F-BI Mission: Wolf Divide and Conquer.

can we get a twitter, tumblr, facebook, and other info for this one here?
i feel like he has secrets.

let’s do mission: divide and conquer.
scent: his name is deVane.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

35 thoughts on “F-BI Mission: Wolf Divide and Conquer.”

  1. he’s not southern…he’s jamaican, straight from the island. and is SUPER straight….jamaican guys take their manhood very seriously. but the fact that he is in south florida where there aint many other fine guys, he does show off a bit more than he would back in Jamaica.

    1. Well if Jamaican men take their manhood seriously, then I damn sure ain’t getting ass from him lol. He will not have that shit.

  2. Damn, yall are good, I would never find it. He would be perfect for me, im 18 lol. He looks straight to me tho. Fun fact: All PRETTY southern boys like attention, because there isnt much of them down there. So its very easy for girls and guys to fawn over them.

  3. reading his twitter wall,
    this boy is 19 and in college.
    might i add focused on his education?
    but he is still young minded.
    bless his heart.
    he couldn’t handle me.

    1. Lol. STFU with that maturity.lol. I thought i was the youngest here so had the liberty to act out in front of you oldies..lol..I’ll behave, i promise.

      1. I thought you were 20. What made you think you were the youngest? Ha! I’m 19 and I’m not even youngest one that comments and I know it’s people younger than me that read here(possibly minors). Most of the ones who comment are in their 20’s. It’s a lot of mature men around here.

        1. ^man…

          only irrelevant people behave that way.
          the attention keeps them relevant.
          let him play by himself for a while.
          he’ll get the message.

  4. Damn y’all good on this blog. Y’all could definitely work in the CIA. Plus, this dude ain’t completely straight it’s clear he loves attention a little too much. This is the dude is all you have to be is flyer than him and when that right moment come he is down. Trust me I’ve dealt with plenty of dudes like this.

      1. Shit. Jamari you can’t tell nothing about his eyes by a pic. You won’t know about his eyes until they are actually on you. LOL.

      2. lwill fuck him on one of “those nights” won’t out of the blue want to fuck him, he’s real good looking, not appealing, i’ll smash he’s getting turned out or he bounce, noones fucking me

    1. I agree. You never it past anyone until you actually test the waters. Y’all kill me when you say a dude is straight when he’s never been tested lol. I get mistaken for straight all the time. Everybody dude is always surprised. LMAO…

  5. He straight…. We not friends or nothing but, Ive seen him around when i was in school… He is here in Florida…

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