Do You Take Jamari Fox To Be Your Lawfully Wedded Fox?

I want you to fucking go home NOW!

I can see me saying that after laying up with my Wolf for over a week.
What????? I’m sorry readers!
I am not the one to have a Wolf in my crib; over-staying his welcome.
I just need to see his drawers on my floor or even his dishes in my sink to throw him the hell out.
Obviously, I am very particular in my crib.

Lately, I see everyone meeting and within 2 days, have already decided to play house.
If I met the Wolf of my dreams, would I want him to live with me after a week or two?

Would you go that far?

I think I have finally seen everything.

Well, I’m still waiting on my Baller Wolf to show me everything…
Saturday, I attended my very first Vixen wedding.
The two brides were gorgeous and found love truly in a hopeless place.
They met by chance and were together for 6 years before they decided to tie the knot.

As I sat and watched them exchange their vows, I had a couple thoughts going through my head:

“Her dress is lovely and her female tux is hot.”
“I wonder if they are serving fish and chicken breast at the wedding reception?”
“I wore a pink dress shirt… I hope this doesn’t look cliche?”


“Would I do this?”

The thought if marrying anyone makes me want to vomit.
Not because I don’t believe in marriage….
… but, I am the type that does not want to see YOU every day.
One of the reasons I cannot have a roommate.
I would like for Wolfie to go back to his crib after a while.
I never got the “shacking up” idea because I like the idea of “missing HIM”.
I can’t MISS YOU if you are in the same room as me.

When I got home and stripped off my day of lesbian love antics,
I started to wonder about getting married and the whole act of being tied down.
In “Straight World”, marriage comes off as one big joke to me.

First comes baby,
then house playing,
then 2 babies for fuck’s sake,
and then marriage after 17 years of having an imaginary ring on your finger.

I couldn’t do it.

Are people in this lifestyle jumping to quick to play house?
And is it even wise to marry someone in this lifestyle when everyone is cheat-prone?
Whatever happened to go on a few dates and then determine if this person is someone you may want to spend your life with?
Why are people moving so fast to prove they “found love” when it is just “temporary lust”?

When it comes to playing house and the larger step, getting *vomit* married…

Are people jumping the invisible broom… to soon?

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15 thoughts on “Do You Take Jamari Fox To Be Your Lawfully Wedded Fox?”

  1. I don’t know too many people who are in serious relationships to say that we’re getting married to soon. I barely think we’re metting each other outside the context of sex at all.

    But im more interested in the part where you said: I like the idea of “missing HIM”. Can you further explain that?

    1. Missing HIM: Wolf goes back to
      his spot and then when we miss each other, we see each other again.

      I do not want to be under my Wolf 24/7/365.
      I want him to know I have a life outside of him, as he should of me.

      1. Thats scary bro…

        I believe the real problem is your scared of commitment. I can understand the whole not being glued together at the hip, because that’s not me, yeah I need my space constantly but its still good to know that despite all the fuck going on in the world you can come home to someone that makes you smile with one single thought. I want that someday, but for now I am still not over my Ex though I am dating this really cool guy!

  2. I think youll find thats the underlyig issue with a lot of gay and bi men. They have no intentions of getting married to a dude if at all. Being that dating is usually a screening process for marriage, a lot of us have no use for it.

  3. if more gays were “marriage minded” as in that being the final goal…do you think we would pick the people that had the best qualities versus who is the sexiest?

      1. The difference is you dont have to seek a dude a dude who.would make a good father or a good provider like women do. You can be shallow as possible because you have no marriage or kids keeping you there.

  4. One of the reasons my last relationship didn’t work is because we lived together and I got tired of looking at him everyday. I can’t do the ‘shacking up’ thing.

  5. WOW . Jamari. I think you have answered a lot of your own questions. If you are not looking to settle down, why do you want to be cuffed? It sounds like you want a wolf to be around when you want him to be around, but want him to be faithful to you also. What is he to do in between the times you don’t want to see him?

    1. ^im not looking to get tied down where he moves in with me and we play house.
      Cuffed, yes, but my definition of cuffed is different than being tied down and moving him in with me after 2 initial dates.

      In between time?
      He is working on his goals as I am with mine.
      So we can combine those goals and climb to higher heights!


      Hope that answers your question.

      1. I’m glad i wasn’t the only one who was like what? o.0? After reading the part about wanting to be together but not together all the time. To me, it just sounds like you want a “forever boyfriend” not a “husband.” I don’t wanna throw out commitment issues as the reason for it though.

  6. I’m not gonna jump into playing house right away, so I can see part of what J is saying. I want & need my space too. But I will move together (eventually) when it’s time for that long-term commitment…marriage or whatever. I think that’s why it’s important to have some things you do separately – so you’re not all up under each other. But if I love you & want to be with you like that, I won’t mind seeing you…I’ll enjoy it. Plus, we’ll find ways to keep things exciting & discovering new things about each other 🙂

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