Odell Beckham JR Is The New Tumblr

tumblr_np4rxjcfj11uwwrxno1_540i just want to say i talked about odell beckham jr in ’13.
( x here )
he was my pre baller wolfie gem from lsu i discovered.
well fast forward to ’15.
he plays for the giants and is also now the new tumblr wolf.
i can count on all paws the times his pics scroll down my tumblr tl.
i mean even tho he straight,
i’d still give it to him…

and some gifs:

tumblr_nmxogyOCSL1tsqmfco2_250 tumblr_nmxogyOCSL1tsqmfco4_r1_250 tumblr_noy29bIIcl1ry0bqwo2_250 tumblr_noy29bIIcl1ry0bqwo1_250

tumblr_noh0t28n9G1tsqmfco1_r1_250 tumblr_nlybetfNO41tsqmfco1_500 tumblr_nlybetfNO41tsqmfco2_500 tumblr_nj63g2spWZ1tsqmfco1_r2_500…but my issue with him is likes snow bunnies.
i think he is engaged to one.
that low key turned me off.
we all know how wolves who only chase snow bunnies end up being.
i wouldn’t kick him out of bed tho.
he looks like he would be a good ride.
he is scorpio too.
nuff said.

lowkey: he has some cute wolf friends tho.
can we talk about it?

all images credited to owners | odell beckham jr

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

17 thoughts on “Odell Beckham JR Is The New Tumblr”

  1. Yeah…he definitely has a thing for the snow bunnies. and that’s surprising considering he went to LSU. They have a fairly large African-american presence!

  2. Why does him liking snow bunnies turn you off? I thought you were fine with interracial relationships.

    1. ^oh I do!

      i am fine with people who don’t limit themselves.
      hell I like snow wolves.
      i don’t like men who ONLY date snow bunnies and that’s it.
      like if a good looking black vixen tried to get with him,
      would he flat out her turn her down
      because she isn’t white?
      just like dudes in this life who only date light skin and are ignorant to dating other skin tones.

      if that makes sense.

      1. ^I know people gay and straight who limit themselves like that. I know some light skinned dudes that ONLY date dark skinned men and women, and vice versa. I know some brothas that only like white boys/girls.

        1. ^im all for preference,
          as we all know i love bawdy,
          but i have also dated whoever.
          I will say im more attracted to masculine wolves.
          im also not into fats.
          that is my personal preference tho.

  3. Eh, actually does little for me, he is okay, but I have a mad crush on his cousin fitness model Terron Beckham, sadly he seems like he only like snow bunnies as well, maybe it runs in the family.

  4. Odell is the MAN! I like his presence and his disposition. Typically, guys who are into snow bunnies can be gotten. Our professional athletes are pretty much targeted by these white women,because they are like a drug and once you become addicted it’s hard to release. I have nothing against true love/ but we as a Race of People our color spectrum range from the lightest of light to the darkest of dark. We make our own choices to live with!!!

  5. What is up with the “fake” fiance story when he was drafted? He was on SportsCenter awaiting the revealing of the Madden Cover for a few hours and maybe he let his guard down, but this bro has a lot of feminine mannerisms. This is not the first time I’ve seen this. I wouldn’t be shocked

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