f0x Asks… (3)

What is the first thing you notice…

about a Fox/Wolf in a public setting that attracts you to him first?

You can be as honest or as shallow as you want.
No judgment here.

(this is a 2 parter question today…)

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14 thoughts on “f0x Asks… (3)”

  1. Honestly, when passing any dude that I find mildly attractive through my peripheral vision, I’m trying to see the ASS!

    I have been known to make u-turns (on foot&in my car) to see a dude’s behind.

    After that I scan the rest of him from head to toe.

  2. From the front – his face & I quickly scan his body; eyes & lips are important to me. Then I check to see if he’s sloppy (in dress or just dirty). And I’ll try my best to peep the cakes…from either angle! lol

    1. I guess I kinda do the same before I check out the back. I do a really general scan to make sure he looks cleans & carries himself to my liking, but I don’t really look hard at him.

      The ass makes or breaks the pursuit though in most cases. If the ass is right I will find out who you are and how I can come into contact with you. lol

  3. When i first saw the thread i thought… Whats the first thing i notice… about the picture? And my immediate reaction was “The model on the left is Andre Douglas and he’s done plenty of photo spreads and campaigns. He’s cute but I’m not really attracted to him.” Then i clicked the link and read the rest lol.

    This response is probably going to be longer than what the question is asking but…

    I have a game i play in my head called “Would I Talk to Him?” I look at every boy around me and ask myself that question as i scan them and go through deal breakers. So the first thing i notice in a wolf is his face and determine if he’s gorgeous, moderately attractive, or not my type. Then pan down to his body and determine what type it is (skinny, average, fat, muscular, etc) and how he carries himself to determine what he’s like (confident, cocky, reserved, etc). Next comes the way he positions his feet when he stands or the way he walks. Finally comes what he’s wearing to determine how old he is (shoes the biggest indicator).

    There are minor things i look at like what people catch his attention, the type of phone that’s in his hand, who his friends are if he’s in a group, his hair, his voice, and a few other things but they don’t factor in as much as the former qualities.

    And of course all of these things are noticed in a split second lol.

    1. ^Vain I been around Andre in person.
      I feel the same way.
      I want to be attracted to him, but I can’t.

      and Vain, we must be a twin because I do the same.
      I don’t take anyone sexy remotely serious if he has a Boost like phone in his hand.
      I look at your wardrobe and can tell if you have a job and what age bracket you fall in.

      I’m good at all of that… and usually right.

      1. Maybe his face seems too… young?… i guess. There’s something about him that I just don’t see it for. It’s not that he isn’t good looking because he is. He’s just not attractive to me. Like i wouldn’t even want to get to know him (as harsh as that may sound).

        Back to the original topic. So far the responses have been pretty typical. Face and body. Clothing for me is not a big deal although i don’t find the whole suit thing attractive. It seems to be something the older crowd are into. I prefer a fitted white tee, a cute jean or cargo pants/shorts or basketball shorts with high socks and a sneaker and we are good to go.

  4. A dude in a nice suit? Lawdhammercy! (fyi, I caint stand sagging pants. The only mildly redeeming quality is I get to peep the cakes a little easier lol)

    Same with a women who can wear a piece of men’s clothing (like a dress shirt) and still look sexy & feminine…

    I like a sharp-dressed person; someone who isn’t putting it all out there, but you can tell he/she has shape

  5. If any decent dude within a 2 mile radius has on basketball shorts or sweatpants I’m going to scan you period.

    Basketball shorts on dude with a decent body are the equivalent of a push-up bra on a woman in a low cut top for me. Lol

  6. One a muscular Wolf: wife beater or a fitted T is a must. Something that lets me know you have a nice body. Muscular Wolves ALWAYS look good with fitted jeans or loose shorts.

    Toned Wolf: I like clothes that fit your body right. Nothing too tight where I have to wonder if you are getting a yeast infection. Too baggy makes you look like you are a walking coat rack.

    Shoes must be clean. Anything shoe that isn’t remotely appealing, I’m turned off. Being fashion forward is also a big plus for me. Too much “labels” make me think you are a label whore. I get turned on when you didn’t put a lot of effort into your outfit and everything fits your body RIGHT.

    1. I don’t do label whores either because they tend to be at a high level of superficiality in other areas as well. Some people will give a guy a chance like “Well he’s not cute but he has a cute dress code.” I am not one of these people. For me, face and body type trumps everything else. You can the nicest outfit on and i will not pay you any attention if you’re not cute or too thin/ over weight. I’m not really a “dress up” type myself. I don’t care for hard bottom shoes or pants jeans being worn at your waist. But i also don’t care for Converses so me and Cali boys don’t really mesh well. Oh and i you will not fool me with your fitted cap on. They can bring up anyone’s attractiveness a few points if you don’t really pay attention. Hence some boys wear them like their part of their religion.

      Although i can appreciate a nice wardrobe, I have preference for like… regular… dressing wolves.

  7. I concur guys I really do. Jamari hit the nail on the head for me, with the muscular and toned wolf things I would notice. The only thing I would add is how well can the wolf annunciate, project, and how expansive this wolf’s vocabulary is. If I’m near the wolf and you sound like that b-ball player in the letter Jamari posted a couple of days ago, or sounds like Shy Ronnie, I’ll be like the tv show NEXT! He may get thrown a fuck if everything else is on point. The wolf must have piercing eyes, nice face and delicious body that I would want to eat on, but he would not bf potential. I’m going to need someone who understands my conversation. Do I mind someone who throws in occasional slang terms, not at all. To me that means you got some street in ya, and I can respect SOME part of that to an extent.

  8. Eyes, smile, hair, butt, arms, then pecs. Except for ass body doesn’t mean much to me. Then I notice their personality and if their intellegent. They may be the last two but they’re the deal breakers for me. Oh and their views on sex.

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