I Got What I Wanted

tumblr_mtioj6TNBq1rdzz4io4_500came in the crib last night,
got my laptop,
and wrote the following…
as i was editing to post,
i said:

“let me close my eyes real quick”

anyway here it is:

i did something tonight.
well hell i was feeling sad earlier.
everyone left early,
but i stayed to do some work.
thing 2 also stayed as well.
she came over to my section and asked me why i looked so sad.

“i’m not sad.”

“well your face says something else.”

“nah i’ll be good”

i needed to do something to make me feel better.
she had a suggestion..

11 pieces of clothing.
that is how much i spent today.
there was a big sale at a department store i frequent.
i needed the retail therapy.
i haven’t been shopping in a while.
it wasn’t in my budget,
but fuck it.
i have faith god will bless me soon.
it felt real good to swipe the fuck shit away.
i got some new work clothes and some casual shit.
i even got a pair of pants for 5.00.

work wolf left early.
he was able to go home since he stayed late the night before.
he came to my section,
gave me dap,
and that was it.


i ended up going out with thing 2 after work.
she said wanted me tag along.
as we shopped,
she had a lot to say about liar liar.

“she really made me mad talking about you.
you haven’t done anything to her.
you do your job and there are no complaints.
she was trying her hardest to get you fired.
she slept with a lot of guys at the job.
she  does all this while dating someone who works there while…”

carrie-4-1436199827^that was me.
i did that exact look.

“he has to know she is such a hoe.”

“he knew.
he was suppose to just have sex with her.
thats what you are suppose to do with hoes like her.
she is real easy.

 he started buying her things and got stuck with her.
you should hear how the mailroom wolves talk about him…”

so we kept on talking.
she then said…

“…also when your old boss was there,
the fact they were both stealing company time.
what kills me is no one caught on.
that is how she got that supervisor position.
she knew the bosses dirt.”

Carrie-Bradshaw-1-1436199777as she talked,
she filled me in on the real “liar liar”.
i learned how much of a hoe she is,
who she fucked/sucked,
and other scandalous shit she has done.
i knew that bitch had secrets.
thing 2 wanted me to know those secrets.
she has always looked out for me since i got there.
i needed some ammunition when it came time to fire shots.
i love when i have a loaded gun.
i’ll use it carefully.
i’m glad thing 2 had mercy on me to share.

today i want to mope around.
listen to break up songs and watch sad movies.
it will help me get over.
it usually does.
if may have fucked up.
i can admit it.
now its time to un-tangle the mess and get back to whats important.
jamari fox and everything that makes me happy.
but for now:


Author: jamari fox

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15 thoughts on “I Got What I Wanted”

  1. I’m glad you treated yourself J…enjoy your life sometimes we get swamped at work and etc and we need a break..i’ started a new job about three weeks ago managing Human Resources and mentally somedays i come home exhausted but i promise myself to take time for me more often…and liar liar will have her day people like that always get there’s…remain the kind, hardworking person that you are and undoubtedly you will succeed…you are a blessing any man will be glad to have you and anyone would be glad to be a friend of yours…real people are hard to come by , we’re part of a dying breed lol

    1. ^coming from you malcolm,
      that means a lot.
      thank you.

      its sad that we are,
      but our hearts are still pure.
      people can see that and sometimes they take advantage.
      we always get our blessings back in the end.

      1. yes i’ve learned from past mistakes and have grown stronger as a result however i won’t let this world make me become bitter because of a few assholes i’ve stumbled across…trust me liar liar days are numbered at that establishment and in regards to her stealing hours….TRUST me someone caught it…when it’s time for the numbers to get crunched and folks start getting audited then they’ll notice the discrepancies

  2. I told you Liar Liar is a ghetto bitch. One of these days she gonna get pregnant and not who the real baby father then claim or better yet- swear she know who the baby’s father when in fact he isn’t. I seen it happen a billion times on Maury.

      1. Don’t feel sorry for that cum filled slut. She’s pathetic and a loser. But why do I feel like in school she was very unpopular o her mother was a whore.

  3. I expect heads to be turning when you walk down the streets with these threads you got. A little retail therapy and mani/pedi always has me feeling right.

    I’m glad you were able to hang out with thing 2 and get some dirt on liar liar. Whenever you talk about work I always got the sense she was a friendly person but wasn’t sure. This confirmed it for me, use this new sense of happy to get what you want from your furture.

    P.S. I know your style always be on point, it’s probably another reason liar liar feel threaten by you.

    1. ^she has always been cool with me since i worked in her section briefly.
      she fought for me to stay.

      i always get compliments on how i dress and the type of person i am.
      liar liar only gets compliments from dudes.
      i am a world wide corporation and she is a bodega somewhere in brooklyn.

  4. Liar Liar days there are limited. Jamari Liar Liar views you as her competition when it comes to dealing with men she’s sees you as a female. When you first started to work there she probably sensed that you played for the same team. Hoes who sex a lot of men don’t want other females around because they want all the men to themselves and that is why she doesn’t like you. Something probably happened to her as a child like molestation, rape, growing up with no father in the home, or she could be a sex addict. I’m not making excuses for this hoe but some females don’t want their body count to be high, they look at sex different from guys. A few of my female cousins the ones with morals and high self esteem tell me the only way they can sleep with a guy if there emotionally connected to them so it has to be a guy their in a relationship with.

  5. Be careful with that “retail therapy” when you are feeling low. It can lead to trouble. I ran into that scenario when my dad passed. I was buying stuff to make myself feel good, but it was a temporary fix.

  6. Kinda OT:

    J, I need some shopping advice. I would like to expand my wardrobe but I’m afraid to spend money. I would like to know the places you shop, your budget and how frequent you shop.

  7. You know my motto is you gotta treat yoself not cheat yoself..live a little…and wait for the right time to expose that bitch!

  8. I could have been in her position in the past. One of my previous bosses (who was married) offered me a promotion as well if I did some dirt for him. He knew I was gay so that’s how it came about. But I passed up on it because I couldn’t live with myself had I did that & I was seeing someone at the time too. It didn’t help that he was in his 40s too so it was easy to say no.

  9. “i have faith god will bless me soon.” <– Me every time I got shopping. Haha! I'm actually about to leave work early, and go do that now.

    Honestly, sometimes all you need is some retail therpay and some good gossip (or "tea" as I've been told to call it) to put you in a better mood.

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