these new lips are made for talking: chris watts alleged gay lover speaks

so chris watts plead guilty and is going to jail for life.
he is the hyena who killed his wife and daughters.
he is a true psychopath to the fullest.
he lied so much up until the guilty verdict.
i’m sure he is still lying.
well his alleged gay lover has finally been revealed.
he also came with a full story via “ny post”


A man who claims he had an affair with killer Colorado dad Christopher Watts was interviewed by authorities after the slayings — and told his mom he had earned enough money from their trysts to pay for lip injections, according to documents related to the investigation.

Trent Bolte, 28, anonymously called in to an HLN show in August to say that he had a 10-month-long affair with Watts, 33.

n August, Bolte, an escort from Wyoming, also was interviewed by an agent with the Colorado Bureau of Investigation and said that he’d known Watts from June 2017 to March or April 2018 — a couple of months before the heinous killings, He also showed investigators text messages he said were from the dad-of-two, according to notes from interviews released last week by the Weld County District Attorney’s Office.

Cops said no text messages from Bolte were found on Watts’ iPhone, according to the documents.

Investigators also spoke to Bolte’s mom, Colleen Bolte, who said her son dished about a relationship he had with a man named Chris — though she never knew his last name — who would visit him from Colorado.

Trent and Chris once stayed at Colleen’s home in Wyoming while she and her husband Dave were out of town, she said.

Trent told her that Chris paid him $250, $80 and $60 on three separate occasions and that one of the sums of cash was for lip injections.

When asked by investigators if she believed her son was making the relationship up, she said, “Well, God help him if he is.”

this is trent:

oh ok.

i wonder if he had the same rough sex with trent,
the same way he did with his female side pieces?
according to one of them via ( x “hollywood life” ):

Watts, according to his alleged mistress, reportedly liked rough sex, and it scared her. “He would put his hands on my throat during intercourse,” the anonymous woman claims. “Now that I know who he is, it gives me the chills! I can’t even think about it. He had a rape fantasy. He was very kinky.”

“He seemed normal at first,” she said. “He didn’t strike me as violent or strange. Nothing about him alarmed me until he tried to choke me. That freaked me out. When we had sex, it was very animalistic. He just zoned out into a different person. He wasn’t the kind of guy who would cuddle and watch a movie.” Their alleged hookups ended when she felt that he was “using her for sex.”

a lot of males who cheat fuck the hoes different than the wife.
“madonna/whore” syndrome.
in some of our eyes,
wedon’t want to give the wife a disrespectful dick down.
this is why we fuck the side pieces so insanely stupid.
another reason why the sides end up getting hooked too.
they think all that sexual passion is “love”,
when it’s really coming from something else.
either way,
it really bothers me his killed his whole family the way he did.
i wonder if his wife saw any red flags that she kept to herself?
i mean he pretended to choke the dog like he choked her ( @7:56 ):

their social media pics/videos paint a whole different picture.

sad story.
may they all rip and he the rest of his days are restless.

article cc: ny post

15 thoughts on “these new lips are made for talking: chris watts alleged gay lover speaks

  1. there is no life in those eyes. To watch the video of him pleading for his wife and children’s return, with no emotion, and then taking a cell phone call in the process…just blew me away. We’ve seen it time and time again hubby pleading for the return, and all the time his ass was behind it.

    Which makes me think of the case of that young lady who was killed while out jogging. Something inside tells me her dad had something to do with it. That young man is being railroaded.

    1. ^down in queens?!??
      oh that whole case is bs to me.
      allegedly fonting,
      i think her father knows and is allowing that black suspect to take the blame.

      1. White people don’t see us as human so they have no problem ruining the lives they think we don’t deserve.

        1. ^that guy they caught looks like he isn’t even all there.
          i don’t believe he did all that to her.
          that death seemed personal.
          she was allegedly raped in her anus,
          beat up,
          her teeth were knocked out,
          and she was strangled.
          her father allegedly also knew exactly where to find her body.

          most of the general public familiar with this crime don’t buy it

          1. The only people who believe this story are racists who just want to see a young black man go to jail.

          2. EXACTLY! Her dad is in on it. The mom was more vocal than he was throughout the entire ordeal. I really hope someone comes to help this kid out because he is DEFINITELY being shafted. I mean his public defender didn’t even put up a defense for him. smh

    1. A lot of married men will say that they are not married or are separated to get what they want.
      I used to talk to this dude who never mentioned he was married, until one day he slipped up and forgot to take off his wedding band. I was done.

  2. Stuff like this irritates me. I’d rather people were obsessed with what toothpaste Beyonce uses. Why do we need to know more about this guy? Is it going to prevent others like him? No. I never want to “understand” a killer. I want to be disgusted. When I start to try and rationalize it..maybe I’m more like him than I’d like. I don’t care who he slept with. We need to start putting attention on people doing good in the world and not making celebrities out of psychos. I am sure women are lining up to send him letters in jail and try to get conjugal visits smh

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