he started smashin’ the mama in order to get to neymar jr?

when you’re trying to fuck “the star”,
you should aim for “the star”.
nothing worse than someone fuckin’ the whole crew for access.
by the time you get the “the star”,
they not gonna want your run-through ass.
this story is a little different tho.
 ig attentionisto,
tiago ramos,
allegedly wanted to get closer to brazillian soccer wolf,
neymar jr.
so what did he do?

He got into a relationship with the mama.

x picture cc here

this is a twisted ass story,
but i was sent it from a foxholer via “the sun“…

Nadine Goncalves, 52, declared her love for 23-year-old Tiago Ramos on Instagram less than two weeks ago.

Reports from Brazil have stated that Nadine sent him packing after finding out he had dated a number of men before they met.

Tiago, 23, was allegedly dating Neymar’s personal chef Mauro before beginning a relationship with Nadine.

It has also been reported that he was romantically involved with a famous Brazilian actor and stand-up comic called Carlinhos Maia.

Before he linked up with Nadine, he sent Neymar a message insisting that their paths would cross one day.

His message from 2017 read: “Neymar you are fantastic, I don’t know how to explain the emotion of being a fan of a guy like you.

“I see you playing and I”m very motivated, one day I hope to read this message with you, be your brother and play together.

i bet he was fuckin’ her brains out….

…with the thought of neymar in his head.
allegedly fonting,
that is.
he was smart tho.
he wanted to get close to neymar and he found an in.

Getting in-side his mama

some older vixens love a young wolf with stamina who can twist them into a pretzel.

i’m not gonna hold you,
but most gays do this when they see a male they’re interested in.
we plot and find a way to get into said male’s life by pretending to gaf about their interests.
now you know damn well you don’t know shit about sports,
but if your crush likes basketball,
suddenly you’re kenny “the jet” smith.
who is that you ask?
if that don’t work,
some have befriended a mark in the circle of the crush in order to get closer.

Everyone who has ever wanted to get close to a celeb or a crush has done this.

they find a target or job with said celeb and find their in.
groupies legit stalk where their prey goes via social media.
some have even gotten pregnant by learning how their target moves.
it’s pretty standard.
tiago has the follower count and likes to get himself in the door…


…but he fucked up with his thottin’ and boppin’ on his route to neymar.

What was gonna happen if he realized Neymar is straight and he got tired of fuckin’ the mama?

wild shit,
but i give him points for getting farther than most vixens probably have.

low-key: tiago was an “opportunist attentionisto”.
they often have no sexuality.
they’ll fuck whoever,
male or female,
that can help them get to the next level.
many attentionistos have that sexuality preference.

article cc: the sun

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

22 thoughts on “he started smashin’ the mama in order to get to neymar jr?”

  1. Couldn’t be me or any other black person cause you would get yo ass whooped for that. Trying to get close to me so you fuck my mama, now we gotta fight.

  2. How does this even work tho?

    If you get with the mom, do you really think he is going to want to get with you? Siding with you over his mama?

    Boy, you playing games here where there’s zero hope of winning

    1. It happens. One of my exes tore his “friend” and her daughter apart by fucking both of them.

  3. Lol he’s been watching too much porn. Just last night I was porn and the plot was a guy bringing over a dude to share with his stepson on his stepson’s birthday. He kept saying, “do you like that stepson, how does that feel stepson. I had to delete the video. It was too creepy.

  4. First off, Brazilians and bisexuality.

    As conservative as we don’t think that they really are because their culture markets their sex appeal, they are much more fluid than Americans in my experience. I remember this Brazilian hitting on me and this girl at the same time, we were like “are you a or b?” and his responded with “I’m Brazilian”. He was with the shits whatever way he could get it. 🤷🏾‍♂️

    tl;dr Brazilians are freaks. I’m not surprised.

  5. This was better than the “Empire season finale” damn!
    The twist and turns the sex fill drama.
    Lee Daniels should have got him to write the last season of Empire…WOW!

    1. You ain’t NEVER lie 👏👏👏 That Empire finale…straight garbage. This…this right here…now this is some “wtf!” drama.

  6. This is CRAZY. Omg, Joe Goldberg would never. Probably. 😂😂😂 But, seriously this is high key disturbing. You target me through my MOTHER? Bruh, I’ve seen it all. Although y’all definitely not lying. One of my old home girls from high school days befriended and got close to our friend’s mother just because she had the hots for said friend’s mother’s boyfriend 😔 Hate to see it, but it was extraordinary entertaining to see. Sis was crazy. Also, Jamari, your video had me DEADDDDDDD 😂😂😂😂 I hate you sometimes.

      1. Wow that’s an interesting article especially that section describing all the words Brazilian people used to describe their color they thought they were.Fascinating

          1. It’s the most informative article I’ve seen in popular media breaking that down. The thing you’ll learn about Brazil as a Black American is that you’ll be confused of what people considers themselves. A friend told me if you’re ever wondering, “ask a police officer or a hotel/building doorman”. #oop

            Brazil had a huge influx of Europeans with WW2, so a lot of folks do have German ancestry. I actually find the darker ones WAY more attractive.

      2. I remember seeing his childhood pics years ago and shocked is an understatement. The contrast is undeniable. I heard many black Brazilians deal with self-hatred due to to the systematic racism that has happened there since they were enslaved. I remember reading an article that highlighted that every black Brazilian soccer player on their nation team had a white wife. Thank goodness Neymar stopped relaxing his hair and is now embracing his afro-textured hair.

        Brazil was where most African slaves were imported during the Transatlantic slave trade, in fact there was a period where the country was mainly filled with black slave descendants. The Portuguese overseers noticed this and feared a revolution and wanted to “lighten the population” so they imported thousands of Europeans into the country and encouraged racial mixing (unlike the US which was segregated). This explains why there are so many “swirly” people in Brazil and why non-white people make up the majority of the population.

        But yes, Brazil is way more “black” than their media portrays them to be. Just look at their teams at the olympics, World Cup etc.

        Latin America are behind when it comes to representation for their black populations.

  7. When I started reading this I thought it was going to be more Neymar relationship shenanigans or racial denial drama, but this right here is some serious psycho sh!t!

    I mean, this MF did WHAT??? Neymar and his mother should get a restraining order against this wacko or the story could become a tragedy before we know it.

  8. Only thing to said about neymar
    Im living in paris and work for one fashio haute couture and thz designer tell to me.neymar was dating one mixed french boy for a year really beautiful and sexy and they break up just near september 2019 because the boy do a telerality here in frencv and date one girl neymar was afraid that people knew and because the guy date one girl even its for the show because when the show was over the guy and the girl broke up.
    A really sexy and beautiful guy.

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