Flashman Wade Has A Beach Bum

flashman wade seems to be having a good summer.
from his snap and insta-snap,
he has been everywhere.
he wanted to show us a quick clip of how he spent his day at the beach…

i’m telling you…
he is one of the smart ones to capitalize off his bawdy parts.
he knows gays will eat that shit up.

I wonder what other things he is gonna do with it next?

i can’t wait to see.

lowkey: he is cute,
but i just don’t see him making a good boyfriend.
he is too “free” right now to be serious.
well a vixen really support his “cheeky” behavior?


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

12 thoughts on “Flashman Wade Has A Beach Bum”

  1. I just wanna eat it one good time. 😋

    In terms of personality, I think he seems like good people. Given the type of industry he works in, I’m sure he’s been propositioned by a baller fox or wolf at least one time.

  2. He’s very popular with our community, He’s a light skin, muscle bound, pretty boy (nothing wrong with that just stating ). he’s not homophobic and shows love to the gays even when some of them go out their way to throw dirt on his name. He’s cool in my book .

  3. Why’s he covering his dick?! It’s been seen already. No need to try and hide it any longer. LOL

  4. I love Flash but he’s gotten a bit too thickems for my taste. The nude photo shoot he did with the black and white photographs was his most ideal weight in my view. Now he seems to be all over the place with the tatts, piercings, hair and weight gain. I’m gonna go to his photo stream and have a closer look tho 😗

  5. He seems like that nice friend that you don’t go around a lot because they do too damn much but when it’s time to party you party it out w/ him.

  6. Boyfriend? LMAO homie is in love with himself! You really think he’s Insta thots have the energy to worry about being somebody else’s lover with their narcissistic asses? He comes across as somebody who will do the most for a come up or some coins but I honestly don’t see him in a relationship with somebody. And that’s speaking based on his personality that is displayed in his videos

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