It Was All Good A Year Ago?

is this going to be a weekly thing?
protests and hashtag “delete some business”?
they are protesting everywhere because of the hyena we call “potus”.
all i can do is shake my head at donald trump.

Author: jamari fox

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6 thoughts on “It Was All Good A Year Ago?”

  1. It’s crazy how many of his supporters, that voted for him, have now turned on him based on his actions the first week he got in office. It’s only been a little over a week. We have four more years to go. I’ve always said that I hope he is everything that his supporters want him to be. It looks like he is and they now have buyers remorse. Can’t return him though. Only exchange him for Pence and that dude is truly terrible. More so than Trump.

  2. POTUS?…Naw Jamari, don’t do that title like that…BL (biggest – or bigly – liar) OTUS is more befitting.

  3. Asking all the Praying Warriors far and wide to all lets pray this demon back to the pits of hell from which he came before he will have us all on a train bound for White Folks Hell. This demon is a joke but he has the power to wreck too many lives for us as citizens to let this stand. He has already stressed me the hell out, I am going to be the one to punch the ticket to Glory if I have to put up with four years of this foolishness. #fixitjesus

    1. ^Don’t get stressed. This man and his associates are making a mockery of the Presidency. He’s trying to act like he’s still running a corporation…and it’s not like that. I say this and it gets done, without thinking of the consequence of his action. He is being advised by inexperienced individuals…and THAT is the scary part. They THINK they’re professional, but they look like idiots.

      This is a man who throws tantrums if anyone says they don’t like him or what he does/says. Are you an adult or a child?! We know the answer to that. I had to laugh when he tweeted this morning that John McCain and Lindsey Graham are trying to start World War III. This man has issues…and he is making a mockery of the title of President of the United States. Republicans need to grab their balls and stand up against this man, before we REALLY get our asses in the fire. You want to stand united behind an idiot that doesn’t give two shyts about your party? He’s making them all look like fools…and Paul Ryan is the biggest ass-licker in the bunch. Man up dude!

  4. Sometimes you got to learn a lesson the hard way, it sucks the rest of us have to also learn this lesson.

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