Hey My Loves! Does Mo’Nique Have Ya’ll Hooked On Her Koolaid?

when we go to work everyday,
we are met with nonsense from bosses and co workers.
no matter the jobs we have,
it can be a war zone.
if your co worker was calling out bosses,
exposing emails,
and then in one of her/his rants said:

“remember when you told me about insert your boss here.
how you felt you were being treated unfairly?
remember that you told me in this text we had…”

would you also stand behind them?
or would you be like “bitch,
i don’t know what you’re talmbout…”?

if i’ve learned anything in working,
whether it’s jobs or this blogging career,
i’ve learned you play the game of chess and not checkers.
you truly catch more flies with honey.
as a fox,
i’ve learned to be patient before i strike.
so i’m watching the show down between mo’nique and “the breakfast club”

…and i’m still not sure what the whole situation is even about.
i think folks are hyped because she was so “nice/nasty” in her defense.
and all that other auntie terminology.
i wasn’t moved.
did mo’nique forget her full expose on lee daniels/oprah/and tyler perry?
did she not realize she exposed her past bosses/co workers?
if she woulda came out with this netflix story first,
i probably would have been rallying behind her sketchy cause.
it would have been a “surprise” since she has been so lowkey.
she has continuously showed me she is a risky investment.
when something doesn’t go her way,
she is pulling out emails and detailing private conversations.
viola davis said this in a recent interview:

and it is the same fight as mo’nique,
but her execution was different.
mo’nique came out demanding a damn boycott of netflix.

it’s like she is big mad charlamagne called her “donkey of the day” also.
he calls out everyone on donkey on the damn day!!!!!
she ain’t special.
even i can get “donkey of the day”.
it has nothing to do with being a black vixen or age in the case of mo’nique.
i also had to ask myself:

What makes Mo’Nique a legend?

when i think of legends,
i think of people who had defining career moments and had tremendous influence.
who did mo’nique open the door for?
tiffany haddish?
not to take away anything from mo’nique’s career,

but should we really be throwing the word “legend” out for her?
she was on the parkers”,
did the queens of comedy tour,
won an oscar for portraying a demon of a sista jackal,
and then what after that?
she sells out comedy tours?
is that what makes one a legend nowadays?
some folks don’t even want to call beyonce a legend.
she even went on “the view” with more:

how could she say she suffered when she was in “bessie”?
she was also still successfully touring and was in “almost christmas”.
i dunno.
maybe i’m missing it.
can one of ya’ll explain this for me?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

24 thoughts on “Hey My Loves! Does Mo’Nique Have Ya’ll Hooked On Her Koolaid?”

  1. Ain’t no explaining it, J’. She was lowballed, they didn’t counteroffer, and she’s mad. And on top of it all, she then attaches her economic woes to the legitimate fight against inequality because she knows that these newly “woke” Blacks finds it hard–even anti-black–to differentiate between an individual’s (i.e., Monique’s) situation and the plight of the Black race. Then those same blindly “woke” Blacks will ultimately jump eyes-closed onto her bandwagon as it trails off a cliff. In this instance, Monique is the epitome of a race baiter.

    1. Ok so do you believe that Amy Schumer is deserving of a higher pay than her and Wanda Sykes?! I mean two African-American comediennes with extensive resumes dating over two decades get offered only thousands while this mediocre white chick gets $5.5 million more dollars, I’m not a fan of how she’s going about it but I like that she’s bringing attention to the pay disparity that black women in Hollywood face in comparison to their white counterparts, much like the #MeToo movement in Hollywood.

      1. ^amy schumer is HORRIBLE,
        but again,
        viola davis has the same argument as mo’nique and her execution was better presented.
        mo immediately asked for a boycott of a service without presenting her case the way she did.

  2. I’m team Mo on this one because she’s right: black women are treated like second class citizens by both black and white people. Whether it be in general, in business, in relationships, in the workplace: they are treated like complainers, ungrateful, and not worthy of the best. I see how Monique feels left out. And how dare Charlamange sit there and not apologize for calling her DONKEY OF THE DAY and at least empathize with Mo like Envy did! He’s a punk, a uncle Tom, and does not truly support black woman. What’s his personal beef with Mo?

    1. ^doesnt charlamagne give both men and women donkey of the day?
      why is she acting like he left her out?
      this is where i’m confused at.
      she is acting like he only gives “donkey of the day” once a year…

  3. Monique can kick rocks. We all know she doing this specifically because the situation efffects her personally especially. She’s one of “those” people.

    Viola Davis is such a class act. I love her so much. I need more people like her in my life. Monique needs to learn a thing or two from her.

  4. The interview was wild! Between her masterful deflection and passive aggression and Charlemagne’s constant trolling I was entertained lol. Monique is self serving and opportunistic. There is great inequality with gender, race, and pay. But she’s only doing this now to line her pockets and ride a wave. Even with Netflix lowballing her she could have done this in another effective way. Viola is a perfect example. Chess indeed.

  5. I stand with Monique. Charlamagne had the audacity to give her the Donkey of the Day and then told her that she should of booked venues like Dave Chapelle, Chris Rock, and Amy Schumer. But how can we even compare them to Monique when we know she’s been blackballed? If they was going to lowball her with the deal for fear that she wouldn’t pull the money in and the viewership, why even take a chance on her? Why not approach Tiffany Haddish first? And then they gave her DOTD once again. He constantly disrespects black women on a consistent basis. Black women are underpaid and underrepresented, and the most underprivileged group in America bar NONE.

    Funny how nobody complained about working with Monique when she was acting on Moesha, The Parkers, Queens of Comedy Tour, or Phat Girlz. I’m glad she read them to oblivion. And that wasn’t anger, that was frustration from Monique. She shouldn’t have to explain again and again to her own people about issues concerning black women in the American workforce.

