You Gonna Need To Leave An Hour Early For Work Due To The MTA

it never fails when i’m early for work,
the mta makes me late.
my bosses don’t seem to realize that.
 they take the metro north so they wouldn’t.
my job was talking about come in an hour earlier.
as with anyone in new yawk,
they know how unreliable the mta is.
it will legit have you vex af in the morning.
well prepare to be even more annoyed,
new yawk foxhole.

they about to do a decade of construction,
which means an absolute shit show ahead.
this is what the “daily mail” had to say…

For the next 10 years, New Yorkers will be subjected to night and weekend closures of the subway system as part of a ‘revitalization plan’ from the MTA.

New York City Transit President Andy Byford is expected to announce a plan to replace the signals in a large portion of the network over the next decade on Wednesday,The New York Post reported.

The MTA also hopes to make 50 stations more wheelchair accessible over the next five years.

About three million Subway users will be the first to feel the pain of cancellations and delays, sources told the Post, as the Lexington Avenue line from the 149th Street Grand Concourse in the Bronx to Nevins Street in Brooklyn goes under construction.

The A/C/E line from Columbus Circle to Jay Street-MetroTech, portions of the F and G lines in Brooklyn and the E/F/M/R line in Queens, will also be affected over the first five years of the plan.

Next will be the Sixth Avenue line impacting commuters on A and C trains between between Jay Street-MetroTech to Lefferts Boulevard and Ozone Park.

The Rockaway shuttle and segments of the Broadway Avenue line will also be affected in the last five years of the plan, impacting two million commuters.

While the decade of delays could be worth it in the long run, there is growing concern over who will pay for the construction.

MTA board member Andrew Albert said the upgrades would be ‘great for the region’ and funds should come from federal, state and city coffers.

A spokesman for Riders Alliance said the changes could make a huge difference – provided the revitalization plan could be paid for.

‘The plan is the bold yet credible proposal to actually fix the subway that riders have been waiting for,’ he said.

‘Now it’s time for Governor Cuomo and the legislature to come up with a way to pay for it to get New Yorkers moving again.’ 

now i have no issue taking an uber/lyft at night.
that is my preferred transportation after 8pm.
i will admit i’m a tad bougie after a certain hour if i’m still in the city.
this is going to be hell tho.
that means:

morning commute is going to be a mess
fares might go up
getting stuck is gonna happen more often
random cancellations/late ass trains/more bullshit

winter is gonna be a hot fuckin mess.
i can see it now.
i’m already dreading this,
but as long as they get that whole situation fixed,
i’ll have to grin and bear it.
thank God i won’t be alone.

lowkey: i was looking at them stupid when they introduced new trains.
get this shit fixed first mta.
what “is” you doin?????

article cc: the daily mail

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

3 thoughts on “You Gonna Need To Leave An Hour Early For Work Due To The MTA”

  1. I don’t understand why they can’t get it together.

    New York City is an Alpha ++ world city. London is the only other city on Earth that has that designation. Why can’t we have a subway system that is devoid of smelly smells, rats, and filth? I would have no problem paying $7 one way for a CLEAN subway system, minimal delays, no rats or pests, and CLEAN and bright subway stations and cars with no panhandling.

    It’s gonna crumble under the pressure from Albany and frustrated New Yorkers. Maybe privitization is the way to go?

    1. Well, its basically poor management and embezzlement of funds. The shit that Jamari is talking about was supposed to have been done over 10 years ago. I have a friend that works for the MTA. And trust and believe he has a lot of shit to say about them. lmfao.

    2. Remember, the subway system is antiquated as fuck. Repairs were minimal, if at all. Look at the workers. They know how to milk the system, get that OT, etc.
      you see more guys standing around, than actually doing work at times. You might see two or three out of the group doing work…the rest are standing around doing nothing. When I see that (a LOT) as we pass Jamaica station on the LIRR, it irks me so badly.

      You see these other countries with all of these high-tech cities and transportation systems, and then you come to the U.S., with our antiquated/outdated shyt. Our infrastructure is a friggin joke. Why? The answer is simple…GREED.

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