(Um) Can We Talk About This?

tumblr_n2tq24MKry1qe8nc8o1_1280i know its the lord days and all…
*drool* much?

thank you boi pu$$y for making me have to go to altar call later.
who am i kidding?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

6 thoughts on “(Um) Can We Talk About This?”

    1. I know all that body and he ruins it with way too much ink. I heard that once you get really older that tattoo’s start look really bad.

  1. Baby smooth + face hard body = cuddy buddy

    P.S. Yeah that is way too much ink you can’t even tell what it says.

  2. I wish I could personally thank him for his service and all that he does to keep us safe, I would love to salute his ooops nevamind LoL.

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