The Dominican Wolf Who (Can) Takes The Whole Cake

i have posted some latino wolves for the foxhole,
but i think this one might be the ultimate.
one of the “supreme” latino meats.
ever since i saw him on tumblr,
i’ve been tryna to find out who he was.
i put one of his pics up and the foxhole came with the dossier.
after i put this video up ( x last night ):

…i think we all agreed he could get the foxtails.
so everyone meet fabian rabia.
he is a dominican wolf,
who comes straight from dr,
and well…

…and then him in a lot motion:

no bullshit…

he legit has one of the best bawdies i’ve seen in a while.
he isn’t too big or small.
the way how his pecs are sitting too >>>>
his thighs>>>>
he is the type you bang in exchange for his green card.
you know the snow bunnies love doing that shit.
fabian is also into music as well.
his stage name is “fisico” and this is him putting in work:

oh i like these songs!
these are the words translated in english:


lowkey: something about him screams “for the right price”.
he knows a dominican stripper i’ve posted before…

photos and videos cc: fabian rabia

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

14 thoughts on “The Dominican Wolf Who (Can) Takes The Whole Cake”

  1. Someone must have tipped Fabian off, because his IG profile was public earlier, and now it’s private.

  2. @King…I’m not knocking the fact that he bottomed. It’s like with most big dick porn stars, where the studios start with them as tops and they gradually start to bottom.

    yeah, that scene with him and Austin was off the chain. They had great chemistry, and they both were really into it. So it made the scene one worth watching.

  3. Hmm. He strikes me as the typical attentionistos that do things when money is involved. Though he is not really what I like body wise (I like em a little leaner), that complexion is on point and he is a good looking man, you can deny him that. I just may fall into his lap face first, just saying…

    I’ll allow it!!! 🙋

    Another fine Dominican is ex pornstar Dominic Santos. He has that leaner body I love and a dick like Anacondas II: Hunt for the Booty Orchid..

    I’ll allow it, times two!!! 🙋🙋

    1. Dominic isn’t Dominican… He is half African-American and half Italian.
      His real name isn’t even Dominic Santos, I follow him on instagram. I think he just used a latin persona in porn because he has that stereotypical “brown latin” look and it probably gave him some “flavor”.

      But yes Dominic is perfection aesthetically. Body goals.

      1. Well I stand to be corrected…that pipe tho…who ready to play some double Dutch?

      2. @Jammy…with all that dick, he LOVES to bottom…just like Jay Alexander.
        you said ex-porn star, when did he “retire”?

      3. Hey some of us can’t help the fact that we are naturally well-endowed lol.. Even with our big pipe many of us just prefer to be penetrated and dominated

        Our big dicks just happen to be in the way haha

        Dominic has a huge penis and a big bubble butt. I think he retired because I have yet to see any new porn videos from him in a while, I know he was in college so I assumed he did porn to pay his tuition. You could tell porn wasnt his forte in his scenes because they almost looked forced in most cases. He is lucky he is very beautiful because that helps his scenes a lot

        He admitted that he preferred bottoming so watching him play the “BBC top” in his interracial scenes were sometimes hard to watch. If anything his big penis helped him execute those scenes where he topped. In his scenes where he bottomed he looked in his element, he played the submissive role so naturally.

        My favorite scenes with him are when he filmed with Austin Wilde (it was perfect) and when he also filmed with Jordan Levine. Very passionate.

  4. Ok, you can send this one in my care package from the east coast with my pizza.

    If you need me I’ll be at the mailbox indefinitely. 😂

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