Rarri True Wants To Entertain You At Night, But Once A Week

it’s bad when you gotta turn your ig comments all the way off…
and this is on every post…

so rarri true,
or ferrari,
might be taking his show on the road.
where exactly?
“love and hiphop: atlanta”.
this is what tmz has to report…

The world hasn’t seen the last of Ferrari, the guy that came between Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian, because he’s negotiating with “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” to join the cast … if the price is right.

We’re told Ferrari is “far along” in hashing out the details. Contracts have been circulated but not signed, and the unresolved issue is money. We’re told he feels the show is lowballing him.  

Production sources say producers are into Ferrari’s brashness … specifically that he is unashamed and will go toe-to-toe with anybody. The fact that he owned the naked pics of him and Chyna are a plus … at least the way the show sees it.

Ferrari’s moved on and has already hooked up with someone else, and that relationship will be featured on the show … assuming, of course, it lasts.

well i’m here for it.
an attentionisto needs to be around his beasts of burden.
what better way than a reality show for ratchets?
he is a good attentionisto to get exploited by mona scott young.
the baby mama needs to join the party too.
if he signs on tho,
we definitely won’t get a rid of him.

lowkey: you know it’s bad when he is in “in touch”.

article: tmz

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

8 thoughts on “Rarri True Wants To Entertain You At Night, But Once A Week

  1. From unknown to side piece to Black Chyna to a regular spot of a reality show.in like what? a 3 weeks time span? While I don’t see it for the guy you gotta admit he’s coming up (as far as attentionitos standards goes)

  2. Honestly, I wouldn’t even be surprised if he agreed to play a role in Rasheeda and Kirk’s storyline for next season. Maybe he’ll end up fucking Kirk or something to that extent. 😨

  3. I’m cool with it…he’s nice to look at no bull…who cared about his life I just like to see him smile and be half nekkid. I’d start watching again just see him…

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