ezra miller shows how easy it is to be a white gay

some of the white gays can be so interesting to me.
one: they can be 110% foxes and no one says a word.
two: black wolves will pant and get up on their hind legs for them.
three: they can only pull off the following.
so i didn’t know ezra miller was “the flash” in “justice league”.
it goes to show how much i was paying attention in that movie.
well ezra got into the latest “playboy” magazine and well…

you know what’s funny?
when this was being fonted about,
i saw many black vixens giving snaps and fonting “YASS QUEEN”.

if a gay black male,
even a straight one,
was to do those same poses,
it would be the talk of the forests.
they’d be wondering if he was on the dl before or giving out HIV.
don’t even get me started on this:

i’m sure many black wolves would line up to do a private interracial,
dirty ass feet and all.
i mean the white wolves are taken under his spell:

i think it’s easier to be a white gay.
they still benefit from white privilege.
i think being black is a problem in general.
mix “gay” into it and all hell breaks loose.

read ezra’s “playboy” article: here

pictures cc: playboy magazine

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

28 thoughts on “ezra miller shows how easy it is to be a white gay”

  1. I agree with you 100% If a black man did this he would get torn to shreds by both the black gay community and the straight black community. Black men aren’t allowed to express themselves beyond the hyper-masculine thug image. Look at how everyone clowned rapper Young Thug when he wore a dress on his album cover or how people constantly attack Jaden Smith for his style

    Meanwhile, those same black gays would gladly lick the dirt off of Ezra’s feet

    1. ^yet when black males are naturally masculine,
      somehow they find a way to be torn apart too.
      the only time some blacks come together is when someone is shot by the cops.
      some straight black males would rather knock up anything other than black vixens.

      it’s all really pathetic.

  2. I think white people are more accepting of the gay culture than black people are. Like you said in your post a black male did this then it would be a full out smear campaign on blogs, twitter and Instagram. It’s sad actually.

  3. White privilege at it’s best. Do you remember when Michael B. Jordan and Ryan Cooglar got all kinds of roasted for the photo of them together in Vanity Fair where Michael had his hand on Ryan’s head? People were going in talking about all kinds “gay pose” on homophobia and gay notes. The vixens crucified both of them. There was all kinds gay headlines about on the internet.

    1. You can’t win! I’ve seen Straight Black Women on gay websites asking if their man is gay because he’s too close with his best friend. If you spend too much time with men, it’s “suspect”. If you spend too much time with women, “you want to be one”. If your boy wants to hang out, he needs to go find a girlfriend. It’s ridiculous and the reason people can’t live their lives.

  4. We have different idea of masculinity. White men can dress up as women for movies/comedies and still be seen as straight. Black men like Eddie Murphy and Tyler Perry are given the sideye. Many Black men consider it the ’emasculation’ of Black men.

    The thing people aren’t considering is that all “effeminate” men didn’t come from single mother households. Sometimes people naturally sway more “masculine” or “feminine”.

    Many gay men feel misrepresented as they don’t feel that they are feminine. But then you have these same masc guys bending over that outing queen with the dreads. Or turning full women when they are topped.

    I think the more problem you have with femininity the more you are wrestling with it in yourself. ACTUAL Straight men aren’t studying the behavior of gay men. They aren’t uncomfortable with gay men. They are worried about food, cars, sports and women. It’s the ones who are always commenting on how “soft” someone is, that eventually get outed.

    On one hand, being fem makes it easier for people to know someone is gay. And just as there are masc for masc, there is fem for fem. When you see “masculine” gay men comment on fem men..it’s scary.

    Reminds me of “Straight men” and how they talk about trans women. You can feel the disgust and hatred and see why they kill trans women so easily. And why you hear about fem men getting killed and beaten up by “masculine” men.

    If you are so bothered by how someone else is living, that you want to kill them..you have issues in your own life to even notice them.

    The murderous rage I feel in many gay men seems misdirected. If there are so many masculine men, why isn’t there a gay gang going around beating up straight and DL bullies?

    That bi boxer showed you can sleep with men and defend yourself. Fem men and trans women need to learn how to right. Prince Charming wants to kill you and hide the body or brutalize you. DL and “Masc” men scare me more than anything. You can hear the “I’ll kill a f*g” in their hatred. Turn that hatred towards your oppressor..straight and religious people.

    Every damn week a homophobic pastor or politician is outed as sleeping with men or even worse..boys.

    Let’s shut up these heteros and let them know (especially the fugly ones) that we are not drooling over them and aren’t afraid of them.

    1. Fem men and trans women need to learn how to fight.*

      I can hold my own, but when you hear about these mobs burning and beating up people found to be gay worldwide..makes you wonder if a drunk mob from a club turned on you..what would you do? Being Black already makes you a target. Being found to be gay makes it even bigger.

    2. ^ blacks need to realize no matter the time,
      we are all on the same situation.
      no black is better or worst than the other especially with certain whites.
      we all need to coexist because we all have the same fight out here.

      1. I’m not pro Black Lives Matter. A lot of these people are homophobic. I’m not going to march for you if you wouldn’t for me.

