(F*ck Your Glycolic Acid) Bow Wow Gives Us His Tip For Younger Looking Skin!

like i said on twitter,
shad moss aka bow wow entertains me with the shenanigans.
if he doesn’t sell another record,
he has a job in comedy and foolishness.
so bow wow gave his secret on staying young.
he’s 31 now,
but he legit hasn’t aged.
this is what he does via his twitter

i bet it does.
i’ve seen him in person,
and not only is he surprisingly handsome,
but he does look really young too.
i’ve seen some thots looking ragged tho.
bow wow must be getting good sex and using a good moisturizer.
it’s so weird imaging him fuckin tho…

…but i guess ^that vixen,
erica mena,
miss joie,
and lawd knows who else,
must have been giving him the fountain of youth pussy while fuckin’ his brains out.
now if only it can cure his depression.
some of that “good sex” has been giving him a ton of headaches.

lowkey: this is another tweet i enjoyed…

…i can’t.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

7 thoughts on “(F*ck Your Glycolic Acid) Bow Wow Gives Us His Tip For Younger Looking Skin!”

  1. The mother of his child is ridiculously built. I’m surprised she even messed with him.

    She’s in the tank “When We” dance video that everyone was so taken with. All I saw was a fat ass and thick thighs, while the middle girl in the group killed it.

  2. He’s always looked young for his age though, even as a kid🤷🏾‍♂️

    I think he lied about his “industry age” but that’s just me.

  3. Good sex or good genes…I need some scientific evidence about that? You can jack off and bust a life altering nut…

    Everyone’s definition of “good sex’ is different. Some niggas lie in bed like a corpse from the Walking Dead, while you ride, and perfrom all kinds of gymnastics and circus stunts and all they do is lay their and say is, “Oh yeah.”, “Just like that.”

    1. ^you are so right.

      you talk to the vixen or the fox,
      and the story of “good sex” changes completely.
      i’ve had cocky straight wolves brag about how good their dick is,
      how they had a vixen tappin out,
      and it’s a different story from her 😂😂

  4. Good sex or missed puberty more like… Lol jk.
    There was a point in my childhood where I thought Bow Wow was the finest man alive. I had to be at least 10 or 11 (10 years ago). You couldn’t tell me shit back then, if a guy didn’t look similar to Bow Wow then they weren’t cute to me. I was literally obsessed at that age. I knew every Bow Wow song, seen all of his interviews, knew about his life etc. I was a Stan. I just didn’t buy music.

    I still think he’s handsome now but I wouldn’t rush to sleep with him or anything if I had a list. I’m 6’4 so height is a big dealbreaker for me and I tend to have a certain cut off when it comes to guys. I hate feeling like I’m in bed with a tiny person so usually if the person is vertically challenged then I only make the exception if he’s muscular.

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