  6. for the record.Monique won awards for movies. not comedy….monique was and is known for the Parkers. yes she was in the queens of comedy but it doesn’t rank in the top 10 of comedies and she wasn’t alone. she also has a reputation dating back to the parkers of being difficult to work with. Netflix placed a value on her ad made an offer based on that. I’m sure before she made this stance no one was begging for her to do a stand up special. I sure as hell wasnt..

    I’m not saying they didnt low ball her but she has proven to be a loose cannon who doesn’t know how to handle business at the table…she isn’t the first person to be offered a bad deal but I’m sure others got what they want without crying to social media

    Netflix will make money without her and in her attempt to get what she wanted she is making more enemies when she needs allies

    she just isn’t a good business person and she is barely funny. doing a movie and delivering lines you are handed is different than doing your own stand up delivering your own material she should have done some select shows in key markets to see if anybody wants to see her in stand up or stick to movies.

  7. The problem is people not doing their research. Its not just the fact that she was lowballed. With that deal, she would only get 500k and NOT be able to do other comedy for 2 years. Wtf

    1. that part does suck but I get the sense she doesn’t know how to communicate her demsnds, negotiate and command respect she takes everything to social media thinking it will get her what she wants rather than handle it in the board room . that s that bmore in her and down right ratchet. once she does what she does no one wants to work with her
      I’m sure others have dealt with the same thing but handle there’s differently

      she admitted she never counter offered ..never have her terms …thats called negotiations and let’s make a deal

      sh e is shooting herself in the foot And doesn’t see the bigger picture but now may have labeled all black women as angry black women that are difficult to deal with.

  8. She needs to use this new found publicity to get on a stage. And what does this husband do but brainwash her? Calling him Daddy in public. She sounds nuts. Charlemagne was emabarassed but stood his ground. She wanted an apology but for what? She seriously needs to humble herself. I understand her cause but at the same time, an Oscar doesnMt guarantee success. Halle Berry has the sole Best Actress AA for a black woman, and homegirl aint had a hit in years. Plus, she comes off as nasty nice. That many people just aren’t just going to lie on you. Angela Yee asked her about it and her response got real hood “Name em!” Girl. Goodnight. At this point, no one wants to see her in anything. Also noticed that she didn’t want to acknowledge Tiffany Haddish. Who IS Oprah approved.

  9. Monique is an amazing actress and is a very funny comedian. I understand the fight that she is making and I definitely agree Netflix offered her that disgusting 500,000 while they’re paying the others so much is an insult and she has every right to be mad. I’m a fan first of Monique I still love to watch The Parker’s, every single episode she made me laugh. Here is my thinking where there is smoke, there is fire. I honestly don’t believe every thing Monique is saying about how people are lying on her about being a problem. I agree that people who work with her are looking for faults in her if she messes up and will expose her, and if she was someone else those people would look the other way. I believe that, but something about Monique has changed and I think it’s her husband. Monique looks at that man like a King, and he can do or say no wrong. People fell to realize is that he is her manager and her husband, I feel he has pull on Monique. I’m not even going to get deep into this, but Jamari the example you wrote using us in our jobs proved it. Yeah we’re not celebrities, but we all play a game in this unfair life as black people, we can’t go and buck the system and start a revolution on our jobs, because guess what we won’t be eating or be able to pay our bills. I honestly feel that is what Whoopi was saying when she said I could of school you Monique.

  10. Here’s my thing, it’s not about whether you think she’s funny or not or if she’s difficult to work with. This is about getting your coins!

    If we want to get money like white people we have to start demanding more.

    I don’t find Amy Schumer, Amy Poehler, Tina Fey, Ellen, and host of other white comedians funny but they’re cleaning up.

    Meanwhile black actors are complaining but still taking chump change for the same roles with the same three black directors that pay lowball them with money.

    This is why a lot of us get stuck middle management where we just waiting for retirement while young white people are executives by their 30s.

    You have to put aside the messenger and think of the bigger implications.

    1. Thank you! Her resume speak volumes and if you go to a new employer with that resume. I would expect to get pay my just dues. Me speaking for me I obtain my licensure as a therapist then later obtain my nursing degree God willing I expect to get pay for the amount of education I have obtain. She justify her argument and we as black don’t rally behind nothing but reality tv. I stand with her.

  11. Nope, not at all. I was cheering for her at first. Now she just coming across as an angry condescending bitch. And it doesnt help that her gay ass husband keeps stoking the fire.

  12. Difficult to work with “white” actors and actresses who still demand and get paid despite their reputation.

    Charlie Sheen $1.8 million per episode/ one of the highest paid actors ever in a sitcom despite being the main reason the show eventually was canceled.

    Katherine Heigl One of the few women who can still command $12 million per picture. Fired from Greys Anatomy for being difficult.

    Shia LaBeouf It’s been a rough year for the actor, but at least he has his millions of dollars to ease the pain. 31-year-old Shia LaBeouf has taken the No. 1 spot on People With Money’s top 10 highest-paid actors for 2018 with an estimated $58 million in combined earnings.

    I could go on but I hope you get my point.

    1. If you didn’t get my point there is plenty of money in Hollywood difficult or not difficult. If they thought Mo could bank them 50 million she probably would have gotten 13 million

  13. I understand Monique’s points, but to beat the man at his own game you must use facts and at one point, not in these clips, but at one point she was saying that she doesn’t see how she as the most accomplished female comedian could be treated that way. Well lets start with the fact that you are not the most decorated female comedian. For example they wouldnt have done that to WHOOPI GOLDBERG who is an egot emmy goldenglobe oscar tony winner. Look at what you bring to the table before you let what you expected in the past be your expectations in the present of a constantly changing field of work. supply versus demand honey

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