Isaiah Williams Comes(Back) Into My Foxhole

powerful shot.
nothing like a wolf,
with good posture,
standing tall and proud.
it’s what foxes dream of in every forest.
well isaiah williams,
who we covered ( x here ),
is really going hard into this new #lifegoals.
foto 119 put up some more fotos from their shoot…

…and i love each one.
he is very striking.
his bawdy tho…

…has me feeling stressed.
he ended up in the creative eye of photographer,
greg vaughn,
as well.
this is one of the shots they took together:

…but i lucky enough to be sent some exclusive un-released shots.

he still has the baller wolf bawdy.

i’m so stressed.

lowkey: he goes hard in the gym…

…and he recently switched to being a vegan.
if it continues to have him looking like this:

i’ll allow it.

fotos cc: foto 119 | greg vaughn

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on “Isaiah Williams Comes(Back) Into My Foxhole”

  1. Wow, I want to lick him. lmfao. Crazy, but see even skinny and in shaped people some times have stretch marks. lol

    1. Can you imagine the “fun” these photographers have shooting these naked dudes? lmfao. Like Marvin Bienaime, he always have good looking naked men on deck. lol

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