Drake Has Come A Long Way

drake always reminds me of the underdog looks wise.
he isn’t a songzbird or even a breezy wolf.
he use to look like this:


i felt for him when i heard he use to be insecure in taking pictures.
well he has really evolved over the years.
drake is now getting his fitness on for 2013.
he recently took a picture of his progress

48963c76b12e11e2957722000a1f9a39_7i hope i’m not wrong,
but he seems like a good guy.
his first album got me through it!
sometimes i wonder how he got himself involved with ymcmb.
without him and nicki,everything else is a bust.

lowkey: i wonder if he has lost his hips with all this working out:


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on “Drake Has Come A Long Way”

  1. I didn’t know Drake had a butt!
    He really is a talented artist! I dig his music a lot. I heard the “Girls Love Beyoncè” this morning and its pretty dope.

  2. I did not know drake had a butt either. He does seem like a good guy. Drake will always be attractive to fixes and foxes because he is humble with his looks, he doesn’t know he is cute. And that is an attractive quality to have

  3. He probably will always be insecure since he doesn’t look like the average light skin dude. No, he was not a cute kid, but he turned out handsome dude. I just don’t like the way he looks when he grows his hair out. He look better shaved and cleaned up. He’s bad and I want some. I’m desperate as hell to see what his insides feel like.

    Y’all always talkin about how y’all like Dominican dudes, Lightskin dudes, and all those other types, but I got a confession to make. I like Canadian dudes, and I always have, and not just cause their light skin. I really like Nathaniel Noir too, he got a nice accent.

  4. Drake reminds me of the struggle. I don’t get the hype with his songs but I actually will applaud him. He looks like he’s the insecure guy finding his way and confidence through hip hop. He comes from a stable secure money making family. I wonder why he threw away education for hiphop? To each his own though, he’s actually doing good.

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