It Ain’t Gay If I Only Put The Tip In His Mouth


during this “yung trizzy trill/raging jackal” scandal,
i started to realize something.
well its something i’ve known for a while.
hell i run the foxhole.
my readers are a different breed.

i also think its the reason i’m not so hard on the dl.
i get it.
well some of them.
there are a majority that can be idiots.
i don’t think people realize…


see the problem is people think being “bisexual” is a hip hop video.

34735fc4fffa11e29f1222000aeb0ea1_7…in a pool,
put bubbles in it,
have them kiss all over each other,
and call it “tit soup”.
now insert rapper at the edge of the pool talking about making money.
or guns.
or chocolate.
or easter eggs.
or whatever it is these rappers be rapping about nowadays.
tumblr_ni47ftayMx1rfduvxo1_400i just can’t even…
that is called a ” beat off fantasy”.
anyway that is not what a bisexual make.
people also think that only vixens can say:

“i’m going to kiss a girl today..
tumblr_lw16vlmrwK1qmz4lpo2_250…liked it,
but still run back to riding dack after”

…and it be completely legit.
that is what we call a:


foxtionary meaning:

(n) a vixen who only pretends to be bisexual because its trendy.
she also does it because she thinks wolves will like her better.

most wolves who are dl have some sort of “bisexuality” inside them.
these days i think everyone has some kind of bisexuality in them.
if their dick can get hard for a vixen,
as well as around with another man,
then he is also what a “bisexual” make.
there is nothing wrong with a man being bisexual.
we do give better head.
tumblr_nour032znQ1si245xo1_500whats wrong is when he uses his bisexuality to cause harm to others.
i.e HIV,
random cubs all over,
and the like.

i said all the random “bisexual daddy” cubs bring harm to others.

i also believe that is the reason the submissive in the life get upset.
he can easily fuck us as he can a vixen.
so after he is done with us,
he goes back to a vixen like its no problem.
when he starts getting bored doing that,
he is back to looking for sausage/booty meat.
it leads to a lot of confusion and hurt feelings.
if you know the person you are dealing with is DL,
why not ask him this simple question:

“Do you still fuck with vixens?”

if he answers “yes”,
then you know what you maybe getting into.
you can CHOOSE not to smash.
you not retarded.
now if he answers:

“naw i don’t mess with females.
i just like to keep my business to myself.”

…then you know he is discreet and it won’t be such a headache.
look this is 2015.
men are cheating with whoever.
social media has raised curiosity.
if its easy to get pussy through dms,
then how easy you think it is to get some lowkey bunz?
tumblr_nobi3gkaDZ1si245xo1_500look i feel these kind of things need to be discussed.
there would be less outings if people understood,
and accepted,
what they were getting into.
maybe i’m wrong,
but its kinda common sense.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

28 thoughts on “It Ain’t Gay If I Only Put The Tip In His Mouth”

  1. Bisexuals get the immediate [x] from’s too much do deal with ! Some gays are complicated as it is , I don’t need any further confusion

  2. Jamari, you made some interesting points. I think a lot of people know what they’re getting into when they mess with DL dudes, but they feel that they will be the one to change him. When it doesn’t work out, they become bitter and angry, and set out to ruin that man’s reputation. I have always stressed communication when entering into any relationship, letting them know up front what I’m looking for. It may not help, but at least you’re being clear.

    Even though I did just that, my last relationship with a dude, if you wanna even call it that, ended disastrously. It was a mutually platonic thing (at least I thought so) between me and my former mechanic. He was bi and DL. He wanted to do and see anyone he felt like, but I couldn’t do the same. I had to mess with only him. He was not used to being told no, so when it ended, he started harassment and stalking behavior.

    1. ^you are absolutely right c.
      when someone says:

      “im not looking for anything serious right now…”


      “i just mess with dudes,
      but I’m not looking to be in a relationship…”

      BELIEVE IT!!!!!!
      the sex maybe mind blowing,
      but try to remember what is said.
      sometimes you can over ride what is said,
      but I’d rather keep it until I’m told they want more.

      what you said about your ex is a main issue as well.
      that’s a whole different topic we will discuss…

  3. “we do give better head” no question about that.

    I hate when people assume bisexual people cheat more. Like gay, bi or str8 anyone can cheat. with bisexual’s they’ll just be looking at both genders instead of one.

    The best thing i can tell anyone who’s sexuality is being dismissed is: they aren’t living your life nor are they in your shoes. Let them talk shit, you need no one validation but your own.

    1. ^i agree.

      anyone can cheat.
      vixens acting like they don’t.
      bisexuals need to be clear about their intentions.
      if they want to fuck you,
      then him,
      and then her…
      then do that but he honest.
      and the person on the receiving end needs to realize that and make a decision.

      the problem is we meet these FINE dl men and think we can make it more.
      he could just want sex and that’s it.
      the balls are now in your court.

