Yellowboi Is Going To Make You Pay For That Work

i’m sure the wolves will love this entry.
it’s about time.
all this free work and he could have been getting a check.
we are all allowed stupidity tho.

so you guys know yellowboi.
he has been at the center of a number of foxhole entries.
he has decided to start playing catch up.
a twitter foxholer sent me this…

he has an alleged onlyfans account now.
he is charging to see those bunz.
i don’t know if it’s in action or poses.
i’d like to think i helped in this decision.

no reason why his narrative was ( x controlled ) by
( x randoms ) .
i mean,
( x really )…
i bet those randoms were fine af too.
good job yellowboi.
i’ll allow it.
the wolves (and the lowkey foxes) thank you for this!

lowkey: as long as his tail is not like fisting a bowl of lasanga,
i say go ahead.

x visit yellowboi on onlyfans

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

19 thoughts on “Yellowboi Is Going To Make You Pay For That Work”

  1. At least he is cheap 9.99 a month is way better then 29.99 there a famous black gay ig couple have a onlyfans page but I not saying a thing about them tho their page is the price as yellow boy and their page is hot as fuck

      1. lmfao. seriously. This girl I know she has a FansOnly page for the pornstar Nat Turnher. And she said he rarely post anything worth looking at. His subscription is $9.99, so for $29.99, I agree that shit better be worth it. They better post good content at least 2-3 times a week, minimally. lol

      2. From my understanding he has some pictures and a couple of vids where he is playing with himself and some white chick.
        I love me some Nat Turnher, but I dont want to pay $9.99 to see his short fat dick, esp when he doesnt put good quality content up on a regular basis.

    1. That’s pretty pricey for an amateur account. That’s more than well established porn sites. Honestly, I think that’s too high unless they have a set list of videos that worth the price & lengths. Im not paying dollars for random 2 minute clips…

      One hot guy, sexynerdmovement charges almost $25 dollars for his onlyfans access.

      The bad thing about Onlyfans is that you don’t know the length or frequency of content that is posted.

    1. There no new black porn and the one we get for free are tired literally every porn on myvidster is white and racist interracial videos. the only good black porn you have pay for Now how ever I’m not telling you to go by it cause I know it boring and onlyfans are fraudlet. connectpal is better.

  2. I see that he has joined the train of the new hustle, damn the usual 9 to 5. Yellowboi has a nice ass, so I really cannot be surprised that he took this route. These dudes just need to strive for better than displaying their assets.

    1. If all you have is ass and your only marketable skill is taking dick, what else are you going to do? This hustle will only work for a few years. He should maximize his 15 minutes of fame and try to lock down a sugar daddy with a real job.

  3. I wouldn’t be so sure that those guys that were screwing him were fine… He honestly seems like the type that would bend over for any black man with a decent build & 9″+ penis. He is the type that I stay far away from.

    Hayden Montleone also started a onlyfans page too. I guess he finally caught up to speed and realized that none of his followers care about his fitness channel and his main audience are horny gay men & lonely women who want to see him naked.

    That’s the problem with many of these “Fitness” dudes on instagram today. Many don’t know if they actually want to be an actual fitness guru or a IG whore who posts thirst traps all day. Branding is a huge issue here. Stick to your niche and that way you will be taken more seriously.

    1. (cont.) Ain’t no way am I going to take someone seriously as a brand when they want to give workout tips in one post and then in the next post they are dancing half-naked for followers/attention. If you look at real fitness guru’s on IG, you’ll see their pages are mainly professional hence why they have endorsements and get invited to the expos, are ambassadors of companies etc.

  4. I hope he has a backup plan for this because there have been and are Pleenty of videos of him getting his back blown out by various, or the same, top(s) and that can be very boring after awhile look at some of your favorite porn bottoms who are ghost now. lol

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