The Puerto Ricans Can Handle Their Problems Right Now

i really think this era is showing racism in hd.
it might be a good thing.
every last one of us needed this wake up call.
i try to be sympathetic with certain things.
i was talking to an associate of mine yesterday.
we ended up on the whole puerto rico devastation going on.
it’s a shame what’s happening and how it’s being handled.
this is how the conversation went…

“it’s really fucked up how puerto rico is being treated.” – me

“that’s really not our problem.” – them

“what do you mean???” – me, a agasp.

“spanish folks can be very racist towards black people.
they don’t come out in droves to support us during our issues.
most of them put that man in the white house in the first place.
this is their fight now and they can handle it.” – them, no fucks to give.

now i know this was “kitchen table talk”,
but i was blown away by that comment tbh.
it seems like everyone adopts this same mentality.
is this what is means by being a “savage”?
we don’t feel anything for anyone anymore?
and if we do,
they had to “do something for us” in order to feel sympathy?
it’s true,
some latinos can have racist undertones towards blacks.
that doesn’t mean they all do and it’s still sad.
this mirrors hurricane katrina and how “we” were treated.
so i had to wonder…

When did “we” get so heartless?

…or are “we” minding our business as others have done to us?

lowkey: maybe i over-care?
i could be the one with the issue,
but i don’t like to see people being hurt and mistreated.

Author: jamari fox

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15 thoughts on “The Puerto Ricans Can Handle Their Problems Right Now

  1. Actually one of my colleague mentioned that Puerto Rico needs to create there own infrastructure that now is a mess; and yes, those that voted for him are now paying the price!

    1. ^he had a very strong latino turn out and he turned on all of them.
      i mean…
      i don’t understand why this is all so shocking for them.
      he played them,
      but i do feel sorry for the suffering.

      1. I have to agree with your “friend”on this one. Hispanics love to pretend like blacks are a cancer to society. They cater to their own and act like they are better than us. The only times Hispanics want to associate with blacks is when they have celeb status. I still think Puerto Rico deserves our help.

  2. Well lets keep in mind that Puerto Rico did NOT vote Trump in because the Commonwealth of PR isn’t allowed to vote. I will agree that a lot of Hispanics have racist sentiments in how they view black people, however that percentage is low among Puerto Ricans I have encountered in NYC. I agree that we can’t be waving flags for other people’s problems and issues and nobody takes our plight into consideration. But how many black people have vacationed in PR, but don’t wanna send supplies? Or how many have sent supplies to other countries, but not Flint or Houston?

  3. Let’s not make the mistake of painting latinos with a broad brush stroke. Many latinos came out in droves for Hilary in Nevada. Each Latino nationality is different. Cubans are the ones that overwhelmingly support trump. They are not the same as Puerto Rican’s. Furthermore, even if puerto ricans did support trump or if they are racist they are still Americans. They have the right to federal government’s aid.

    Low key: it’s interesting that peurto rico has the nation’s attention when the Virgin Islands were devastated first. I wonder if the people of the virgin islands are too dark be to spot lighted.

    1. @Mansur…you are right that Cubans overwhelmingly showed support for Trump other than any other Hispanic nationality. It’s funny how many Latinos like to categorize themselves as white, but will claim their heritage when it suits them. GTFOH with that foolishness. When they are dealt a blow to show them that they do not “belong”, they want to cry on someone’s shoulder, when all along they were shown that they are being “tolerated” and not fully accepted. Blacks can fall into that category as well.

      That being said, in this day and age, NO ONE should have to suffer like this. Puerto Rico is a Commonwealth of the United States, hence they fall under U.S. jurisdiction and qualify for aid from the Government. This President shows how ignorant he is with his words and needs to take his ass back to school and study history.

      You read my mind with you last comment, because I was talking about that the other day. It’s like the U.S. Virgin Islands have been cut out of the equation altogether! You don’t hear anything about them on the news. It’s all about P.R…and that’s fucked up.

  4. It drives me crazy when people act like all Latinos are the same or a monolithic group.I am always correcting people here when I hear someone call a Latino person Mexican when I know they are not of Mexican Ancestry.I had a guy who mowed my lawn who was from El Salvador yet people kept calling him Mexican.When I would tell them where he is from they would say “Same thing”.No it’s not.

    As for PR they are Americans they serve in our military yet they can’t vote in Presidential elections.Are some of them anti Black ? Sure.Hell,Some Black Americans are anti Black.Some Haitians,some people from many Caribbean countries and African countries are prejudice against Black Americans also(and vice versa).

    We also need to help people in US Virgin Islands.

    1. or when they refer to non-spaniards as “Spanish” makes me cringe as well lol. Agreed with everything YC and Mansur said.

  5. No country/group of people deserve to be treated like this. But this administration is truly showing just how much white men disregard everyone else. They have a leader in this man.

  6. They are people. They need help. Period. If they are a commonwealth of the US, then the US needs to continue to provide them with support. Not just reap the benefits of their status as a commonwealth then abandon them in their time of need. Besides, this is a natural disaster that hit them, not a problem that they themselves caused. Hence why this is considered humanitarian efforts. Prejudice should never take precedence over human life.

  7. See it both ways, I know some latinos that support us and some that hate harder than the white people who hate us. I think most of us knew what time it was when “Baby Bush” was in office and then when “Obama got in. Alot of us have known what time it was when “Regan” was in office. I think if anybody got a wake up call it was the Latin & Hispanic communities. Beside they don’t even like each other. I heard a Mexican say the same thing that your find said. I know Mex. & Puerto are different but some common lineage you would think there would be some unity and simpathy but nope. A racist as society has become I believe that alot of people are more self centered and self serving that ever. Truthfully that is what is hurting everybody as a whole.

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