if ya’ll think you’ll be seeing britney on a stage again, i got news for ya

people do more harm than good to the mentally ill.

 my favorite britney performance would have to be “slave 4 u” in 01.
01 was a sad year for me but i found comfort in her.
my late mama liked her too.
she killed the stage at the vmas during her prime.
she had tigers,
and what looked like the cast of “cats”.

ya’ll didn’t have to tell me she probably would never perform again.
per baller alert


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do you really wanna see her doing this on a stage:



her social media seems to be her public diary these days.
you’d think after getting released from the conservatorship,
we would see her out here living her best and unapologetic life.

All I’ve been seeing is she needs a legit psychiatrist.

i was lost why she dragged christina aguliera into her mess yesterday:


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so the idea of releasing her was to have her rant and rave on her socials?
i’m gonna act like i’m confused as to the answer.

lowkey: if she isn’t in some kind of therapy,
this was all for nothing.
she has been revealing things that clearly need professional assistance.
these rants are the type of shit that she needs to be telling a psychologist.
she has been in something traumatic for 13 years,
but the first thing she did was get married.

4 thoughts on “if ya’ll think you’ll be seeing britney on a stage again, i got news for ya

  1. It sounds harsh but I honestly don’t care. Like I wish her the best, but I feel like the time of “Britney Spears” has BEEN over, the industry isn’t even “POP” dominated anymore, I mean honestly she wouldn’t even fit in with today’s “Cardi B/ City Girls world” then add in her obvious mental troubles, I’m good with her being right were she is, dancing in her luxurious living room 💃🏼

  2. I love Britney. I was also disappointed with how her dancing had degraded from how she Slayed before that whole meltdown, etc. I support whatever she decides . However, she loves dancing and being in front of the camera and stage so once the honeymoon is over, she will perform again.

  3. TBF she is doing impromptu dancing in those videos not professionally choregraphed dancing, so if she does eventually perform again I’m sure she’ll have help choreographing whatever she does. I’m glad she’s feeling free to express herself but she really does need a publicist to run her posts by to get some feedback. She very well could be getting professional therapy too & what we’re seeing is some of the fallout inbetween sessions.

    1. She need to stay her ass off social media. It’s like an addiction to folks, and I can’t understand it.
      It’s the downfall of many relationships and careers. You’d think folks would learn, but nah.

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