Donkey For The Last Two Years: Mister Cee.

disney_43393_5i cant.
just listen…

i am in tears.
so many quotes in this.
i think the whole 6:08 is a quote.
including the talking.

lowkey: even ebro on hot97 kinda went in:

i’ll update once i get the whole mr cee interview.
got this from theurbandaily:

Mister Cee was the guest on Hot 97′s morning show which features Peter Rosenberg, Cipha Sounds, Kay Foxx, and the station’s Program Director Ebro Darden. The morning show crew allowed Cee his moment to try to explain his side of the story before they began firing questions. Though everyone made it clear that Mister Cee was apart of the Hot 97 family and they wouldn’t turn their backs on him, they did put him to task. Cee began by saying that he was arrested with a female undercover cop, not a male or tranney, as people were speculating. He also emphasized he doesn’t like men in that way and never has.

While Ebro and Peter Rosenberg both tried to explain to Mister Cee that hip-hop didn’t care if he was gay, just that he was lying but Mister Cee wasn’t going for it. Mister Cee responded to that with, “I support the gay community more than anyone knows.” It seemed after that statement, Ebro began to get agitated and started hitting Mister Cee with more questions like, “Family, you have been caught with a prostitute that is a man. is that your freaky side or what?” Cee stated that the only reason he plead guilty to the solicitation of the male prostitute in 2011 was to keep the reputation and his family’s peace of mind in tact.

Cee went on to say that he began dealing with prostitutes because he saw what his peers went through with women and that led him to distrust them. He also said he found it easier to deal with a woman he paid for rather than a regular girl. After being questioned whether he expected the public to believe him, he said, “Either you’re going to believe me or you’re not.”

According to Twitter, nobody believes him. Plenty of tweets said Mister Cee sounded like he knew nobody believed him and was only doing this interview to make himself feel better.

like charlamagne said,
this is an old ass man who hasn’t evolved with the times.
he is also an old ass man set in his ways.
he is still looking for street walkers.
the new school is online getting sex just by a direct message.
it was one thing to get caught up once.
uh uh.
he could as well come out.
he has already made himself a bigger laughing stock now he has denied it.

10 thoughts on “Donkey For The Last Two Years: Mister Cee.

  1. I finally had the time to watch the whole Mr. Cee interview. It’s pretty mind boggling to listen to him and lies. Talkin about how he embraces the gay community. Nigga you embrace the gay community because you are a part of the damn gay community. Got Damn. He embraces them in more ways than one, don’t front.

  2. People want to know why he’s probably picking up prostitutes. Look at him, he ain’t cute. If y’all seen him in the street, y’all wouldn’t try and holla, I wouldn’t. He has to satisfy his needs the best way he knows how. If he tried some online shit, they would probably reject him when they see him in person. Some could say that sex should be easy since he’s a DJ, but lets be honest, he’s a “has been”. No one is checking for him or know who he is just by walking past him on the street.

    I never though of it that way. He may not be dumb, but if that’s the only was he gets his satisfaction, then it is what it is.

    1. Ahahahahah lmfao CTFU!! He has to satisfy his needs the best way if he was online he would get rejected lmfaoo lol hot ass mess i love how Charlemagne called him a africa.

      1. Nasty African** lol but also guys it took me a while to accept who i was (17 years) not 46 like him but if he cant accept it then -__-

      2. Really, if he was fine he wouldn’t be trolling for hookers. It will be ok Mr. Cee. Like Charlamagne said, he needs a boyfriend. He’s a dude who needs his needs met by another man. I’m sure he could find a woman to blow him off and fuck in the ass, but he wants a dude to do it. Ain’t nothing wrong with it Mr. Cee, I prefer dudes to be the ones doing things like that for me too. LOL HA!

  3. Everyone doesn’t need to come out to eveyone else.

    Everybody should be comfortable enough with themselves and their actions.

    Closeted people think they’ll be rejected by everyone if the truth is revealed so they retreat within themselves for protection. The problem is that they never allow anyone a chance to get close to them and accept them all of them. Too much emphasis on expecting people to hate and not enough on those who care about you.

    People do that all the time. Focus on the one person with negative energy in a room full of supporters.

    People may not want to hear every detail of your dick disasters but they at least want to know if you’re getting some dick and it’s treating you right.

    Oh and Milk Dud Head knows way too much about procuring dick over the internets. Way too much. Extremely specific. Almost as if he does it on the regular.

    Said it too casually for a dick-in-the-pussy ninja.
    The milk is unclean I tell you.

    He better have a cousin named LaMont, I ain’t accepting shit else for an excuse.

  4. everyone seems to forget that he got caught in 2010 too. This is the 3rd time he’s been caught trying to pay a dude for sex.

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