          1. We shouldn’t have to choose between being Black and being Gay. I saw an interview of one half of City Girls who tweeted that if she had a gay son he better not be a bottom. Why are you worried about who your child is sleeping with, first of all? And she said she’s not homophobic..she has gay friends. Racists say that about Minority friends, but okay. It’s just..when you have a daughter do you say you don’t want her giving head because that’s only for ugly girls? People make gay all about sex. And granted…that’s partly the gay community’s problem. People aren’t worthy of respect if you don’t want to sleep with them.

            I also saw a video on YouTube about if you’d rather have a gay son or a daughter who was a hoe. I’ll send you the video, Jamari. The homophobia is REAL. Not everybody’s sex crazed. Not everybody has HIV. And if you just MIND YOUR BUSINESS, it will be okay.

  5. Actually, Ezra is not “gay.” He is bisexual, attracted mainly to women, but identifies as “queer.@

  6. If anyone has a problem with Ezra Miller being accepted as a “white gay” then blame the BLACK HETEROSEXUAL COMMUNITY. They’ve made it toxic to be a black gay man in our own communities. You can be a heterosexual black man and shoot two niggahs dead and do 11yrs in prison and the black community will not only accept you, but they will advocate on your behalf. Be a black gay man trying to live your life and you might as well go to hell in a coffin. They want nothing to do with you.

    – that’s all.

  7. White gays bottom shame each other all the time.. Have you not visited DataLounge?
    All they do is bottom shame. That is a universal gay thing. Not a black gay thing. Black men are held to a higher standard when masculinity is concerned, but bottom shaming is a gay community problem. Not black gay uniquely.

  8. Wow what a great discussion. I was born in the fifties and did not even hear the word gay until the summer before finishing High school late 60’s early 70’s. I knew I was different and like boys more than girls. just listening to grown folks conversation I worked out the code for “Funny” Men and Women!” I grew up in the deep South before integration, “My first contact was college.” Living in an all black community and very little contact with the white world , I realized who was different by the conversation and the respect gay men received, My family was both country and city ( Small Town”).
    I spent time between family in the country and family in town. The night life was thriving and lots of entertainers that are common names today and I was a watcher trying to find where I belonged. It was safe enough for a child to walk at night and I roamed late. I saw men that were ef·fem·i·nate and did jobs like Cooks, Beauticians, Barbers, Taylors and Baby sitter and owned cafes, were respected by most of the Women in the community by day and very popular with men at night. It was a little confusing at first but I finally understood. As Black people we had a common goal of survival and as long as you did not flaunt “Immoral” behavior in public no one cared. It was not uncommon to see two men “compete” with each other on the dance floor! People went out to have fun in town. In the country it was school, Church Sundays and at least 3 nights a week and a much stricter code of conduct! Even though everyone knew who was tipping with who as long as it was hidden. ” A Sissy” out performed both wives at my Fathers Funeral!! And not a word was said. I was molested at 6 years old and not a word was said. My Fathers brother tried when I was 13, but I was a lot wiser then!!
    I would hear adult conversation about who was “Funny or Like That!” But they were still accepted members of the community! All of that changed with Integration, Don’t get me wrong White Men and Women crossed the tracts at night looking For Black meet and returned back across the tracks and would not speak to you the next day.
    What a different world I live in now, the tracks or still there but all the thriving business are gone, high rent for poor people, drugs an crime and a hatred for Gay men except late at night. Lots of young men in dresses that work the night taking their lives in their own hands and are often robbed, beaten and even found dead. Black Masculine men gay for pay{ Looking for a place to stay and support} and serious down low activity!
    Black and white gays are just as segregated as the whole town was during the 50’s. Very sad really. I really enjoyed this post and all of You Guys insight. Thank You.

    1. @dwjazzlover-Man when I tell you I was so intrigued by your post. I am a big history buff and always interested to hear stories of Black Gay Life back in the day. Your account was fascinating, seriously your post seem like a book I would want to read. I always wondered how did men in those times really get along and live. I am not a spring chicken by any means, I was a kid in the 80’s and the biggest thing was AIDS and most Gay men were shunned and nobody had anything positive to say, being Gay was seen during that time by most Black people as the worst thing you could be. I can remember hearing such awful things by family members as a kid growing up about how all the Gays had AIDS. That negativity still stifles me at times and has shaped how I live my life and sadly not in a good way. I wish it was a way for you to relay more of your stories growing up.

      1. Tajan Those were some interesting times! It amazes me to see how everything changed after Integration ! You Young guys have so much more to deal with.

  9. It would be easier to be a gay black if the black community was as accepting as white people. The problem is us, we reflect our own (by us I don mean gay blacks but black people) but then we wonder why gay blacks aren’t as poppin. It’s simple, white people push for their own whether gay or straight making it easier for all of them to benefit. Black people reject their own but celebrate white gays (Sam Smith) like wtf? We are our own downfall.

  10. I was minding my business, making Linguine when this thread cuaght my attention…but not because of the pictures being fabulous. Now Jamari you know I don’t be mean or disrespectful to anyone here but I can be honest from my end.

