you want fame! and you want fame! and you want fame too!

i never really wanted fame.
because as a blogger,
you’d think i’d be thirsty for it since i wasn’t popular.
fame is a drug that once you take a dose tho,
you’re automatically hooked.
that one pic or video you post suddenly goes viral.
imagine being someone no one paid attention to and suddenly…

The whole world is liking your shit?

that’s a rush.
it supplies you with that good feeling similar to busting a nut.
now that the latest ig star can be born off one post,
it has:

males dancing in their underwear
“straight” males going gay for pay

vixens selling shit tea to help others look like them
even teenagers suckin’ and smuttin’ freely for the world to see

their next post needs to be better than the last.
you were jackin off today; you gotta sit on a whole cucumber tomorrow.
it’s too much to keep up with.
with fame,
your job is to either entertain or turn the “us” on.
with some,
it’s off the strength of being an asshole to others.
you gotta leak dms or out someone for that attention.
she-jackals leaking convos because they allegedly bagged king james.
gay hyenas leaking dms because they bagged a “straight” wolf.
sometimes it’s even as far as murder:

honest to God:

I never wanted that life

maybe i have a conscious,
or i’m actually lame as hell,
but i always wanted to make it because of my talent.
when i look back,
i got to another level because of determination and creativity.
even if others helped me,
it was a fair climb.
you never win when you play dirty anyway.
sure they get 15 minutes of attention,
but the other person become the star in the end.
they’re banished and no one fucks with them ever again.

i’m one who likes to be left alone too.
some days i don’t want to see males,
or even my phone.
i don’t always want to be “on”.
i tend to recharge and get inspiration when i take a break.

so i’d rather have success than chase fame.
success lasts longer because it’s genuine.
you’re like the next person,
who is like the next person,
who was like the next person before that.
i’m good.

lowkey: i love those who want fame,
go the “villain” route to get it,

play the victim,
but have whole mug shots on al gore’s internet.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

6 thoughts on “you want fame! and you want fame! and you want fame too!”

  1. I feel you on this! I’d rather be the successful person behind the scenes for instance writing all the hit records than being on stage performing. Maybe I was just raised different.

      1. Jamari a shift is coming and people like you will come back in style.These social media attention whores are going to burn out soon because it’s a task to stay when you have zero talent and you’re fighting to stay relevant. I was checking out that white Dancing Dentist’s Instagram and I just think it’s crazy how even your local dentist is thirsty for fame. You can see beneath the surface that man isn’t happy either…

  2. Al Gore’s internet made me laugh! Only shallow people are impressed by likes and followers. You have to have something to say to get interesting people to notice you. Lots of boring people are made famous simply because people think they are attractive. The easiest way to get noticed is to not be thirsty. A dude will have a picture with his azz out or a whole bulge and I’ll comment on his shower curtain and be the only one he replies to. Then all of the thirsties start liking my comment and trying to jump in on the conversation. Something that irritates me though is the people who have 1 or 2 posts and millions of followers. Why do people follow someone who doesn’t post? The post will be several months old but have comments from earlier that day.

    1. People are often intrigued by people who are not impressed by them and often try and win them over.
      I get really bored with the attention whores who can only offer you one thing which is their body.
      You work out, cool. You have abs, that’s great but what else do you have to offer. We currently live in a society where people are offering fame for a fuck and that’s sad because real talented people are being overlooked.

      1. I concur, Mr. Jennings. Being yourself means that being “boring” is okay. You don’t always have to do something “bigger and better” to get or keep their attention. If someone is into you, you won’t have to be outlandish all of the time. And these talentless hacks are like microwave popcorn. They’re hot now but will be discarded like unpopped kernels with another talentless hack soon enough. Trends fade. Talent is consistent.

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