second video of him getting head from a snow vixen.
      the other videos were him talking about how IG censors his videos.

      he could have put those other videos of him talking on ig.

  7. Too early too soon, I just fucked a dude of the exact replica this morning in my SUV. Dude is tripping… He’ll I know kevin baker in Sanfrancisco where rent is 5gs ain’t charging that much and he has a strong following only charged $24.00 and that shit was good!!

  8. Sorry, but this dude’s OF sounds like a SCAM if it’s only giving the paltry mess described above. For $40 you better be giving fans a non-stop circus, with all the bells and whistles and freaks and everything else you can imagine, so that even if they sign up once, they’re getting their money’s worth.

    Compare this nonsense to someone liike Rhyheim, one of the best gay porn performers in the game, who charges something like $9 (could have changed from last time I checked). Rhyheim gives descriptions of what’s in the videos on his OF page and shows clips on Twitter too so if you can’t afford it he still gives you a taste. He took his show to Brazil, has top Black US performers like Krave, Sean Zevran, etc. and so on.

    Lastly if all you got is some tired white vixen giving neck anyone can find that ish free with Blacked videos on Pornhub, XTube, etc. GTFOH!

  9. Somebody paying for. You have to realize, some people are just that desperate to see dudes.

    I recently got into over an OnlyFans dude and the way he addresses gays as fags, and I was like wtf you calling a fag only to get shamed and find out that they actually pay for content like that and want to be degraded. So I was like…Damn…excuse me then. Shut me the hell up quick.

    So I can’t say shit anymore about it. There are people that request used underwear, socks and everything from these people and pay top dollar for it.

    So as much as I roll my eyes at that price, someone is gonna pay for it. His fanbase looks large enough for it surely.

    I had no idea that people have these fetishes so deep.

  10. I wish i would pay 40 bucks to see a guy jerk off. Nah Im all the way good on that. What does he have that the others don’t? Yoga poses? Lmfaoo. These nuggas kill me, thinking they doing God’s work charging folks to watch them jack off. Puh-leeze!

  11. Well Damn, I have never heard of this dude, and I thought I knew them all. $40 for what, I am so confused right now. Too many other dudes who play in these Internet Streetz who give you the same body and actually a better mug for free, but I guess it is a market for his services if he charges that much. I have heard that some of the Onlyfan boys make as much as 5K-10K a month, so I guess it beats selling ass on Craiglist.

  12. I’ve heard the same. Some of them are supposedly pulling in thousands. How people who just where compression pants get paid more than people with actual trade or skill jobs is beyond me. Idk if it’s because people are that lonely and sex starved or what but it ain’t never been this bad especially with men. I could see if you paid money and got some actual action…but don’t even get a sample of the cookie..just stay window shopping.

    Even though I think Onlyfans is kinda stupid, it is safer for the sex folks…I suppose.

    If it was this easy for our profiting sectors to get money for LGBTQ homeless, ill and transplant donors fees, this would be great. I have to jump through hoops just to get $100 from folks. Smh…🙄

  13. You’ll be surprised at the thirsty ass gays who pay for shit like this. On LPSG, it is a community full of horny gay men who pretty much all come together to find nudes of every popular attentionisto. I’ve seen threads where they planned on crowdfunding to get an alleged sextape of an attentionisto who was allegedly shopping it. So just know if you are popular on IG & like to thirst trap, there will be a thread on that site about you full of gay guys waiting for your nudes to drop or looking to hire you for escort services if you do such things. So I’m sure there will be people there who subscribed just to be nosey.

    Many gay men don’t have families and only live for themselves so they don’t see the issue with throwing some cash at things like this that get them off. To each their own I guess.

    Fun fact, I’ve seen plenty of nudes from popular IG guys just on that site (LPSG). If a member there has your nudes or videos then they will upload it on one of their threads for all other members to see.

  14. brother puts a value on his ass and dick so those who want to see it just pay. Problem is many will pay to see another mans ass and dick, bust a nut and then what?….. That’s porn. It makes you stupid for a moment’s pleasure. Its like religion, so many will pay for it as their down payment to go to heaven. He ain’t getting my coins while I ma sure others will.

  15. Honestly, onlyfans need to do more to protect their consumers. They need to put a price ceiling and they need to put a review system so we know wtf we getting before subscribing to these lousy ass, regular-degular, flower content creaters

    1. ^110%

      this is why these attentionistos need to add better descriptions to their uploads.
      a heart and “a sneak peek” isn’t gonna make me come out of my wallet.

      “listen to he/her cum as i bust all his/her walls down in the missionary position” might peak my interest.

  16. Y’all got to realize most of these of Insta/Twitter thirst trap dudes with OnlyFans and JustForFans pages are broke af at the end of the day. I don’t wanna out these dudes but a couple of weeks ago one of them had the audacity to ask his twitter followers if they could send him 5 to fix his teeth. Sad.

      1. Ikr, sad. If u only knew what I know. I’m sure you know of this person I’m hinting about…he goes by freakymeek on IG, thats all i can say rn lol. A lot of these IG/twitter traps spend hours in the gym and front with latest fashion trends but work menial jobs and don’t have dime in the bank.

  17. correction: Ikr, sad. If u only knew what I know. I’m sure you know of this person I’m hinting about…he goes by freakymeek on IG, thats all i can say rn lol. A lot of these IG/twitter traps spend hours in the gym and front with latest fashion trends but work menial jobs and don’t have a dime in the bank.

  18. Normally I wouldn’t join the chorus line of you pearl clutching cheap ass gays who always seem to be so proud in announcing what you WON’T pay for 😁…. But this fool right here must have drank too many protein shakes because he’s trippin. 6 damn video clips for $40? Um, that’s a big NO Calvin. You phine as hell but I ain’t fitnah pay dem suckah prices bruh 😂

  19. Honestly his dick is not even that big for a $40, It’s about 100 other niggas with that same body or similar. However, I can’t knock his hustle because there is a white man that will pay it.

  20. I wonder if some of them are actually broke though? OF can be a side hustle. I think there are more “scammers” than their might be broke people. Or maybe just broke scammers??. I tried to reconsider & ask bf to do an OF couple thing for fun but he got a bit irritated & asked me if I was losing my mind.. lol

    I have secretly subscribed in the past against his will though with the highest I ever paid was $30 for some dude named Vinny. I was curious & later relented.

    I do wonder how the money system works with OF. People are showing monthly earnings but they are usually still pending with a fraction in payout.

    OF takes 20%. I know but if I was making max max payouts, it would go to my savings and I’d be done.

    I know several old posts ago I was speaking heavily against OF or more so “sex work” in general. I had this thought that sex work needs to stay criminalized in certain sectors because it increases the demand for young children to be trafficked into prostitution both by heterosexual and homosexual perverts. Sex is cool with me but if I see any of these accounts or anything that remotely looks like they are kids, baited “tricked” men, scamming or whatever, it’s getting reported.

    This dude looks scammy.

    1. Broke scammers, mostly.

      Instagram and Twitter are rife with scammers. OF is also complicit in the scamming b/c they don’t allow price caps or the option to preview before subscribing.

  21. This guy has to be the most arrogant and self absorbed person I’ve seen online. He’s very defensive, rude, belligerent and definitely is Narcissistic. I’ve seen him at my gym a couple of time and he does the absolute most. It would be a old day in hell before I paid to see a five second clip of that little pecker. He can stay all the way over there.

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