This Week’s Dumbest Hunter Is…

i’ve seen some dumb shit from the hunters…
but this has got to go down in the top 10.
so a hunter must have forgot he was wearing his body cam.
he decided to plant drugs on a crime scene and get caught doing it.
a f-bi sent me this nonsense via the new york daily news

A Baltimore officer who allegedly planted evidence at a scene is under investigation after his own body camera caught him in action.

Video first reported by WBFF showed the unidentified officer in January, with the first frames capturing him putting heroin pills into a soup can lying in an alley.

He and two officers with him briefly step out onto the sidewalk before he says “I’m gonna go check here,” returns to the alley and finds the same drugs in the same can.

Where the drugs came from is not immediately clear from the video, though public defenders in Baltimore have said the cop, who they identified as Officer Richard Pinheiro, planted the evidence.

Charges against one-time suspect Tyrone Jones, 27, included possession with intent to distribute, but were dropped last week.

“His reaction was ‘I told you I didn’t do it! I told you!'” his sister Sheena Taylor-Jones told the Daily News on Wednesday. 

She said she credited her brother for sticking by his story that the drugs weren’t his, even if it meant staying in jail since January.

Jones was previously offered a plea bargain that could have seen him spend 12 years in prison, but he rejected it, his sister said.

Louis Curran, a public defender for nearly three decades, told The News that he noticed the irregularities in the video while going over it and other officers’ cameras ahead of a trial date on Friday.

Police dash cameras are constantly recording, but only save 30 seconds at a time until an officer hits record. The resulting recording includes the last half-minute of video that it saved, along with video and audio of everything afterward. 

that just smells like “lawsuit”.

the hunter in question needs to quit,
pack his shit,
dye his fur,
and immediately go into hiding.
i can just imagine the years of drinking and weight gain ahead.
he won’t ever live this down.
this makes you wonder about all the innocent folks that were set up in jail.
it’s a sad,
but an unfortunate reality of how these hunters operate out here.
i pray the foxhole never gets caught up in that kind of situation.

article cc: new york daily news

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

3 thoughts on “This Week’s Dumbest Hunter Is…”

  1. the only problem that I have with the whole situation is. will serve time for it.

  2. Jamari, some of these clowns are so damn obsessed to the extent in which delusion overshadows their common sense…if they even have some at all. I mean if you hate us so much, why are you so DESPERATE to get our attention? I’m sick of these pasty pigs.

    1. @Lockerroom Peen…here’s my thought on the matter.

      It goes back to the psych profiles that they must go through in order to become a cop. MANY, and I mean MANY guys who are not psychologically fit to be police officers, pass the examination/screening. If I hear one more cop on these “reality shows” saying he wanted to be a cop since he was a kid, I’ll throw up. That’s straight up BS. Go tell that foolishness to someone that doesn’t know any better.

      Most of them want to be cops because it gives them a sense of power that they normally wouldn’t have if they didn’t carry a badge/gun. They may have have been bullied/teased/abused at some point in their lives. Their attitudes are disgusting. You have some genuinely good cops out there, but the majority of them have some mental issues, and being on the police force just brings them to the forefront even more. It’s like how in the hell did you pass your psychiatric exam?!

      The cocky ones are the ones with issues. They get off on being disrespectful to the point where the situation becomes confrontational, which gives them the opportunity to put you in cuffs and try to belittle you, in order to make themselves look/feel good. I remember once I was standing at the bus stop on my way to school (college) and two UC’s rolled up on me. I had my headphones on, minding my own business. They had passed me once, but they circled around the block and pulled up in front of me. Now both of them had a rep in the neighborhood as being dickheads. They didn’t get out of the car, the one on the passenger side rolls his window down.

      You look familiar, where you from. Born and raised in this town. I get that a lot.
      You sure you’re not from (next town over). I just told you I was born and raised here. I had to hold my tongue because I have a smart mouth and I didn’t want to give them reason to get out of the car and try to hem me up, like I’ve seen them do to others many times. So I’m smiling and being casual. I see where you’re going with this, so let me just let YOU know that I don’t mess with these streets and this bag on my back has BOOKS in it. No arrests, priors or whatever you call it. My ride is approaching, so if we are done here I gotta go, or I’ll be late for class.

      I tell that to illustrate that they were profiling…and it starts with that bullshit opening line, you look familiar.
      I wanted so badly to say that not all black men are into gangs, drugs, drinking, etc. And not everyone standing on the block is up to no good. Hello! I’m standing under a big ass bus sign. But I didn’t want to give them the satisfaction. So I maintained composure. I guess that they saw and heard in my voice that I wasn’t street enough and that’s why they didn’t give me a hard time. Little did they know, I can switch it up when necessary. But I sure as hell won’t give them an opportunity to make me a statistic. LOL

      But it’s definitely a psychological thing with cops. They need to be in control because in the lives they felt or feel powerless.

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