“All I Want For Christmas” is For Trey Songz… To Never Sing That Song.

tumblr_n5c6i3NTne1qbw767o1_500oh trey…
sadly is that is my facial expression right now.
i’m sure this is one of the gayest things i’ll ever admit,
as ive said some pretty gay things,
but i really love mariah carey’s “all i want for christmas is you”.
yes i will admit it.
i love that song.
it instantly puts me in a good mood.
i always dreamed of a christmas morning as that song is playing.
wolf of my future take note.
well one of my readers sent me trey songz remake to the song and well…

okay so…
am i the only one who doesn’t like this?
like at all…
why didn’t he change the arrangement of the song?
this also highlighted how he yodels as well.
i would have preferred a slowed down version on some nat king cole shit.
fire place with a hot cup of trey in our mouth one time.
well this is mariah’s version:

i’ll give you an “e” for effort trey.

lowkey: maybe i’m so use to trey singing sexual shit that it sounds off.

Author: jamari fox

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17 thoughts on ““All I Want For Christmas” is For Trey Songz… To Never Sing That Song.”

    1. Yea, we do need to pray for her because she is struggling right now man. That leak of her vocals was not the biz. Her getting older is weighing on her as well.

      1. shes definitely about to break free. mariah will forever be my girl but she’s just not relate able anymore, all the dahhlings, and the higher than society behavior isnt relateable. she needs to take a page from beyonce’s book. you see how we see her around the city, at basketball games, shopping, riding bikes, people BUY into her because she seems relateable.

    1. Well she was hours late for the performance that was supposed to be pre-taped I think the night before, but she didn’t show. That throat clear tho.

  1. He sounded so auto-tuned. You’re not the only one who loves that song J. We can be gay as fuck together because I listened to it back in July just because I felt like hearing it. But yeah, ain’t no way I’m clicking that annotation to download Trey’s version on iTunes. I can sing it better than that. I’m about to go youtube and look up the chipmunk version right now. You got me in the mood.

  2. I’m not a Trey Songz fan (Team Forrest/Xavier) but I like this. I also like Mariah’s version, better, but this different version works — differently — for me, also.

  3. Not only do I love that song from Mariah but that whole Christmas album, def a fave during the holidays.

    Oh and I never though tray had a great singing voice anyways so he can have several seats with this wack remake.

    1. I know here in NY that song is like the most requested Christmas song. I love it as well…gay or straight! LOL
      Truth be told….it’s not Christmas if that song isn’t played on the radio!

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