I’ll Have That Disease To Go!

When shit hits the fan, it is always best to have umbrella open.
Star Fox learned a valuable lesson about a certain Wolf he thought he was in love with…

So as the story was told to me,
Mr. Big Wolf and his boys went to ATL for the weekend just a couple weeks back.
He left Star Fox with the crib and a last kiss and was out.
Well, when Mr. Big Wolf came back, he was acting a little distant.
He wasn’t his usual self, plus he wasn’t giving up the dick.

Confused, Star Fox was trying to figure out what was going on.
Star Fox got a discreet email about all that went on in ATL.

Seems when intoxicated,
Mr. Big Wolf becomes Mr. Thirsty Wolf… with about every muthafucka he could trick off of.
He also likes to spend money on thristy 0’s who like to be dick fed.
Trust and believe, he beat the brakes off a few of em during this trip,
but one wanted to leave him with something he will remember for a long time.

A nice lite disease.

Nothing heavy that can’t be cured without a week of antibiotics.
Star Fox was hurt about it
(and thankful he didn’t get any welcome home dick afterall)
…. but he cut his losses and moved on.
Star Fox is now a full supporter of the (I LOVE MEAT) campaign.



Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

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