Odell Beckham Jr Dances With The Vixens

one thing about odell beckham jr
that baller wolf is confident within his fur.
 i think he knows what almost everyone says about him.
i think it gives him a hard on.
 he danced with the cheerleaders at the probowl and well…

i love him.
he needs to continue making everyone talk.
it only pushes his stock higher and higher.
i would love to meet him in the city while he is on vaca.
platonic only.
i have so much questions.
i doubt his people would even let that happen,
but it would be nice.

lowkey: this made me laugh so loud via nfl…

who is home wolf with the arms out?

he looks more my speed.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

7 thoughts on “Odell Beckham Jr Dances With The Vixens”

  1. I don’t watch football but I like Odell because he seems to give 0 f#cks about the rumors about his sexuality.He keeps dancing, he keeps being affectionate with guys,etc.Is it a coincidence you posted about him and that model Justus Pickett because a lot of people think they resemble each other?

  2. I seriously have to thank the Foxhole for making me like OBJ, before I thought he was typical snow vixen chasing dumb jock, and he very well still could be but his approach to life makes me smile. He gives absolutely no fucks about what anybody says about him especially his own community who are forever labeling him gay because of his quirkiness. He is a breath of fresh air for Black men in my opinion and hopefully many of the young boys who are influenced by him will see that its okay to just live, you dont have to be hard 24/7. I have several young cousins who idolize him to the point of wearing his gear and they have their hair like him, and just around my city, I see so many young boys who emulate him so I guess the tides are changing and none of the younger generation see him as gay. It doesnt hurt that he is attractive, and has a whiteboy/blackboy appeal, the kind of look advertisers kill for and by the looks of his endorsements he is using every thing he was blessed with to his advantage. If only more people had the freedom to live their lives on their own terms. Go Odell, I am not mad at ya!

  3. I love Odell. Amazing how he (as a straight man) has the courage to live outside the lines while most gay men continue to live in fear. In a strange way he is a role model to many young people. He’s not in the news for beating women or carrying guns. People talk about him him because he’s both beautiful and fearless. 😍

  4. Although, I do not find him attractive in the looks department, I do like that you all say he gives zero about folks thinking he gay and he just lives his life to the best of his ability..echoing off of that..we should look back at what Dr. Maya Angelou says about courage…

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