Assume Your Position (How You’re NOT Getting Fucked By The D/L)

tumblr_mokpra6tIh1qg4uuho1_500i think the d/l get a bad wrap.
people like to blame the world’s problems on the d/l.
the problem i have with that is no matter who you are,
what role you play,
and how you choose to fuck,
a majority of the world is messy as fuck.
you know how many people i know are messy as fuck?
husbands cheating on their wives with random vixens.
wives cheatin on their husbands with random wolves.
people using social media to compete for the highest body count.
gays of all kinds jumping in the sack,
back alley,
or an abandoned building
without even knowing a name.
the world has gone mad because of sex.
easy sex.
hard sex.
we all want to be fucked or get fucked.
we want to cum in the best and fastest way possible.
that’s not the fault of the d/l.
thats the fault of hornballs.
personally i think this is where all the hysteria started…
(this entry is 18^,

0767913981-01-lzzzzzzzwhen this book was published,
it caused everyone to go on a witch hunt.
everyone being black vixens with too much time on their hands.
the people they think are d/l are clearly on the way out.
the people who are d/l are currently fuckin’ them as we speak.
being d/l became a trend.
it was fascinating.
we get excited when we hear “so and so” fucks foxhole on the low.
shit i know i do.
i want to get a piece as well.
being with someone on the d/l can be a mind fuck to those out the closet.
thats the real problem.
which is confusing because if a wolf/hybrid/or fox says he is on the d/l,
you should already know what you are getting.
why out him and have a temper tantrum?
its not our fault you were a dumb ass who thought you could change him.
so suddenly being on the d/l was the reason there is so much hiv.
it is easier to blame them than to really say:


i don’t know if anyone has noticed but raw sex is in.
some people like their meat raw…

tumblr_ng0r1lYwr51ti0jv5o1_500…and will put it in their mouth without inspecting or making sure its clean.
others don’t like meat at all but prefer their buns fresh:

tumblr_ne2xjwWmgf1qjl96uo1_250…which has many people going to get a fake one.
you can’t even meet anyone new without meeting their butt cheeks first.

“nice to meet you left cheek.
let me introduce myself to the right one next..”

every wolf or hybrid wants to feel what the insides of a fat ass feel like.
i have seen many straights engaging in raw sex just because the ass is fat.
why you think there are so many random cubs out here.
i have seen porn featuring the outs engaging in raw sex as well.
god forbid they wear a condom in the videp.
someone in a comment box will be in their feelings.
now i’m not saying that there aren’t messy d/l wolves out here,
but i do feel that we are shaming one group and not everyone else.

we as blacks have this nasty habit of singling each other out.
so when you find out someone is on the d/l,
you automatically assume the worse from them.
we tell stories about how our auntie cousin sister brother mother caught hiv.
when in reality,
well out of respect,
she didn’t mention what a THOT she was.
what about the wolf who is fuckin 27 vixens raw at one time?
they all seem to get overlooked because of their “straightness”.
i think thats absolute bullshit.
we need to all agree that anyone can be triflin in these streets.
no matter who you are,
what role you play,
and how you choose to fuck.
maybe when we do that,
we will all be in a better place.
i mean thats how i live these days.
i trust no one with the temple i call my body.
the entrance that is my mouth also requires the proper paperwork.
so until we get it together,
we’ll just continue to blame the d/l.
we’ll blame the one or two stories we heard.
the tyler perry flicks that highlight hiv with limpin’ black women down a street.
we won’t watch porn or listen to the sex lives of people around us.
its easier to be naive than face the truth.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

16 thoughts on “Assume Your Position (How You’re NOT Getting Fucked By The D/L)”

  1. Well, I don’t feel the need to discuss this topic any further. I’ll just say this tho, people are free to do them and bang whoever they want. I’ll just worry about mine, and who I allow into my bed. That’s all I can do.

