“girl you look good you better back that vote up”… but not for tom steyer tho.

one thing that irks me about political candidates is pandering.

Why must all these presidential candidates show they are “down” with the black community for votes?

it is really sickening and see through.
presidential candidate,
tom steyer,
thought he had us with his “back that vote up” remix yesterday:

that check must have been juicy for juvenile.
well the pandering wasn’t enough because…

Tom Steyer, the California activist billionaire who has largely been a nonfactor in the Democratic primary campaign, dropped out of the race on Saturday night.

Steyer’s departure came after a disappointing finish in the South Carolina Democratic primary. With 70 percent of the vote in, Steyer had just 11.5 percent of the vote — despite spending millions of dollars on campaigning there.

There’s no question today that this campaign, we were disappointed with where we came out,” Steyer told supporters in Columbia, S.C.

“But I said if I didn’t see a path to winning that I’d suspend my campaign, and honestly I can’t see a path where I can win the presidency.”

His exit came after he’d spent a total of $158 million on television and radio ads, according to Advertising Analytics. In South Carolina alone, Steyer had spent nearly $21 million as of Tuesday, the firm said.

all of that non-dancing and still nothing.

i’m literally now hearing about him as a candidate too.
i don’t ever see them going the extra mile for other races.
no salsa for latinos or k pop choreography for asians.
for us,
it’s this whole reverse shuck and jive situation.
joe biden was on “the shade room”:

and trump being crowned our un-offical black president:

coon city.
this has been a doozy of an election.
throw everyone away and start again.

article cc: nbc news

Author: jamari fox

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