Jeramie Hollins Had A Lot To Say To Me

jeramie hollins is not an attentionisto.
he is actually a really cool straight wolf.
he’s about to be the platinum standard too.
so we had a conversation,
and i’ll be honest,
i’m still on a high vibration because of it.
so you know how i made the ig foxhole,

i saw that i had notifications from the dms.
there was a lot that i had to approve.
i didn’t even know it was there.
i saw i had a message and it was like a secret package.
when i looked,
i saw a ton of expired messages from jeramie.
they were from his ig story.
he had shouted me out a few times on there.
so i hit him up to thank him for the love.
i try to respond back to everyone who sends me a message.
most males don’t respond back.
some of the ones with the shirtless pics can be actually very mean.
some eat up all the attention for their insecure and fragile egos.
not jeramie.

he told me how he appreciated the entries i wrote about him.
he told me how a lot of industry/celeb folks read my site too.
it’s actually very popular within that world.
a casting director actually found jeramie due to being on the foxhole.

“when you write about someone,
the public now knows who they are.”

i nearly screamed at work.
even though it was minor,
it was a big deal to me.
i’ve been indulging in the foxhole since 2009.
like bey said,
i’m sensitive about my shit.
i am seeing everything tying together now.

i want to thank jeramie for his kind words.
they meant so much.
it’s the little things that can brighten ones day.
at that moment in time,
i needed to read that.
the universe sent him to font me.
i also want to shout out EVERYONE who reads the foxhole.
no matter how big or small you are,
i appreciate you hanging with me on this journey.
we have been making some insane movement in the forests lately.
this should let the others know:


when i write about you,
you truly make moves.
how many have been exposed on here,
for their bad or homophobic behavior,
and we banished them with the quickness?
a ton.
we love hearing about bad behavior around these parts.
some of them need to adopt jeramie’s attitude and learn how to network.
it would do them some good.

lowkey: one of my future career goals is to cast fine wolves for…

music videos
tv shows

i’d like to think i have a good eye for meat.
the way my career is going,
that could come sooner than later.
jeramie would be one of the first i call.

x check out jeramie and show him love on instagram

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

19 thoughts on “Jeramie Hollins Had A Lot To Say To Me”

  1. My mother always says ” you never know who’s watching you”!!!! I come out of lurking every now and then to comment!! Thank you Jamari, for sharing some of your world, here on the Foxhole!!!

  2. YOU are more valuable than you think. Whenever I want to keep up with pop culture I turn to your blog no where else. Congrats buddy. Think about starting your Youtube channel

  3. I’m probably going to be labeled a hater but there is something about him that just doesn’t seem genuine. I just feel like he’d sell his soul for attention and I’ve hard quite a few things of his extra curriculum activities 👀.

    1. @Lee

      Jeramie seems very genuine in his appreciation to his followers. When you consider the energy and time it takes to respond to countless DMs and messages on his posts, I’d say he’s a far better guy than most in his league. Most attentionistos don’t bother liking the comments under their posts nor do they show love.

      I think we ask too much of these beautiful men on social media. Most of them wouldn’t even look at 80 percent of their followers on the street, so why fault them for at least trying to so us love online….

  4. So happy to hear this but I’m not surprised I’ve said before besides from ig your site comes up in their search results. When you post about a lot of these guys in the foxhole if they are homophobic and such it gets exposed in the comments here first before anywhere else. For Jeramie to thank you for the feature and tell you about the blessings he got from it just shows how much of a class act he is.

    Proud of your blessings

  5. I met a photographer at the gym who told me about how Black models have all these hang ups especially about posing nude or doing more risque shots that would probably take their careers to the top because they all say how they do not want their homeboys and family members to label them GAY and sadly he says even though they got the body and looks their careers never really take off unlike men of other ethnicities who have no such hang ups. This dude learn fast that gay men will keep you in the Hot 100. Glad he is humble and not running from the support dudes give him like so many do.

    OAN can you do a Foxhole Fall Fashion Update for 2017 and an update on the latest hot scents for the fall. I need some inspiration. Thanks in advance.

    1. That’s a damn shame about the black models. And not surprising, toxic masculinity is destroying us smh. Makes you wonder how many of these dudes will ever make it up off Instagram.

      S/N: Keep it up Jamari! Your hard work does not go unnoticed trust!

  6. Congrats, Jamari!

    Did you ask him about that blow job modeling advice or nah? LOL.

    To refresh your memory, in a previous entry, you posted his ig story (that he deleted) where he talks about finding someone in your city who is in the industry and then instructing aspiring models to “suck their dick.”

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