Hey My Loves! Does Mo’Nique Have Ya’ll Hooked On Her Koolaid?

when we go to work everyday,
we are met with nonsense from bosses and co workers.
no matter the jobs we have,
it can be a war zone.
if your co worker was calling out bosses,
exposing emails,
and then in one of her/his rants said:

“remember when you told me about insert your boss here.
how you felt you were being treated unfairly?
remember that you told me in this text we had…”

would you also stand behind them?
or would you be like “bitch,
i don’t know what you’re talmbout…”?

if i’ve learned anything in working,
whether it’s jobs or this blogging career,
i’ve learned you play the game of chess and not checkers.
you truly catch more flies with honey.
as a fox,
i’ve learned to be patient before i strike.
so i’m watching the show down between mo’nique and “the breakfast club”

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