I Didn’t Know BEAT DOWN Was on The Menu.

Take a look a this video…


This happened last week in the Concrete Forest.
He beat the brakes off those two hoes with that fry pan!
I especially enjoyed when home girl tried to get up and he knocked that ass down.
All you saw was the top of her hair LOLOLOL

He ended up getting arrested since he was on probation.
When will people learn to stop showing their color in public???

Did you think that gentleman behind the counter was wrong?
Or, did he go to far?

Author: jamari fox

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15 thoughts on “I Didn’t Know BEAT DOWN Was on The Menu.”

  1. I saw this last week and they said it was a pipe. Turns out he just got out for doing time for manslaughter.

    Those bitches came over the counter so they were fair game. He had no idea if they had weapons on them.

    Obviously he was trying to do right because he was working at McDonalds instead of selling crack. Now he’s going back to prison over them being mad because he checked their $50 bill.

  2. I’m sorry, if a fysh gets outta pocket like that, she’s fair game. She could have just walked out with a simple “fuck you” but you wanna get brave and think a man won’t hit you? Nope. I don’t think i would have beat her with a weapon though. That’s kinda scary. But you never get like that with people you dont know. They could be crazy…

    One time for the white fysh who was screaming “stop it”… she can say she tried lol. You can see the employees were scared of him too.

  3. Don’t feel sorry for the hoodrats. He needs some anger management courses, yet I understand defending yourself; he didn’t know what weapons they could have. Once you jump on the counter & hit me, it’s over. I’m getting fired anyway for hitting you back, so might as well make it worth my while…

      1. This is why the world is so fucked up today. Dude gets put in jail because he was defending himself? That dumb bitch jumped at him first and the like they said ^ there…no one knew what they were capable of. I think it is wrong to throw him in jail, probation or not, fuck that shit, and we wonder why their are so many fatherless homes or men unworthy of commitment. Woman get away with murder…suppose she did cut that boy for doing his job…then what? I would have fucked them up myself…fair game.

        Like this time a man went to a police station to report a woman raping him and he got laughed at. Sad but true.

      2. He’s back in jail after serving 90% of his former sentence, and this was probably one of the few places that would hire an ex-con…so I understand dude needs some anger management classes. Yet he was doing his job – checking to see if the $50 was real, and these tricks decide to break bad. He went in straight ‘jail-survival’ mode; probably had flashbacks. Should he have continued to beat them after they were down? No. But they should’ve NEVER climbed over the counter. Iont feel sorry for the girls at. all. You wanna try and fight like a man, get beat down like one.

        1. The father of one of the girls was saying her head is caved in and she can’t remember her birthday.
          I don’t care if both sides are caved in,
          she ran up on that dude and she got what she was looking for.

          A McASSWhoppin.

  4. I dont know Jamari, I feel like they deserved it but serving time for something like that isnt worth it. I would have proably thrown a icecream on them like alot of it, or done something “special” to thier food but that to me is like sooo crazy, but I think that after this people will appreciate the people who serve us at dining establishments.

  5. LMAO! I can see how he became the aggressor in that situation, but he did defend himself. The two stupid ducks walked into situation thinking and got what they deserved. My job puts me in some serious situations and sometimes you have to eat shit but like I told my boss, very politely, I can only eat shit forever before I throw it back up! Now had he stopped after busted they asses up with whatever he busted them up with I’m pretty sure the police would have said self defense. I think, but who knows. BTW how did this just so happened to be recorded at the right time?

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