alexa play: “i hate this b*tch”

“i’m tired of this bitch!
no bullshit but i’m about to be single”

that from one of my best home wolves about his relationship.
he called me today to have another vent session about his girl.
this is like the 3rd issue….

…in the last couple of months.
today’s drama is:

“She is accusing me of cheating with some chick on IG I don’t know”

last time it was nit picking over washing dishes.
every other week,
it feels like it’s always some story with those two.
“something” she did to make him black on her.
never him tho.
he’ll call one of us for advice,
and as good friends,
we try to give it to him.
it’ll be silence after and then it’s something like this on IG:

they’re on a trip somewhere,
lovey dovey in pictures,
and getting high key likes on instagram.
the masses thinks this is the perfect relationship,
but those behind the scenes know the real story.
i always make the mistake and ask what happened:

“oh we talked about it,
i fucked the shit outta her,
and now we good”

so they solve their problems with dick?
oh ok.
good to know.
sometimes i think they like the drama of it all,
but it’s starting to get real repetitive.
i told him today don’t call me about the bullshit.
he got low-key offended.
i need folks to realize when they’re in a toxic situation.
no amount of making up is gonna change that.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

7 thoughts on “alexa play: “i hate this b*tch””

  1. i told a friend the same thing the other day. im done hearing about you and that stick figure aka yo man. leave or stay miserable AND he aint fucking you?! OH NO, nothing to talk about. the “we got history” phase is over and it’s time to move on.

    think ima leave her in 2018 with the rest of the trash.

  2. the definition of insanity has not changed over the years…for each generation it’s the same…
    “doing the same drama over and over and expecting different results” Remember Jamari we are supposed to be on a journey where we learn a lesson and move on…Just think some of us stay in the same experience our entire lives thinking we can fix someone or something to only wake up and realize or sometimes never realize the time wasted that we can’t get back…that is the really sad part

    1. ^ “we are supposed to be on a journey where we learn a lesson and move on…”

      love this.
      i refuse to be stuck with a toxic male because i don’t want to be single.
      that won’t be happening.

  3. Now Jamari, you know these folks love drama like a scene straight out of the movie Baby Boy. See, I ain’t got time for all that. I don’t get mad, I just disappear.

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