Jill Scott Thinks ASAP Rocky and Future Are Ridiculously Fine

asapjillfutureasap rocky and future seem to have all the vixens going crazy.
could be the nice teethus,
clear smooth skin,
and the long hair.

well jilly from philly aka jill scott thinks rocky is ridiculously fine,
while future was carved from stone in this interview on hot 97

i really like jill scott.
her music gets a brotha through.
i can’t say i ever thought rocky was fine.
he never really did anything for me.
i would like the name of his dentist.
future is handsome tho,
but his baby mama drama is a turn off.
now i think the wolves in her movie “baggage claim”:

oh yeah.
oh hell yeah.

tumblr_ly7of3fPPR1qccalgo1_500movie comes out next week.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

4 thoughts on “Jill Scott Thinks ASAP Rocky and Future Are Ridiculously Fine”

  1. Rocky’s personality is getting to the point where I am starting not to like him that much, he’s cute tho. Future is sexy as hell, he looks like something straight out of the hood. If Ciara gets rid of him, I’ll take him, and smash the hell out out of him lol.

  2. Ima say No to Future, seems like CiCi can do a little better than that, but damn! really never paid attention to ASAP Rocky before, just googled him I must admit, ASAP Rocky is stunning in that way so many beautiful hood boys are. Its something about him that very cocky, arrogant, charismatic and the list can go on, very photogenic, looks more like a model than rapper. Couldnt tell you anything he has done but he aint bad at all.

  3. i honestly forgot about the Asap and Future comments…I am PISSED that they cut the interview off right where she was about to explain herself from the block party.

  4. I’m not gonna lie. There’s something about A$AP that really gets me………… He is really attractive….Might be the skin….i dunno…lol

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