Jamari Fox In Another City?

morning-sun-after-storm-gary-easontoday was a better day.
thank you everyone who left comments,
checked in,
and prayed for me.
thank you for having patience with me.
i know i’m a handful.
so i put my laptop on sleep and took a long walk,
jill scott style.
i needed to clear my head and get out of it for a change.
i went to the library to return the book i had since it was overdue.
when i got back in the house,
i got a call from the lady i had the video interview with.
she called me to let me know some good and semi-bad news.
lets start with the semi-bad news…

she wanted to let me know that the job was postponed.
surprise surprise.
it has been postponed for 4 weeks.
the good news is she said i was her number 1 candidate.
she liked me so much that she wants to work at the company.
all she wanted to know was if i would hold on and wait?

as i was walking outside,
i was talking to my vixen friend karaoke about maybe leaving ny.
for good.
after her flipping out about yesterday and the pills,
she has actually really concerned with me.
she knows that im missing star fox,
the stress with looking for a job,
and this holiday season coming up.
she has been asking me to come visit her for a while now.
just to get out of the city for a little and just get a change of scenery.
i wanted to,
but i had no money and i thought it would be a hassle.
i haven’t been on a plane in years.
well she went ahead and booked my ticket for me to leave next week.
i’ll be spending thanksgiving with her in florida.
if i like it,
i may move down there.
we’ll see.
lebron-daggeri told the lady who i interviewed with what my plans were.
she told me to keep in touch with her because she wants me in there by the new year,
but if i find another job,
she will understand.

besides my readers on this site,
who wants to take me seriously.
we’ll see what these next few weeks bring about.
keep me in your prayers please.

low-key: my cousin hybrid had a dream the night before.
he dreamed someone was in trouble,
but he didn’t know who it was.
he hit me up today and i guess it was me.

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8 thoughts on “Jamari Fox In Another City?”

  1. You need to get away. New York is great but can so intense. Plus its way too expensive. After your issue the other day I was going to suggest you look gor a job I. Another pasture. Enjoy Florida and unwind.

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