      1. And people don’t understand that…they just assume they know. When I mess with females, I don’t mess with guys. Same thing when I mess with a dude…I won’t mess with females at the same time. It’s just something I don’t do. But I let them know upfront what I’m looking for.

        1. ^see you are classy c.

          i hope the dl read this and it helps them understand.
          that’s one of my biggest wishes for the foxhole.
          it can stretch to everyone in the community and inspire change in their lives.

  4. Great topic, A lot of men on the DL stems from the way we grew up in our black homes. The black community can be so hard on gay people it’s a shame. The church is the biggest one and I could go on and on about that. So, that’s why you have men on the DL because no man wants to be different or deemed as weird or being called a punk. As black men we are taught to be strong and be providers and being with another dude is like committing a crime. There is also a double standard for women and I don’t understand it. In high school I remember some girls who dated guys then went on to be with girls. A lot of those girls are with men now and have kids. In high school I had (straight) dudes who use to flirt with me and I remembered being so confused because they all had girlfriends. There was even a football player that got outed at my school and then went on to get his girlfriend pregnant. The Iast few years I have been in the gym I see all these muscle head dudes that I like. I could go on and on about them. I will say a lot of them who tried to get with me are married with kids. I use to be so tight when they use to show up with their girls and I still do to a certain point. I have learned men are going to be men regardless, a lot of men cheat on their women with other women, some men cheat on their girls with other dudes. Some (straight) men can be with a girl and turn around and be with a dude it is what it is. Like Jamari said that’s bisexuality. Also it’s not just black men it’s other races too that are DL. I could be wrong but I feel the black race is the worse. I don’t know if the whole DL craze will ever go away but people should not beat down them. Sorry for this long essay guys.

    1. ^that wasn’t an essay.
      that was REAL.
      i read every comment and I enjoyed what you wrote.

      the wolves you mentioned are BI!
      a man who likes men exclusively may not be able to get hard for pussy.
      that’s not what they want.
      as much as they try,
      it wont work.
      a bisexual man can get hard for whoever.
      he can smash whoever.
      he will have kids with whoever and still smash dudes on the side.

      you ever wonder about DL men who are gay that can’t get hard for vixens,
      but still try and fuck with a soft/semi hard dick?
      the ones who fuck everyone,
      And every vixen has the same complaint?
      things to think about.

  5. I feel like this post needs to be printed and handed out to everyone. Sexuality is very grey not just black and white. why can’t men have the same privilege women have when it comes to this.

    People are going around saying his baby mama needs to get her and the kids checked because he’s putting their lives in danger. It’s sad that people automatically are assuming he has something just because he let another guy give him head, let it had been another chick he was smashing and that wouldn’t even have came up.

    Experimenting with your sexuality is common for both men and women and has been for a very long time. Society has a people out here thinking that’s it’s wrong or only females have the choice and that’s bull.

    1. This, along with a number of posts I save to my “Inside Jamari” folder. I enjoy the different points of view. Especially when its a subject I’ve debated about with other folks…aka my

  6. The thing that pisses me off the most is why the DL term is primarily used for Black men.Go to Craigslist, Xtube,and I assume apps like Grindr there are thousands of white married guys on there.Yet nobody calls them DL.Former Governor McGreevey was married and having sex with guys at rest stops yet nobody says he was on the DL.I have said it before and I will say it again the Center for Disease Control has stated there is no evidence that black DL men are responsible for the high rate of HIV amongst Black Females.There are many factors including a genetic one ,shared sexual partners,drug use,etc.BTW some Black DL men also have sex with Whites and Latinos.
    People need to take responsibility for their health and wrap it up.

    1. ^you better bring STATS yc!
      this is why I love your font.
      you are a vixen and aren’t ignorant.
      plus you bring STATS in your pocketbook.
      im not even mad at it.
      thank you for all that you do.

    2. You are so right. HIV is usually a result of unsafe sexual and hygiene practices.
      We are living in a scary world right now. We have to take more care in protecting ourselves.
      We can’t just blame black or DL men, we all have a responsibility for our own health.
      Knowing your partner is really crucial as well BEFORE getting into the act.
      This is why I wouldn’t mess with a dude on the same night of physically meeting them, its just too risky these days.

    3. I totally agree with you on that. That term/phrase became popular when the author, J. L. King, came out with his book, “On The Down Low:..” and appeared on Oprah’s show to “inform” the masses of what has been happening for years in the hood and beyond.

