is “theshaderoom” being shady to gay storyline on lhhatl? (or to prince carter?)

stopping bags.
definition(v): someone/thing stops you from making money.
it’s another term for being blacklisted.
nicki minaj started it while beefing with cardi b.
she even made merchandise about it:

why is being vindictive the new way to be?
so i got a story about “theshaderoom” yesterday.
they have been stopping bags.
whose bag?
the one of prince carter.
i know,
he’s 1/2 of the alleged gay story line on the next season of “love and hiphop atl”.
( x we talked about it here )
this is what i was sent to my box…

Could Cardi B be right about TheShadeRoom possibly being biased towards other Artists and Talent? 
Last month the hit maker Rap Artist called out TheShadeRoom writers on Instagram Live for being biased allegedly only reporting on false rumors about her and Rapper boyfriend Offset. The rapper went on to say that they never reported on her success for reaching number 1 on Billboards Hot 100 3x’s. 
Recently several credible media sources broke the news about VH1’s Love & HipHop Atlanta to feature their first ever GAY male couple. But according to our sources TheShadeRoom refused to post the story and we have the receipts to prove it. It is allegedly a staff member from TheShadeRoom was caught throwing shade towards the story:
 Now it’s evident that Prince Carter is well connected in the industry and you can clearly see from the looks of his social media page. 
The staff member went on to say “we ain’t tryna get bashed for forcing this GAY shit down people throats.” It doesn’t stop their… A staff member can be seen trolling under another blog about the article. WOW! Can we say HATERS much!

…with these other alleged receipts i was sent:

now i can’t confirm or deny is the story is true or false.
i’m only here to give my opinion to the foxhole.
before i start,
i have no issues with “theshaderoom”.
i’ve gotten some of my best entries from them.
as a blogger,
they keep me up to date with black entertainment as a whole.
that alleged text conversation is kinda weird tho.
isn’t one of the main writers of “the shade room” gay tho?

he’s cute.
so that would be kinda contradicting on their part to not feature gays.
we can get into many conspiracy theories of why cardi isn’t on “theshaderoom”.
my thing is…

Does she really need them tho?

she’s on other mainstream celebrity news sites,
especially where the white folks congregate.

as far as prince carter is concerned,
this kinda screams he has beef with someone bts.
the only ones who can stop his bag are the GP who watch reality tv.
most of his main demographic are on “theshaderoom”.
they cover a ton of reality stars and he is going to be in that category.
even tho i’ve heard some alleged things about “theshaderoom”…

Do they really hold the power in stopping Prince’s bag?


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

11 thoughts on “is “theshaderoom” being shady to gay storyline on lhhatl? (or to prince carter?)”

  1. Being in a gay couple in reality television isn’t a noteworthy badge of honor anymore. That ship has sailed. They may be the first on the Atlanta cast but not in the entire franchise, so the novelty (for a lack of a better term) behind a gay couple on the show is a long gone thing of the past.

    Why would they do “numbers”? Just because they’re gay? LOL they’re nobody famous. Its 2018, we see gay people on TV and in the media all the time. People don’t care that much about gay nobodies trying to make a name for themselves on reality TV. Because thats really all they’re doing. Tomfoolery behind the orchestra of puppet master Mona Scott Young who needs to snip, slice & edit some laughable poorly-acted Tyler Perry-esque skits into that minstrel TV show produced by her under VH1.

      1. you mean the first gay person on Love & Hip Hop (that we know of)
        but the first gay on Reality was the dude (Norm) on the first Real World. The first black gay person was Sean from RW Boston.

  2. I’ve heard that said before that TSR is not gay friendly or supportive of LGBTQ community and Kyle was specifically mentioned.Having a gay staffer in a prominent position(Kyle) doesn’t necessarily make the site gay friendly anymore than having a black staffer( i.e.Omarosa) made the Trump administration supportive of the black community.

  3. That supposed screenshot of theshaderoom is obviously fake. C’mon, it’s obvious that TSR is aware that saying something like that could get them in some controversy… so that doesn’t even make sense. This screams of “stunt queen” and it’s no shade.

    As far as Cardi goes, Jason Lee (founder of HollywoodUnlocked) is on her team. Literally, everywhere Cardi goes, Jason follows. He’s the mouse, she’s the cheese.

    Hollywood Unlocked always runs negative stories about Nicki on the regular. Highlighting any failure she supposedly has while never posting her accomplishments. So, Cardi doesn’t have room to talk when it comes to blogs.

    I call bullshit.

    1. Also, a little more tea… Zachary (2/2 of the gay storyline) and Kyle (TSR) actually know each other from Miami. So trust me, there’s more to the story than fake screenshots.

  4. I don’t watch Love and Hiphop. And I make it a priority to avoid online spaces that are hostile to LGBTs…..Worldstar, BosShitt, MediaFakeOut, ShadeRoom.

    These online spaces perpetuates a particular brand of slave mentality ignorance that I cannot subscribed to….

  5. So I’ll be watching just to support. They do us so dirty all the time. And when I say they I mean every outlet. They don’t really care About us they tolerate us for the sake of getting along. The amount of black women and black men I seen on Twitter bashing the LIGHT community following the Dwight Howard story was enough for me to deactivate for 2 days cause I was sick of arguing these fools down. We are on the outside of black lives matter fighting with them while they fight against us cause we “aren’t natural” smfh the hate for gays is so out of control now. It’s only going to get worse if you ask me.

  6. They’re damned if they do or don’t. If they posted it and it was 100,000 homophobic comments, gays would still complain🤷🏾‍♂️

    Cardi is just sensitive to any press that isn’t favorable. Shaderoom posted about her streaming campaign to get Bodak Yellow to number one and her being the only female rapper to do it aside from Lauryn Hill.

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