    ..white gay men are just as ferocious. It’s not that whites are more accepting, they are just better at concealing it as where black folk like to get all loud and want to be the voice of the people and speak on what’s right, while most of them are still just followers and ignorant.

    Also, those pictures aren’t very flattering at all. Like they are just downright a mess . He looks a fool in heels and a dress with a hairy chest all out & needs to be slapped for trying to brand a new trend and “set an example”… What is this supposed to prove exactly? C

    (Also, how come when they want to set a trend or show something as breakthrough, they ALWAYS have a white person do it?)

    It’s also annoying how people have populated all these extra terms to sexuality. Like you identifying as queer? Boi please, if you are bi, you like both men and women. You are a big man that likes to wear women’s clothes. I’m also so sick of hearing grown bi men say, “put I prefer women?” Umm, okay so. You are still bisexual if you are attracted to both sexes. I don’t care what you “prefer”. At the end of the day you will slid to a d**k if it fits ur criteria so whatever. Next contestant?

    All this extra stuff is highly uncalled for. One minute they don’t wanna be labeled and then next they wanna identify as this or that. Just folks that want to have their cake, cut each peiece to their own liking and eat it to.

    Also, to be honest, I don’t care what your skin color is, if you don’t stand for me, I’m not standing for you. All, this Black support Black is bull..Im always, “support those that support you, whatever the color.” I know some black folks that will let you get shot or beat down cause you gay and won’t bat an eyelash. The killing part is, you could be actually killed by a white racist and they’d be outaraged but if they found out you’re gay…you’re unnatural and God was punishing you..yet if they get a bullet upside the head we all supposed to march for the people. Yeah, whatever.

    Black Americans are STILL under “that curse”. Even though they escaped physical slavery, they are mentally chained to ignorance. If you really wanna know why Blacks get discriminated like they do…post a pic of two Black men or women kissing and pay attention to the comments. See all that negativity and hate they spew…it comes right back at them in different forms.
    They come over to America and adopted a religion they had no knowledge of. Slaves weren’t allowed to go to church then so they got together and formed their own and those black pastors would preach what they heard the white man say and now look how “saved” the people all are, even after years and years. They are so saved, they can tell others what’s right from a book they HAVE no idea is true or not…if you ask why, they say they have faith…so you tell them, so do the folks that believe in their God’s in their religion..so how are you sure you’re right?

    And white people aren’t exempt either…Let them come over to Hawaii…they aren’t that fond of them in Hawaii…or let them be like that white man that tried to convert that lost tribe to Jesus and they lit him up with arrows.

    Personally, I’m surprised some of you would even argue with a homophobic black person for the simple fact that they say you have unnatural sex..yet they still practice oral sex, use dildos, gossip, practice strap on sex, lick each other asses, get tatted, pierce their bodies with earrings, wear make up, watch porn, have sex and kids outside of marriage, which are all considered unnatural stuff..So you would actually sit and argue with someone about what’s natural when their entire lifestyle is built on a lie? Please….

    Just because it’s a man and a woman doesn’t mean they are being “natural” about their body. I made the same argument a long time ago about a woman putting on a strap on peen to penetrate a man….Now how on Earth is that “natural” for a woman to pretend like she has a male organ to penetrate her boyfriend in his ass. Something that gay men do to have sex that the Bible says is wrong, they will swear up in down he straight, he like women but anyone with sense can say how is it that you only like women when they naturally don’t have d**ks….You been thinking about have someone stick something in you and you don’t need to be f**ked. Save that.

    But everyone deserves it in a sense, even gays because guess what, they discriminate against each other too. It’s a vicious cycle, sadly.

    Also, you ever notice when the weather gets really bad and kill a lot folks, people are lost for words. Well, I use the homophobes favorite word.. Those “natural” disasters. Well, naturally when you do bad things, bad things return to you, but let them homophobic straights tell it, it was just a test from God…Of course it was Hetero Felicia…I mean it’s not like the most powerful force ever created you and decided to just test you by destroying your life and its own power. Bye.

    I don went back to my long posts…lord..This will it..lol

  11. He looks ridiculous and was horrible as Flash…and you all sound jealous of him for whatever reason🤷🏾‍♂️

    He’s clearly not leading man material and has to do shit like this for attention.

    White people are not anymore accepting of this than blacks and black women aren’t attracted to him so they could care less he’s wearing some ugly dress with dirty feet.

    However, you’re free to go wear a dress like many other gay black men do, but you know you’d be a hypocrite because y’all talk mad shit about them too.

  12. Please, straight black men get accused of being gay if they don’t have a slew of kids at 30. Remember Joseline accused Nikko of being gay on the Love and Hip Hop reunion because he didn’t have any kids.

  13. That’s sad that it’s the case considering the ones that do have kids often leave them under the care of the female. And what about the dudes that have kids early but end up gay?

    I swear some black females can be dumb dumbs sometimes. They are also a part of the problem & the minute you call them out on their bull, they wanna play victim & pull the, “I’m a female” card.

    They full of crap too and they be bumping clits behind closed doors too

    Folks love to focus on the men.

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