  7. Yea, bisexuality does exist, whether people believe it or not. There are people who are sexually attracted to men and women. I am, and there are many that do. It comes just as natural as someone who is completely straight or completely gay. It’s not a title that some just give themselves to make themselves feel better about sleeping with men, even though there are some people that do, mostly in this lifestyle. Every bisexual man does not flip flop either. You can have two gay people in a relationship, but if one is sleeping around he is better than a bid dude who does it, but just with a partner of the opposite sex? Nah.

    The ones who claim to not date bisexual men y’all kill me. If the man’s good looking, ya’ll gone talk to him, period, bisexual or not. Please.. lol. I’ve never had an issue.

    Who gives head better between the two? I’ll leave y’all on a cliff hanger lol.

  8. These outings will continue to happen as long as there are people on this Earth, and as long as bisexuality and homosexuality are continued to be seen as a problem by the majority of the planet. People will not learn because there will always be that one guy who will make that mistake. Certain people are more prone to making these type of decisions.

    If we weren’t living in a world where guys (especially) had to be on “the DL” then perhaps for some, the concept of sexuality would be a lot easier to deal with. Perhaps these dudes wouldnt be messing with vixens because they don’t feel like they have to, and an outing would be a waste of time because no one would care.

    But as long as people continue to live under their blissful veil of ignorance, nothing will ever change. Apparently, the world doesn’t want to change.

    If we could go beyond the system in which we are forced to be confined to, maybe we’d see the world and things like sexuality in a different light, because in the grand scheme of things, being gay isn’t really a big deal. We just choose to decide it is.

    I don’t have a problem with bisexual men. Just know that if you’re dealing with me, you won’t be putting your stick in someone else. I don’t care who you’re attracted to, as long as you’re attracted to me, and respect me. You will get the same respect. Take that or leave that.

    and I don’t get the “outing” business. Its so trashy, why would anyone want to make themselves look like that is still a mystery to me lol. You’re only making yourself look bad lol.

    1. and as far as these fake bisexual women are concerned.
      I just find it distasteful and a mockery of the lesbian experience, but so long as straight men are condoning it, these ditsy phonies aren’t going to stop whoring themselves out for some measly male attention from the losers they pick to procreate with.

      @Christian and @TheMan you guys get a thumbs up from me! You guys are respectful about how you go about your business. That’s how it should be done.

      and that last gif tho! NICE! LOL!

  9. Some gays are just messy and love to out men just because. People are evil and just because someone is gay doesn’t mean they’re outing someone because the dl top played them or etc. Many of these jackals love drama, and they hate the fact that some men just won’t give them 100%. Most of the men I’ve spoken to or dealt with are bisexual. I don’t see anything wrong with it, however I can’t see me outing somebody simply to get likes or media attention. I hate to sound rude but I hope this jackal gets his face pummeled. You play pussy you get fucked. Stop messing with dl guys and then expecting them to be out simply because you are. Regardless of orientation it’s no one’s damn business I feel we live in the generation of no discretion. Everyone wants to air out someone’s dirty in hopes of getting social media buzz. For what shall it profit a man to gain the world and lose his souls and this jackal has no conscience

  10. why isn’t more often the case where dudes in that situatiom establish a real friendship, that exists apart from sex, with benefits? the dl guy can have his sex without arousing suspiscion while the other guy has his relationship. sometimes, friends are closer than lovers.

  11. The topic of Bisexuality is broad like any other subject. Human Beings were created as sexual beings regardless of who they may deal with. I find that a bisexual man can be very forth going in what he wants. Right now I have these two brothers who are mad crazy after me and its a strange thing. One of them he and I started dealing first once again a snow bunny lover and I just asked out of context one time how did you start dealing with guys? He told me you know man how when you’re young and start playing around. DL or not men love the attention and the feeling that they get from another man. I have said here several times that all men have GAY tendencies if he acts on it or not! I learned this in a Sexual Deviant Psychology course at UGA.

  12. Bisexual DL dudes are good for one thing: A GOOD FUCK. If that is what you want then proceed accordingly otherwise don’t bother. I have this married man chasing me and I will not go there with him; I draw the line at marriage; karma ain’t biting me in the ass!!!!

    1. ^Zeus…that was what started my foray into dudes. This handsome bus driver started hitting on me, and my dumb ass didn’t realize it. He wanted to hang out, and when we did, he told me he was feeling me. I asked him why me ad he just said I like your personality and you’re a cool guy. We ALMOST got to that point, when I noticed that shiny band of gold on his finger. I hit the brakes hard. He had gotten married during the “exploratory phase”! I don’t fuck with married people..male or female.
      Shortly afterwards he changed routes. Crazy thing…I ran into him a month ago. Still looks good, but he put on some weight. And he’s a papa now!

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