i’m bird box to the blind date bullshit


that gets my entire goat.
that gets the entire farm.
i hate that shit and it seems like it’s done to gay males by the straights often.
i remember years ago,
one of my home-vixens tried to hook me up with black vixen cosplaying,
practically a vixen himself,
white fox.

a fox.
i’m like at what point did i ask for this?
it’s like someone knows someone who is gay and assumes,
since they are both single,
they are both compatible.
i’m always hooked up with others i’m left scratching my head about.
that happened to me this week

this random stranger thought because he is cool with my friend,
he was gonna hook me up with some random.
thing is that i don’t know this person and never spoke to them before.

they must have dreamt that i told them i was looking.
i’m not even looking right now so needless to font:

I blacked THEEEE fuck out.

here is the thing:
some people are horrible at playing cupid.
they think because you’re gay and single,
you will deal with just about anyone.
he could look like trevante rhodes and still not be compatible with you.

if it is a whole wtf of a disaster,
like the band is playing as the titanic is sinking,
your friend is smack dad in the middle of this beef.
my biggest complaint is people truly not knowing others.
folks stay trying to hook folks up with others they aren’t compatible with.

i don’t even like to be set up.
i’m more into:

Someone brings their friend along for an outing.
Seeing how the vibes are in person.
If the chemistry is on 90%,
bagging them at the end of it and see where it goes.

there is no pressure in that.
i’ve been more successful with that tbh.
anything else is a dub.

lowkey: i’m not saying some folks don’t it right.
many get it all wrong tho.

Author: jamari fox

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7 thoughts on “i’m bird box to the blind date bullshit”

  1. My sister who normally is against playing matchmaker decided to surprise me. She wanted me to talk to one of her coworkers. 😐😐😐 It went nowhere fast but guess I should be happy she wants to “see me happy and not alone.” lolz. But my friends are always trying to play matchmaker. Its like they go so far with it that they forsee an entire relationship situation happening if only I should go along with it. But the problem is that people always introduce you to the type of person they want to see you with and not necessarily who would be the best fit for you. πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈπŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈπŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ

  2. This is the worst thing that anybody can do to you. I will legit stop speaking to you for some dumb shit like this especially if you take it upon yourself. I learned the hard way many years ago before I became wise in this life and how it goes. Real talk most of the dudes who when you meet them on these blind dates are usually out of shape, clingy, and are happy anyone pays them any attention. They are the type you will never get rid of without being mean, they never catch the subtle clues. In my experience it is always my Lesbian friends who want me to meet one of their friends and I change the subject real fast or lie and tell them I am talking to someone. I wish people who give up this unpaid career choice and worry about hooking their own damn self up.

  3. I have had a couple moments like this one was in high school and he was a goth (not at all what i want or my type) and the other was recently. It fizzled because the guy wanted to settle upon first meeting and not actually date first. So I usually don’t ask and I don’t drop the hint in the friendship not to offer.

  4. I’m a good matchmaker. When I send pictures and social media it’s always “Yeah he’s cute. Yeah he’s my type. Yeah his vibe seems cool” but they make up nonexistent excuses. I say to follow them, like a bit of their posts, or even more subtle, comment on a post they commented because they’ll get a notification.

    Somebody told me that while I am at matching people up, the reason they always decline is because they’re into me. So I asked and it turned out they were right. So while I may be good at hooking other people up, I’m oblivious to people wanting to link with me. Oh well.

    So I started minding my business.

    1. ^ i think when people say they want to be hooked up with someone,
      it’s a different energy than when you are sent a unsolicited hook up.
      it’s ridiculous.

      1. But you have to read between the lines. Apparently, find me a boo/boyfriend=be my boo/boyfriend. People don’t say what they mean.

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