  2. Speaking of J.L King. I remember when his book came out, BET had a program that followed d/l black men around town. At the time I didn’t think much of it but once I hit a certain age, I thought back to it and started getting a little pissed off. Not only was it an invasion of their privacy but everyone involved in the program acted as if outing d/l men was gonna somehow make HIV/AIDS rates go down. I started looking at J.L as a sellout to the gay community. He only wrote that book because he knew people were gullible enough to buy it.

    Do you know how many straight people are low-key freaks. Gag/puke fetishes, period blood fetishes, etc.. How would they feel if someone told them they had to announce the kinky shit they do behind closed doors to the public or to their family & friends. They’d be like “fuck that, it’s none of their business.” Yet us gays are still forced to come out the closet. I’m schleep tho.

  3. FAV entry of yours thus far, you hit everything on the head…but i remember when that book came out…he was EVERYWHERE discussing meeting places, sex parties that invited other d/l by email and pic invites only…i even remember him being on Oprah…i wonder where he is now…but it was like a witch hunt and STILL is…every other blogger (Perez Hilton and countless others) are constantly trying to out someone and/or find out if someone is gay…Iot caused a firestorm to the point where every other movie is featuring a DL brotha and makes them out to be the villain…people fail to mention black women who are on the d/l as if lesbians cant pass diseases to each other…but we’re the easiest group to target because our community already hates us gay men so we face criticism for everything…shit today or tomorrow something crazy can happen in this country like a terrorist attack and somewhere a preacher would be screaming from the pulpit ‘this is happening because people have turned from god with all of this homosexuality and fornication’…i know men who have had hundreds of partners…i know a guy who’s 34, has four children and i asked him one time how many woman has he slept with because he always had a new girl on his arm and he said to me while laughing and trying to count on his fingers “at least a 120″…and back in the day he was known for sliding in girls raw…he’s handsome, and many of the girls in my old neighborhood that knew each other all slept with him, word was that he had a big dick and was great in bed…but my relatives told me that they heard he he had caught chylamdia before and etc…now in this neighborhood how did all of these women sleep with him unprotected and they also slept with other guys he know? i just dont understand…just that fast it’s a cess pool of diseases floating around…but yet i rarely hear about that covered in tv, etc…

    1. ^see and thats the part that pisses me off.

      that jackal wrote that book up and vanished.
      he caused all this drama and left a mess.
      but like you said,
      no one cares when other races are d/l.
      that was very powerful.

  4. Speaking of d/l black lesbians. Sherri Shepard said she knows many women that fooled around with/were lesbians but are now happily married to men. I wonder if she would ever out them? Probably not. Sherri claimed women can do that but if a man does it, he’s really gay and just putting on a front by marrying a woman. She probably only thinks that because no one considers lesbian sex to be real sex. I think that’s why lesbians are more accepted than gay men. No one takes their sexuality seriously because str8 girls kiss & eat each other out all the time.

    1. ^i guess because they are seen as non threatening.
      people have this misconception that two gays mean two line backers.
      i mean that maybe true to some,
      but thats not always the case.

    2. now this hit home for me one of my best homegirls is bisexual, and is now happily married with a child…she said to me one time that even though she’s bi and it might sound crazy she can’t mess with a guy who she knows used to get down with men…which i found was so hypocritical…it just blew me away and then too you have some ladies who play to be lesbian to attract men….they play like they’re into women and soon as a man dicks them down right they never mention it again!!!

      1. I’ve known a few bisexual girls that have said they would never date/be with bisexual men. And what’s even more funny is one said it right after she was telling me how mad it makes her that lesbians don’t wanna be with her because she’s bisexual. Hypocrisy at it’s finest. I also know another bisexual girl that said she only sleeps with lesbians because other bisexual girls only seem to be doing it to attract/impress men. Sike-a-dykes are a legit problem.

      2. ^I tried dating a bisexual girl once. Thought I could have my cake and eat it too, but just like you said…she wasn’t trying to mess with a guy that liked guys. I was like WTF?! Baby girl, somebody messed your head up big time.

    1. Well, I know for a fact that i like women AND men. HOWEVER, I do not mess around with the men if I’m dating a woman…and vice versa.

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