Justus Pickett: The New “Marvin Bienaime” Model Wolf To Watch?

so marvin bienaime has a new boy toy.
not in that way,
but he has a new wolf to add to his modelling roster.
his name is justus pickett.
he is  a is 23 years old,
a pre baller wolf for the tennessee volunteers,
an aspiring model,
and originally from north carolina.
these are the shots he did with marvin…

and video:

he is cute.
i’m not really impressed yet,
but i do like his hair.
isn’t his hair the ultimate goals?
well justus is apparently so fine,
he had one vixen who wouldn’t stop staring at him:

the foxhole knows “those types” very well.
justus is already making big moves too.
he caught the eye of “big daddy”,
lee daniels.
justus will allegedly get a small part on his series,
not enough for me to watch,
but congrats to justus on his future success!

lowkey: justus has gone through many hair looks…


images and video credited: marvin bienaime

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on “Justus Pickett: The New “Marvin Bienaime” Model Wolf To Watch?

  1. In a few months, you’ll see him also shoot with a new wolf with ties to Vinny(This guy isn’t Devin or Vinny’s ex).

    1. Lmao, I like a little facial hair, but yeah I’ll have to agree with you on this. Too much. The amount he had in his picture with the braids was perfect, but the braids wouldn’t work for me either LOL. Still a good looking dude, but I’m not falling out of my chair. Great complexion though! His skin IS flawless as was said above. I’m jelly. He’s cute. I’m sure he’s better looking in person.

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